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666Satan is written by Kishimoto Seishi. It's no coincidence that he has the same last name as Kishimoto Masashi. They are twin brothers after all, Masashi being the older twin. Anyway, I though it would be appropriate to cross them over. Okay now for those of you haven't read or even heard of 666Satan, it's about a boy named Jio Freed who has grown up alone because everyone believes him to be a monster (remind you of someone?) . He managed to make one friend until one day his friend beat him up, accusing him of killing his parent. Interesting enough, Jio seems to share his body with the one and only Satan who takes over his body at certain times. So anyway Jio then goes around traveling to become strong because his dream is to take over the world. He meets a girl named Ruby Crescent who literally fell out of the sky. She is a treasure hunter who hires him to be her bodyguard. They travel around looking for these artifacts called O-parts that hold amazing power, but only certain people can use them. People who can use the O-parts are called OPT's (O-Part Technicians). Anyway the manga follows them in their adventures for the O-parts and their meetings with other OPT's.

If you want to find out more about 666Satan, just google it and I'm sure you'll find something. I probably left out something with my short explanation. If not you can always ask me. I think that's about it. Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention that I'm probably not going to keep Naruto canon for obvious reasons. Some parts may stick to the cannon story line, but I'm going to make changes when needed so don't freak out on me. Okay now you may proceed and I hope you enjoy.

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Years ago in the village of Konoha, a demon attacked the unsuspecting people. The demon was known as the Kyubi No Yoko. This kitsune demon was said to be the strongest of the Tailed Beasts. Despite this fact, Shinobi in the village fought their hardest to protect their home. The Fourth Hokage showed up into the battle field with Gamabunta. Using the Shiki Fujin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal) he was able to seal it away in a new born infant. Unfortunately he lost his life as a result. He died hoping the infant would be seen as a hero.

Although they won, they also lost many lives to the demon. The villagers buried the dead and their beloved Hokage with heavy hearts. With no where to vent their frustrations and anger, they turned to the infant as a scapegoat. They said he was the demon itself and demanded that he be killed. The Sandaime Hokage did not give in to their demands and the baby was allowed to live. It was after this that the Hokage issued a law that prohibited anyone to speak of the Kyubi. Thus the young blonde boy grew up with the village hating him. Never knowing why. Only knowing that he was lower than trash in the eyes of the villagers.

"Nii-san?" a five year old boy asked an older boy.


"Why do the villagers hate us? Why do they hate me?"

The boy looked at the blonde with sad eyes. "I don't know Naruto, but……" he kneeled down to the blonde. "As long as I'm here I'm gonna protect you."

Naruto smiled and hugged the older boy. "You're the best brother Jio!"

Jio chuckled "I don't know about the best, but if you say so…."

"You are!"

"Okay, okay, let's get something to eat. Hey why don't we try out that new ramen place?"

"Okay." he beamed.

Jio took Naruto's hand and lead him through their village.

----------6 Years Later-----------------

A twelve year old Naruto trudged to his apartment. It had been a very long week. The Chunin exams had taken a lot out of him. Still, he was happy that he made it to the finals. As he neared his apartment he became more alert. He moved into the shadows and observed the area near his apartment. Quietly, he climbed up the stairs and to his door. He reached into one of his pockets and pulled out a key. He slipped it into the key hole and opened the door slowly. He slipped in and closed it. He was glad he made it home without any incidents. Naruto looked at the state of his home. There were cups of ramen everywhere, it was dusty, and his window was broken. With a sigh, he went over to a cabinet and pulled out some scotch tape. He walked over to his window and taped up the hole. There would be no point in complaining to the land lord. He would just sneer at him and tell Naruto to pay more if he wanted small things like that fixed. It was always like that. Even now when he was a ninja, they still looked down on him. They still saw him as nothing but trash. Naruto shook himself out of his depressing thoughts. No, Uzamaki Naruto was not going to get depressed. He was Konoha's number one loud mouth ninja! Nodding in satisfaction he went to his bathroom and took a well needed shower. After a few minutes, he walked out and dressed into his pajamas. He fell face first into his bed. It felt hundred times nicer than the ground. He turned and laid on his back. For a few minutes he looked at the ceiling. Of course he was tired, but for some reason, he was having trouble falling asleep. He turned to his side and looked at his desk. There sat a picture of his team. He remember the day they took it. It took them half and hour to take it since he was trying to hog all the room. Sakura eventually beat him up for it. After his face became less swelled, Kakashi put Naruto and Sasuke on the end and Sakura in the middle. Then to make sure nothing else happened, he put his hands on both the boys heads. It was the only picture he had in his home. His eyes traveled to one of the drawers.

