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Sailor moonlight part 3

Serena was walking past the arcade when she noticed Mina talking to Andrew. When she walked in, she managed to catch what Mina was saying. "When it come to food, you'd think that Artemis and Serena were twins except Artemis doesn't have a meatball head and he can actually walk and chew gum at the same time. "Mina told Andrew, laughing her head off. Serena who was shacking in rage, snapped and screamed at Mina. "I blew off study-buddies for this?" Serena asked, scolding Mina. "Forget studying, let's drive race cars." Mina said, dragging Serena away. As they were racing, someone came into the arcade. This person heard Mina yelling at Serena to continue racing. "I'll race you. And I'll even give you a head start." The mysterious person said, walking towards them. Mina pushed Serena off the chair blushing. When they got ready, Mina was thinking about impressing who she thought was a he, but a few seconds after the mystery person started, she managed to pass Mina and make her have an accident. Mina became depressed from her loss. "Don't worry, with a little practice, you'll become the prettiest formula 1 driver there ever was." She told you. "Really? Would you teach me?" Mina asked, blushing. "You'd be learning from a pro." They heard a voice say. Serena and Mina turned towards the voice and saw a woman with turquoise hair that goes down to her shoulder blades. They couldn't believe who was standing next to her. "Hey Serena, hey Mina." Leanne greeted them with a smile. "Sorry we were late Amara." The woman said. "It's alright Michelle. See you 2 later, come on squirt." Amara said. "I'm not a squirt, Amara." Leanne playfully whined. "You'll always be a squirt to me." She answered with a smirk. "Sorry girls, tell the others that I can't make it." Leanne told Serena and Mina before walking away with Amara and Michelle.

----With Serena---- a few minutes after Amara, Michelle and Leanne left to who knows where, Mina decided to follow them. The first stop was a café. Leanne seemed to be having the time of her life with Amara and Michelle, like she was their family. "Hot chocolate dates are so romantic." Serena said dreamily. "Serena, I think that there's a special connection between him and me, like we're soul mates or something." Mina whispered into Serena's ear. "I think that there's a special connection between me and him too." Serena said. "Hello. Like you and Darien are over." Mina scolded her. When they finished their bickering, they followed Leanne, Amara and Michelle to a car repair garage, and saw Michelle leave. Mina was happy for this. "Perfect. Time to get up close and personal." Mina muttered to herself and heard Serena say he is fine. "Well you're taken so he's mine." Mina shouted in a whisper.

----With Leanne---- "Hey Amara, what are you doing when you're not driving?" Leanne asked out of curiosity. "Think about going for a drive." Was the reply in a joking matter, which earned a chuckle from both Amara and Leanne. "How's your singing and dancing career?" Anthony asked from underneath the car. "Still going nowhere. It's sad because I love to sing and dance." Leanne answered with a sad tone. "Don't worry; you are number 1 in whatever you do. You're so good that it's scary sometimes." Amara said while giving Leanne a hug for comfort. "Even formula 1 racing?" Leanne asked with a sly grin. "No way. You can't even beat me at the arcade." Amara answered. "Hey, did someone say arcade?" a familiar voice asked. Leanne and Amara turned their heads and saw Serena and Mina. "Excuse me please." Leanne said with a sheepish smile, dragging Mina and Serena away from the garage, Amara following. "Why are you spying on us?" Leanne asked with an angry expression on her face. "We weren't." Mina defended herself too quickly. "Listen, if it's about getting together with me, it's not going to happen." Amara told them. "But you'll find your Prince Charming someday." Amara continued on. "There you go again Amara, giving love advice." They heard Michelle say as she walked towards them. "Amara has a thing for fairy tales." She continued. "And there's nothing wrong with that." Leanne told her. "Except that it doesn't happen in reality." Michelle replied. After a few minutes, Amara was talking about how she was destined to be something that didn't involve her formula 1 dream. Suddenly, Anthony screamed as a car came to life and started to get his heart crystal. Leanne ran around the garage, transforming when she was out of sight. When she got back, she saw the monster driving off. "Serena, Mina, transform. I'll meet you there, just turn left when you get out of the garage." Leanne said as she summoned her staff and turned it into a motorcycle by the thought of it. She drove so fast that she caught up with Amara and Michelle. "Change your staff back, we'll stop this creep." Amara shouted. "Got it." Leanne yelled as she went faster, past the monster. As soon as a crash was heard, Leanne jumped off her bike and landed on her feet. Her bike changed back into a staff and disappeared. "Why can't you just stop interrupting our plans just once?" the monster asked, getting up slowly. "Because I'm the protector of heart crystals, love and justice, ugly." Leanne answered her. "Dancing Starlight!" Leanne shouted, sending her minimal damage attack towards the monster to stall for Sailor Moon. "Great job Moonlight." Sailor Moon's voice said. Both the monster and Leanne turned their heads towards the voice. Leanne snapped her fingers and her attack stopped.
While Sailor Moon was giving her speech, Leanne noticed a few rose petals flew by. "Why don't you try us on for size?" They heard 2 voices say. "Guardian of the upper world, my name is Sailor Uranus," Sailor Uranus said. "From the depths of the sea, I am Sailor Neptune." Sailor Neptune said, standing next to Sailor Uranus. "Give us the heart crystal or we'll harm you." They finished together. "Just how many of us are there?" Sailor Moon asked. Uranus and Neptune sent their attacks and destroyed the monster. They checked the crystal, confirmed that it wasn't what they were looking for and gave it to Sailor Moon. "We might see you later." Uranus said before leaving. "See you later squirt." Neptune said before leaving. Leanne smiled at that and de-transformed.

----FF until Serena, Mina and Leanne arrived back at the arcade---- "You mean that we waited for you 2 because you were chasing some guy?" Raye asked "What about you?" Lita asked Leanne. "I told them to tell you that I couldn't make it." She answered. "Yeah, by the way, how do you know him?" Mina asked Leanne. "Amara and Michelle were my babysitters before they moved away. I ran into them at school today." Leanne explained. "That's true; you're wearing the same uniform as Michelle." Serena said. "What's up?" they heard Michelle ask. They all turned and saw Amara with her coat over her shoulder and Michelle standing next to her. Mina gasped. "Is that really you Amara?' she asked. "But of course." Michelle answered. "Where? I want to meet this hunkster." Raye said, looking around the room. Lita joined in. Michelle pointed at the woman standing next to her. "He's a her." Lita said shocked. As mina slowly sunk to the ground, Amy asked Serena that she blew off study-buddies for that. Serena, trying to save her dignity, said that there was something fishy from the start. Leanne was laughing from the scene that played itself. Mina turned toward her, blushing madly with a look of anger on her face. "Why didn't you tell me Amara was a girl?" she asked trying to control her temper. "It's funnier if you found out this way." Leanne answered with a sly grin on her face, and continued to laugh at her friend.