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Evelyn walked down the crowded hallway. A few people said hi to her, but then they went off with other people. She walked down the performing arts hallway when she ran into someone. She looked up to see Eric.

"Come into my office," he said.

She did as told and he shut the door behind them.

"Take a seat," he said motioning to a chair.

She did as she was told and he sat down as well. He rolled his chair next to hers.

"What is wrong?" he asked.

She told him, "It's nothing. I'm just a silly girl in a silly world."

"I can't have my future partner sad like this," he said. "You'll make me sad. Please just talk to me," he pleaded.

She told him, "I used to always have people dying to hang out with me and now not a single person says more than hi. I spend all my study halls and all my time at home on homework and it never gets done. My mother drinks and drinks and tells me how worthless I am. I tell her that I'm just a silly girl in silly world."

"You aren't silly," he said. "We are some of the few who aren't."

She stared at him. He put a comforting arm around her and she snuggled up to him thankful for the warmth of another human.

"Sing," he said turning the radio on.

She recognized the song and did as she was told.

"That was good," he said.

She continued to sing. This is what she was here for, to sing. Eric was actually the choral teacher. He worked alongside the Choral Director for the whole district, but he was getting old. Eric or Mr. Davey was training her up to be the new Choral Director. He had no interest himself in the job. This was his fourth year teaching. He was only in his twenties, Evelyn in her teens and the Choral Director was nearing seventy.

"That was beautiful," he said.

She replied with a, "Thank you."

"YOU are beautiful," he said.

She stared at him. He brought his lips to hers. She weakly responded. There was a knock at the door, and they parted. She slowly got up and Eric called in for the person. It was her singing nemesis Mandy. Evelyn walked out of the room as Eric told Mandy to take a seat and she did as told as he shut the door. Evelyn stayed where she was.

"Sing," said Eric on the other side of the door.

Mandy did as told. When she was finished he said, "That was very beautiful."

"Thank you," she said. Evelyn could just imagine her big cute smile.

"YOU are beautiful," said Eric.

Evelyn couldn't stand it any longer. She ran. She ran outside and past the school. She didn't stop until she was beyond the vision of anyone at the school. She sank down under a tree and cried. She heard footsteps approach and she held her breath. She saw Jeremy and the gang.

"Fucking filthy slut," he spat at her. Everyone with him laughed. When Evelyn didn't do anything they left her. She slowly got up and returned to the school. She sat in the shadows and out of sight. An hour went by and her mother still wasn't there. Jack, her ex-boyfriend came and sat next to her.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey," she answered back meekly.

Soon Brett came over as well and Evelyn spaced out. Before she knew it Jack was pummeling him. Brett stormed off and Jack was left next to Evelyn with a bloody lip. She tried to lighten the situation with a story, but he just yelled at her and stormed off. He approached Jeremy and his gang. His fists randomly ran into people and then he ran off. Evelyn looked out over the campus to see Eric finally going home. He had his arm around another teacher. Suddenly she heard his voice in her head, "I just love getting close to anyone who will let me. All of life is a giant fuck." Evelyn began to cry. She then stared out into the distance, fading away from the world. Her concentration was broken when her cell phone rang. She looked at the number and refused to answer it. It was Jack. So then, another hour went by and her mother finally came. Evelyn got in the car as her mother yelled at her about how she was a freak and a mistake.

At exactly four A.M. Evelyn's alarm clock went off. She went about getting ready. She dressed in black. She dressed in every style in the everyday, but today she made sure that her outfit gave the impression that she didn't want anyone to talk to her. Yesterday was still on her mind and she hadn't had a day so bad in a while. At 6:30 her and her mother got into their car and drove off. Evelyn loved how early it was; her mother was too sleepy to yell, it still looked like night, and the city was still asleep. Her mother dropped her off and she walked to the main landing, the area between the two major staircases. A couple of guys were already there. They were Special Education guys. This was where the "SPED"s hung out. Evelyn had amazing intelligence, but she loved these people. They would never press her to talk, they worshiped her, they weren't always going on about how Mainstream TV ruins everything, and every single guy in this group liked her. Of course, many "normal" guys liked her too. By 7:30 the gang was all there and Amanda made everyone stay quiet as Evelyn sang. She loved how good this made her feel…

She got through the first couple of periods of the day. She hadn't opened her mouth since she sang. It was now her lunch. She made her way to the lunchroom when she saw the principle with a new student.