No, there was another. Reluctantly he got up and walked to his desk. He rested his hand on the drawers handle. It had been a long time since he had opened it. With a swift movement he pulled it open. His hand trembled slightly as he reached in and took out a picture frame. Naruto's eyes glazed over as he looked at the picture. There was a younger Naruto sitting on the shoulders of an older boy. This boy had midnight black hair and ocean blue eyes. A drop of water fell onto the glass. Surprised, he reached up to his face and realized he was crying. He quickly put the picture back and wiped away his tears. Darn it, he should have left it alone. That picture brought back memories, good and bad. At the time, his brother was the only person other than the Hokage that treated him like a person. Jio was his protector. He had even gone as far as attending the ninja academy so he could be better at it. Jio graduated from the ninja academy at the age of eight. Naruto was so happy. Not only because his brother was a ninja, but because Jio tried to teach him some basic moves. Those had been some of his happiest days and he though it would always be like that. He was so wrong.

One day, his brother had to leave. There was no explanation, no reason. He just had to leave. That morning he said a tearful good bye to him. Jio promised to write as often as he could. He said he'd come back the moment he was allowed to. Once he was gone, the Hokage took Naruto to his office and told him something had gone wrong on his last mission. He was being sent away for security reasons. Naruto accepted the explanation even though he wasn't sure what it all meant. It was later that day that he found out just how difficult things would be for him. The kids began to tease him more. Told him no one cared. Not even his brother and that was the reason he left. In one case, the kids beat him up. Their parents just stood there and watched. Even praised them for their deed. On that night, he had held the picture frame to his chest and cried for his brother to come back. For him to protect him from the hateful village. Time passed and his brother kept his word. He received letter every week. The Hokage was nice enough to read him the letters and even teach him so he could do it on his own. It eased the pain, but only a little. Then four years ago, he stopped getting any. Days turned to weeks, but he waited. After some time, he realized his brother had forgotten about him. That was the only reason he could come up with. Jio had abandoned him. It was when he realized this that he put the picture in the drawer and promised he would never cry over it again.

Naruto dragged himself away from the desk and back to his bed. He pulled the covers over him and curled up into a ball. Even though he though his brother would never return, there was a part of him that never gave up hope. It seemed that giving up was something Uzamaki Naruto never learned to do.


Naruto grumbled as the light from the sun seeped into his room. He pulled the covers over his head to protect his eyes from the light. After a few seconds he sat up and yawned. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Still half asleep, he swung his feet over the edge of his bed. He pushed himself up and walked like a zombie to his bathroom. After washing his face, he changed into his standard orange clothes. He wandered into his kitchen to look for some breakfast. The fridge revealed to have nothing but an expired carton of milk. With a sigh, he closed it and decided to leave. Maybe Iruka-sensei would buy him some ramen. He locked his door and left for the village streets. After wandering around aimlessly, he decided to visit Sasuke. He was still in the hospital recovering. His thoughts flew back to Sasuke's fight. That weird bruise appeared on his body. There was something going on. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something was wrong with his friend. Maybe he could ask him when he visited.

Meanwhile two figures approach the village gate. One of the figures was a tall man with long and puffy white hair. His headband had two small horns with kanji that read 'oil'. The other was a bit shorter than his companion reaching to about his neck. He wore a cloak with a hood. The cloak reached to about his ankles and the hood covered the left half his face. Some strands of hair were visible from the hood. The white hair fell over his ocean blue eyes. They were stopped by two shinobi.

"What brings you to our village?"

The white haired man stepped up. "I am here to escort my friend here. He was called upon by the Hokage." the man said as he pointed to the figure behind him.

"What proof do you have?"

"If you mean papers we don't have any, but if you tell him that Jiraiya is here it'll be fine."

A moment of shock passed through the two shinobi. "D-did you say Jiraiya? As in one of the Legendary Sannin?"

Jiraiya gave a toothy grin. "The one and only."

