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Sorry that it's a short chapter. And sorry that it took so long. I've been busy with Choir and Warrior Idol (my school's version of American Idol). I made it to the top 10. The school's still voting… Well enjoy.

The next day at school was uneventful. Just the usual singing in the morning, death glares at Bo, and class with Vincent. Last period they had choir and Vincent noticed that the teacher stared at Evelyn for far too long. As the choir rang out with the words, "I love you so" Vincent saw Eve's and the teachers eyes meet. They smiled and then the man smirked. Vincent became jealous. True, she was not his, but she shouldn't be this man's either. The final bell rang and Evelyn quietly left the room with Eric behind her. Vincent quietly followed. He watched as Eric put an arm around her waist and lead her to his office. They shut the door. Vincent prayed that no one would come by, as he lay down on the ground staring under the door and listening.

"You were so perfect today," Eric said.

"Thank you," said Evelyn quietly.

"Something is on your mind, what is it?"

"I heard you with Mandy. I saw the other day with that woman. What do you think you're doing!"

Evelyn walked towards the door.

Eric spoke with a lot of emotion, "I'm sorry you had to see that. Mandy had been getting me so… hyped. She's liked me. She came to see me. You can't deny that her voice is nice, of course not as loverly as yours. Nothing happened between us. But anyway, she came on to me and I had only wished she was you. And with Sandra… I wanted you by my side. I pretended she was you. Is there anything wrong with missing you? Okay, I like you… A LOT. Just please, tell me you… like… me… too?"

Evelyn walked to Eric. "Yes, I like you too. I like you a lot."

Vincent pulled himself away from the door. He paced outside it instead and ten minutes later, Evelyn came out.

"Oh Vincent! Were you waiting for me? I'm sorry! I had to help our choir teacher with something."

Vincent peered into the room as the man waved at him.

"I suppose you have to go home now. I'll walk you Vincent," she turned to Eric and whispered "I'll be right back."

Vincent and her walked as she talked, "I have to stay for him a lot. He's demanding. He's just trying to get me into good shape to be the new director. I had to go get a music sheet, but I don't think he'll mind me walking you."

When they hugged Vincent was stiff. She said goodbye and he didn't even look at her. He drove off and Evelyn got the music sheet and returned to the room. Eric was expecting a make-out session. Evelyn wasn't so sure that it was right anymore. Vincent made her re-think. She could tell that he was dying to tell her something. She wished she knew what it was. When she got to the room Eric closed the door behind her. He then put his arms around her. She frowned.

"Do you ever stop and think that maybe this is wrong?"

"What? I'm in my twenties, I'm not that old."

"It's not really that your old. It's just... the lines of students and teachers shouldn't cross."

"Well they have, and I can't lose you now. You are all I have. I have no friends or anything. You've seen how students respond to me other than Mandy. And she... her personality bites. But you... you are a gem. And I don't want to let you go."

"Well... maybe we should just slow things down. Take it easy."


Back in the truck Bo yelled at Vincent about Evelyn. All he could think about was how she was screwing up her life and how he would never be the same.