Summary: Tracey reflects on how much she uses words. Bad summary, I know. Response to challenge 1, promt 2 on evenangels LJ community. Mentions of events from other Law and Orders.

Word Count: 243

Spoilers: (SVU) - "Loss"; (Law and Order)- "Deep Vote", "Ain't No Love"

Words aren't always simple when they have to embrace the consequences of life.

This concept was well known to Tracey Kibre. Words, whether spoken or written, were the essence of her job, and, therefore, the essence of her life. Without them, she would be lost. She depended on them but loathed them at the same time. Words brought truths to her. In her line of work, it was usually bad truths.

The promotion of Abbie Carmichael to work in the U.S. Attorney's office.

The murder of Alex Cabot.

The firing of Serena Southerlyn.

The death of Lennie Briscoe.

In short, the loss of her friends.

She had seen a lot while working in the D.A.'s office. Everything affected her, but she refused to let her emotions show. She convinced herself that she needed to create a false, hardened persona of herself in order to succeed.

In her situation, words were a necessary evil. Homicide is more emotionally demanding than white collar. This latest case was no exception. Two children, siblings actually, were brutally stabbed. Their bodies were laid carefully across a see-saw in a local park. It sickened her.

She still had to hear the details from the police and medical examiners.

She had to be there when the children's parents found out that they would never see their children again. Worse, that the police didn't even have a suspect yet.

All things scream silently, she thought: We are a God in ruin.