The cloaked figure rolled his eye. The two shinobi's quickly let them pass. The two walked side by side. Once they were a good distance from the gate the cloaked figure turned to his partner.

"I see being a celebrity comes with some perks."

Jiraiya laughed "You better believe it boy! I think I deserve something for all my hard work!"

"For being a Legendary Sannin or writing those perverted books?"

"Hey now those are pieces of literature gold! They have a plot and everything!"

"It's more like porn. Isn't there magazines like that that do the job?"

"Those may have naked woman, but they lack the heart stopping story lines of my books."

"Speaking of heart stopping, you nearly killed me from shock when I accidentally read your rough drafts."

"I never told you to read it."

"I never told you to leave them out."

Jiraiya snorted. "Well, it was high time you found out about relationships between a man and a woman. You were already what thirteen?"

"I was ten." he deadpanned.

"Oh, well, it wouldn't have been prettier had I told you myself."

"You are the most irresponsible adult I know."

The two continued to argue like that until they reached the Hokage tower. Jiraiya let the secretary know that he had to see the Hokage before he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. He said something about doing research. That could mean only one thing. Peeping in the bath house.


Naruto was currently at a hot springs practicing his chakra control. How did he end up here? Well, after he arrived at the hospital, he found that Kakashi was with Sasuke. He took the opportunity and asked Kakashi to train him. However, Kakashi said he couldn't since he was going to train Sasuke. Instead he asked Ebisu to take over Naruto's training. To say he was disappointed was an understatement. He flat out told Ebisu he refused to be trained by someone weaker than him. Instead Ebisu challenged Naruto. If he could completely escape him then he would tell Kakashi to find another trainer. Naruto accepted the challenge eagerly, thinking it would be a piece of cake. However, much to his chagrin, he found himself unable to escape him. So, he gave up and here he was trying to practice his chakra control by walking on water. At first he had a difficult time, however, it got easier the more he tried. He sighed and concentrated his chakra in his feet. Then he walked towards the spring. To his surprise and happiness, he didn't fall in. He looked towards Ebisu to show him his progress, but something else caught his eye. There was a man by the woman's bath. With his concentration lost, he fell into the water.

"I told you to focus your chakra." Ebisu chided.

Naruto's head popped out of the water. "I was until I saw a man peeping in the woman's bath!"

Ebisu raised an eyebrow. "Where?"

"Over there!" he pointed.

Ebisu looked and headed towards the bath house. Naruto jumped out and followed. Ebisu stood behind the man but he didn't seem to notice. So, he tapped his shoulder. Much to his and Naruto's surprise, a frog came out of no where and attacked Ebisu. The man quickly took out Naruto's temporary sensei. He could only stand mouth gaped at what happened. The man surveyed his handy work and nodded in satisfaction. It was then he noticed Naruto, who got scared at the though of also being beaten up. However, much to his relief, the man made no attempt to attack. Instead he picked up Ebisu and motioned for Naruto to follow him. Not having much choice, he did so. They arrived at the hospital and deposited the unconscious Ebisu. Then the man and Naruto headed the park. They sat down at a bench in silence until the man finally spoke.

"Sorry about beating up your um…."

"Ahh, don't worry about it. He was suppose to be my sensei, but if he was beaten up so easily then he isn't worth my time. Say how about you train me!"

The man got up and walked away. "No."

Naruto jumped up. "Train me!"

"No." he answered again.

Naruto was not going to give up. This guy was strong and he would get him to train him! So he followed the white haired man all the way to the Hokage Tower. Jiraiya noticed his companion was no longer in the waiting area. The secretary told him they were waiting for him. He nodded and was about to walk in when her remembered he was being followed. The secretary asked him if the boy was with him. The glare that she gave the blonde haired kid did not go unnoticed by him. He told her yes and told the kid to follow him. The secretary looked shocked before she found her voice to tell him to proceed. He smirked, satisfied with himself. Naruto wasn't sure why the man had allowed him to go to his meeting with the Hokage, but at least he wouldn't loose sight of him. He chose to see this as a good thing. They walked into the office to find the Hokage conversing with a hooded person. The Hokage's gaze shifted to the door. He nodded to the hooded figure and both stood up. The hooded figure turned around.

"You sure took your sweet……" his words died as he laid his eye on the blonde boy accompanying Jiraiya.


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