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Sailor Moonlight part 1

There was a beautiful sunny day. The birds are happily singing. There are people on the street having a good and normal life. All but 5 girls. They recently defeated the Dark Moon family, and, since nothing has happened for a few weeks, started to think that they may get a normal life. These girls are the Sailor Scouts. They're at the usual place, Raye's room, for an important matter, the high school exam. Raye just received a weird vision during their study session, one where an evil force is destroying the Sailor Scouts. When Raye snapped out of her trance, Serena was snoring loudly next to her. "Did you have a premonition, Raye?" Lita asked with concern. "Yeah, and it was totally weird and noisy too," Raye answered picking up Serena's head off her book and letting fall somewhere else. "How is it weird?" Mina asked, but before Raye could answer, she got interrupted by something. "Talking about having a strange dream, I'd eaten so many bowls of ice cream that I had to go to the doctor, and guess who was there. Yes, it was Darien; he was at the doctor's because he'd eaten too many of the cookies I gave to him. Wait a minute, that actually happened." Serena said not realizing that they were looking at her weirdly. "Serena, not to be a nag, but aren't you worried about the high school exam?" Amy asked with a sweat drop on her forehead. "You're not happy with your mark, right?" Lita added. "Well, I'm pretty sure that I got at least one of the answers right." Serena answered nervously. "Aren't you worried about the exam? You need to pass it in order to in the best classes." Amy said. "There's no use over misplaced silk." Mina said. "Don't listen to her Serena. It's spilled milk." Amy said. While they were having their conversation, Raye was focusing on the vision that she got earlier.

----The next day---- While Serena was moping about her recent bad grade, Raye walked right into her. Raye, as usual, was nagging Serena while putting some cold water on her forehead, where her's and Serena's hard contact came. "As if, you were the one who ran into me. My turn." Serena said, pushing Raye over to put some cold water on her head. "You don't have to take your anger about your bad grade on me." Raye told her. Serena had a frustrated look on her face. "Come on, grades aren't everything." Raye told her. Did the hit affect her brain? Serena thought. After a moment of silence, Raye asked Serena what she wanted to do with her life. "I don't know, too many opportunities to choose from. What about you?" Serena asked Raye. "Well a singer, a songwriter, a model, an actress, a musician, but mostly I just…" She stopped, blushing at the thought. "Go on." Serena urged on nicely. "Okay, I'd like to fall in love and get married, but it's too embarrassing to say." Raye said blushing a bit more. "But you're going to marry Darien, right?" she asked. "You're embarrassing me." Serena said blushing and twirling her foot on the ground. "But don't you think that maybe he would want someone who got better marks?" Raye told her slowly. "Don't worry, academics aren't everything, but you should still try your best." Raye said leaving Serena to think. "Cheer up Serena. Cheerfulness is one of your very best qualities." Raye said over her shoulder as she turned the corner towards the temple.

----With Serena---- Serena's sitting on the steps looking at her test. "What would Darien say if he saw this horrible mark?" Serena said out loud. "That is a horrible mark." A familiar voice said close to her left shoulder. Serena freaked out when she recognized the voice. She started to laugh nervously and tried to change the subject. "Serena." Darien scolded. "Don't worry; I'm going to Raye's house to join a study group. Making big changes." Serena said throwing her test in the trash. "I think that we should postpone our date, since it's hard to balance both school and saving the world." Darien said. When he finished his sentence, Serena was really sad and tried to cover it up. They parted ways.

---With Raye---- She was doing some fire reading to try to figure out the vision, but sadly, she got nothing. She walked outside into the fresh air. Maybe this fortune will help me ease my mind. Raye thought, getting a fortune from the stand. As she was tying the fortune on the tree, she made her wish. But suddenly, the fortune tree turned into a monster. Raye ran away from the temple in an attempt to protect her grandpa, with the monster right behind her. When she was good enough distance away from the temple, she took out her power stick, but the monster trapped her into a wall and started taking out her heart crystal. Until a voice came out. "I stand for love. I stand for truth and justice too. I'm Sailor Moon. In the name of the moon, I shall punish you." Sailor Moon said. Only a few minutes later, the monster managed to trap the rest of the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask, and went to get Raye's heart. When she got the crystal of the pure heart, Serena was slowly losing hope. But her prayers would be answered. "Dancing Starlight!" They heard a young female voice shout. A million shooting stars went towards the monster unnoticed until the last minute. While the monster was trying to dodge the attack, a figure jumped from the trees. She has long black hair with blond highlights that goes to her butt in the hairstyle she has (which is Serena's, she has the same bangs and everything, except her buns are in the shape of a star) mesmerizing blue eyes, and she was wearing a sailor scout outfit. Light purple collar, tiara, boots (like Sailor Moon, but purple) and skirt. Yellow bows and chocker with a crescent moon and a star on it. The length of her gloves goes to her elbows. "Who are you, you stupid pest." The monster asked. "I am Sailor Moonlight, protector of hope and justice. I shall right wrongs and triumph over evil, and you're it ugly." This girl said with a smirk. With an angry expression, the monster tried to attack. She easily jumped out of the way. She threw her hand in the air, and a long staff appeared above her. On the top of the staff, a huge crescent moon with a crystal floating above it. A ring with many crescent moons is at the base of the huge crescent moon, not touching the staff, but stays in place. In the middle, a smaller ring surrounded by stars, one side touching the staff. At the bottom, an ever smaller ring surrounded again by crescent moons, touching the opposite side of the staff compared to the previous ring. "Universal Moonlight Attack!" she yelled, destroying the monster instantly. She picked up the crystal, examined it and smiled. "This isn't what they're looking for." She said walking towards Raye and putting it back. She turned towards the others. "You're the sailor scouts, right?" she asked. They looked shocked and slowly nodded their heads. She smiled and de-transformed. Her long hair in a French braid (if anyone wants to know the height of this sailor scout. It's the same as Hotaru's, but she's one year older than Rini.) She was wearing a tank top and a short skirt. "My name is Leanne. I'm the sailor scout of the moons of the universe. I've come to help you all against the new enemy." She told them with a smile. "Hey did you forget me?" a voice said from a bush. "Well is you didn't hide in there after the battle was over, I would've introduced you." She said walking towards the bushes and pulling out a black cat the looked a lot like Luna, but with a star on her forehead. "This is Shadow, my cat guardian." She clarified for some who wore confused faces. "Well then, I guess you're in." Serena said with a smile.

(author's note): Well, that was majorly cool. If you want to know what's going to happen next, then stay tuned.