They had finally done it! They had finally figured out what had caused the tear in the time-space continuum and then fixed it! This was great news for all of the SG-1 (and other) teams that had been stranded in this reality for the last few days. And it gave Janet Frasier-Jackson a newfound hope for her reality. But now, it was time to say good-bye. She had really come to like this reality's Sam just as much as she loved her reality's Sam as a sister. The General had called her team to the Gate room.

"Have all the other teams left sir?" She asked.

"You're the last ones to go." He replied.

"It was nice working with you again Sam." Martouf said, kissing Sam's cheek. "Your presence has been sorely missed on our team.

"Just out of curiosity…where did I go?" Sam asked.

Janet smiled as she looked at her husband. "Maternity leave." Then, she gave Sam a hug. "You married Jack." She whispered.

Landry coughed as Sam turned beet-red. "We have something for you. The cure to the priors plague."

"Thank you, General."

The yellow case was handed to one of her team members and then, she stood to face this reality's Daniel. He smiled as he gave her a hug, almost refusing to let go.

"Its good to see you again." He said.

"You too." She said, seeing her husband's smile of approval as she returned the tight embrace.

Then, Teal'c approached her. "May it not be the last time."

Janet had to wipe away a few tears. "Well…we'd love to stay…but we have a planet to save."

Then, they stepped through the Stargate. As they did so, Sam watched her late friends- almost family- walk away from her. "Bye."

Only after they had been gone for a few minutes did she open the note left by Janet.

Married: (One Samantha Carter was married twice)
To Jack O'Neill: 12
To Daniel Jackson: 1

To Jack O'Neill: 2 (One pregnant due to Asgard interference, but that's another story…)
To Pete Shanahan: 1

Jack O'Neill: 3

She left the Gate Room, feeling more hopeful and certainly more motivated.

Janet Fraiser, Daniel Jackson, Cameron Mitchell and Martouf arrived in their Gate room 3.4 seconds later. General Jack O'Neill and his wife, Samantha, met them at the Gate.

"What the hell happened, Doctor?"

"You were gone for three days." Sam said. "And you didn't respond to our attempts at communication.

Janet smiled. "We went to an alternate reality, sir. And because of that, we have the cure to the prior's plague." She said, gesturing to the yellow case that Cameron carried.

Jack looked suitably impressed. "We'll debrief after you relieve Dr. Warner."

She nodded and walked out of the Gate room, but she stopped. "Oh, Sam…I think you're going to help your counter-part find what she's looking for."

Sam looked at her friend, closely. "What do you mean by that?"

"Nothing." Janet said, sharing a knowing look with her husband after watching the way that the couple looked at one another, perplexed. "Nothing at all."