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"Do you want a banana?" sang Derick.

"No, and I'm going to rape you up the ass with a broken knife if you don't shut up," replied Elizabeth.

"Yeah Derick, it's getting old," said Cher who turned up the radio. Everyone was getting annoyed. They were on a road trip, but right now nothing of much interest was going on.

"House of Wax," John muttered to himself.

"What?" asked James.

"Oh, there's a house of wax around here. The sign said so… So we're going to see it!" replied John, getting excited. They drove on for a while. Eventually they came to a small town and parked by a pet store.

"Aw! Puppies!" squeeled Cher and Elizabeth.

"We not be's here for puppies. We be's here fo' wax," said Derick trying his hardest to sound stupid.

"Yes! TEH wax!" yelled John who then jumped on Derick.

"To the bat cave!" yelled Elizabeth running to the House of Wax. No one followed her. They were all playing around in the street. She ran to the house of wax to find a sign saying not to enter. She went in anyway. She walked around slowly, and sang to herself. She loved to sing. In her town she was even an up and coming Gothic Rock artist.

"These are amazing," she whispered, feeling the cheek of a dancing wax figure.

"Yes, they are," said a man. Elizabeth jumped and stared at him.

"Sorry. I'm Bo. I am kinda a tour guide for this here house of wax," said the brown haired man. He was wearing a black shirt and she liked that, so she decided he was not a threat. "So you here alone?"

"Oh, no. I'm here with some friends. They were playing in the street. I'd rather not participate in such folly. I came to admire the art. I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to be in here."

"Oh, it's not problem. So what bring's y'all to this here town?"

"Well since school's out for the summer we have decided to go on a road trip mostly to annoy the hell out of people in other states. We are a lively bunch. And this sounded interesting to Derick, probably because he thought of all the perverted things he could do here."

"YOU LOVELY EXCITING MAN!" came a yell from the doorway. Bo and Elizabeth looked to see James there holding Derick in his arms.

Derick pointed at her and yelled to Bo, "She threatened to rape me up the butt with a broken knife!"

"And I will if you don't stop scaring this lovely exciting man," spat Elizabeth.

"These your friends?" asked Bo who sounded quite annoyed.

"Sad to say, yes," replied Elizabeth. For the next half hour Bo showed them the house with the boys perverting everything and the girls giggling at them. When the sun had finally gone down they were done.

"I'm tired," whined Cher.

"Are there any motels here?" asked John who put his arm around Cher. She leaned on him and closed her eyes.

"No. We don't usually get any over night visitors. But a few of you could stay at my house," replied Bo.

"Let's do it!" said Elizabeth who jumped once.

Cher suddenly awake said, "Yeah! I like that idea. John and I can have the car. The rest of you can stay with him and then in the morning we can go."

"Okay," everyone agreed. John and Cher ran off to the car. Everyone else followed Bo.

When they got into his house he said, "Two a you can sleep out here and one can sleep in a spare room."

"I claim out here and I claim James," yelled Elizabeth who held onto James' arm.

"Fine, I don't need you anyway," said Derick. Bo and Derick disappeared down a hallway. Elizabeth got out her iPod and she shared it with James. They danced around the living room for several minutes. Then they heard a scream. She stopped the iPod and put it away.

"What do you suppose that was?" asked James.

"I think that was Mr. Derick sticking his John Thomas in Bo's rectum," laughed Elizabeth.

"DAAAAMN! Well I want to join." He said.

"James, we need your help!" yelled Bo from somewhere in the house.

"You need to stay here, this needs to be fully gay intercourse," said James who then ran into the hallway. Elizabeth put her iPod back on and sat down. She closed her eyes and sang to herself. She eventually dozed off.