"Evie, could you come here a minute?" he called to her.

"Of course!" she said putting her biggest (and fakest) smile.

She walked over there and the principle put a hand on her shoulder, "Vincent, this is Evie. She is a staff favorite, as well as one of my favorites. Not like I'm picking favorites… Any way! She would be more than happy to help you out."

Evelyn looked at the student. He was dressed in a similar fashion as she. He had on big black pants with chains, army boots, and a black t-shirt with a trench coat on top. But that wasn't the most eccentric part of his appearance… it was his mask. He was wearing a mask that was flesh colored. From a distance you might not notice that it was a mask. It had no hole for the mouth, but had holes for the eyes and nose. But one of the eyeholes didn't lead to an eye. It was pitch black. Nothing.

"So, Evie this is Vincent. Vincent this is Evie," said the principle. "Hold on Vincent, I'm going to talk to her alone for a second and then she will take you to lunch." He led Evelyn away, just out of earshot. "He is a new student. He has been home schooled for all of his life. In addition, he is mute. He can hear and has an intelligence level that may just exceed yours. I want you to make sure he doesn't get lost or made fun of. Okay?"

"Okay, sir."

"Good. Now take him to lunch."

Evelyn went to Vincent and led him to the lunchroom.

"Are you hungry?" she asked.

He shook his head no in reply, so she led him to the back of the lunchroom and to an empty table.

"Did you get a laptop?" she asked.

He nodded his head yes.

"Could I see it quickly?"

He didn't even nod his head, but simply got it out and handed it to her. She asked for his I.D. card and he gave it to her. She logged into his computer using the information on the I.D. card and set up SecondClass the e-mailing program. He handed the computer back to him.

"Stay in that program, I'm going to e-mail you."

She got out her own computer and logged into SecondClass.

"Hey Vincent,

I hope you enjoy it here. The people can be a lot nicer than most kids in High School… sometimes. But don't let that worry you.

So you were home schooled before?

Do you have any siblings?

Where are you from?

3 Eve"

She sent the message and waited while he typed back…


If everyone is as pleasant as you then I won't regret this. I was home schooled, but my mother decided that I need to go to a public school. We used to reside in Louisiana. My mother moved me and my brothers here. My father was doing some rather illegal procedures… he was a doctor. So the last sane decision my mother made was to move to Nebraska and to have Bo and I attend a top ten school to better our futures. I protested, but she insisted. Bo is my twin and Lester is six years our elder.

Tell me about your family.

- Vincent"


Well I have a mother who is a good for nothing drunk. I've never met my father and my older brother Chris is going to art college. Not really anything else to say there.

What kind of music are you into?

3 Eve"


I rather enjoy metal. I like Marilyn Manson. His songs can be so violent yet so beautiful and in order to really understand his songs you have to read into his lyrics. Just like people… I also enjoy My Chemical Romance, Cradle of Filth, and bands such as that.

Your brother is attending art college? That is quite interesting. I myself am very interested in art. My mother is quite the artist. I follow in her footsteps. Are you into art?



You like metal? That's pretty cool. I like the same bands. I thought we would have a similar taste in music…

Anyway, I like art. I've tried to be like my brother, but I'm horrible at painting, sculpting, drawing and such. I am very good with words though. Almost every issue of the schools art Zine has my stories and poems. And I am a fabulous singer. The district has made plans to make me the new Choral Director for the entire district.

3 Eve"

He read it and before he could click reply the bell rang. Evelyn put her computer away and Vincent followed suit. Somehow they had three of their last four classes together. Vincent always sat next to her. She would spend her time drawing and teacher would call on her and somehow she would know the answer. They would smile at her. If there was ever a need for a volunteer or a sidekick she was called on. Even the most unpleasant woman ever treated her nice. Their Advanced Algebra teacher would yell at everyone else and tell him or her how horrid his or her work was, but she would smile at Evelyn and tell her how wonderful she was. She didn't pick on Vincent, because he was Evelyn's responsibility. She didn't want her to be a failure at the job the principle set out for her. Last class of the day was when they went separate ways. When school was over Evelyn watched as Vincent stormed away from everyone and went to the student parking lot. She watched as he got into an old pick-up truck and drive off.