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She awoke with a shiver. The room was cool and the blankets had somehow drifted away from her. She gave them a slight tug as they met a mighty resistance. Puzzled she turned to find the cause of their resistance.

A slight gasp emitted from her parted lips and her heart just completely stopped. Tangled in the sheets she fought so hard to free was the body of her Colonel, Roy Mustang. Then she realized that she wasn't even in her own bed.

Her mind went rampant as the floodgate of thoughts rushed over her like rapid waters in the river. 'Oh my god! What have I done!' She brought a hand to her face as if to hid in shame from the sleeping form before her.

Her mind wondered back to an earlier time that evening. She had been working late at the office, everyone gone but her. She came across some paperwork that caught her attention. Some suspicious activity had been going on around the city and the rumor was that Homunculi were involved. She knew the Colonel would want to see this as soon as possible. She quickly filed the remaining papers and left straight for his residence on the barracks.

Upon her arrival she first knocked on the door. There was no answer. She knocked a second time. Still no answer. She figured he must be out on a date. She frowned inwardly at that though. Although she knew his dates were just for show and nothing ever became of them, she was jealous just the same. She might have been the only one to know that too. No one slept in the Colonel's bed at night, a lot of the time not even him.

On the other hand, if he had really gone out she was a little relieved. He spent every night holed up in his room since Maes had died. Sometimes finding comfort in the bottom of a glass. It was all he could do to stop the screaming voices in his head that haunted him each night. The screams of the people of Ishabal as the city burned. The nightmares never stopped. Riza knew what it was like first hand, she had them too. For she also saw the horror that was the Ishabal Massacre first hand.

Collecting her meandering thoughts, one more time she knocked on the door. "Colonel. It's me. Hawkeye."

"Come in." His voice came from somewhere behind the door. Distant in sound.

She opened the door and her eyes adjusted to the dark and depressing atmosphere. There he sat on the sofa, moonlight the only source of illumination in the room. A glass in his hand, he was trying to drown the voices out of his head.

"Sir." Riza whispered low so he would not hear her concern. She entered and quietly closed the door behind her. She approached his seated form and stood at attention. "Sir, I have some important paper work I thought you should see. There seems to have been some incidents involving what officials think to be a Homunculi."

He shifted in his seat but remained silent. She assumed he was likely to be drunk and maybe it would be best to leave this until morning. God she hated seeing him like this. He was so strong and happy go lucky at work. To see him this way, it made her want to cry. But crying was something she didn't allow herself. She couldn't.

Turning, she headed toward the door. "Sir, I will leave it for you on the table." She placed the documents on the small table by the door. "I will see you in the morning then."

"Wait!" It was an almost desperate plea and it tugged at her heart. "Won't you please join me." There was a slight pause in his words. "For a drink."

"Sir." Another sad whisper escaped her lips. She crossed the room to sit in a chair near the sofa. "I don't feel like a drink, but I will keep you company if you would like."

"Fair enough." The Colonel displayed little emotion in his voice. Covering the pain he was feeling.

After a moment of silence Mustang asked his Lieutenant to explain what she had read in the report. She obliged by giving him a run down of what she had seen, but urged him to read it himself in the morning.

The conversation shifted to other work related topics and Riza realized that the Colonel seemed quite sober. That was when it also dawned on her that she had not seen him take one drink since she arrived. His glass was still more than half full.

An uncomfortable silence fell upon them and Riza talked about the first thing that was on her mind. "Is that your first glass, sir."

"Why, yes, it actually is. I needed it before you arrived. But for some reason I no longer seem to need it." His reply was stated in a "matter of fact" fashion.

She almost thought she saw a slight smile play upon his lips in the dim light. "That's good sir. It isn't healthy to need such things."

A light chuckle resounded from his stoic form. "Ever my conscious, aren't you Hawkeye." With that he moved from the sofa and deposited his glass on the counter in the kitchen area of the large room. Like all the quarters on the barracks there was only one room to live out of. But being of high rank his room was larger than most and had it's own bathroom.

He returned to his seat on the sofa so they could continue their conversation. They talked for quite a while about recent events and military plans. It seemed to help keep the demons away that had plagued him. And she knew it.

It was now getting late, just past eleven and she really had to be going. She hated to do so, for fear that after she left he would drown in sorrow and pick up his glass again. She reluctantly rose from the sofa. "Sir. I'm sorry but I should take my leave now. It's getting rather late and you should get some sleep. You seem to be awful tired lately."

She moved her way to the door and he followed to see her out. Or so he had intended. "Goodnight, sir." Her voice was a haven for him and he found himself not wanting her to leave.

"Hawkeye!… No…. Riza. Wait.." His voice sounded quiet but almost desperate as he called to her.

He grabbed her wrist as if to pull her back to him. With a slight start she turned to face him. Gently he leaned into her for what must have been the sweetest kiss she could ever imagine. She was startled by this, at first she wanted to pull away. No, that wasn't right. She wanted it to last forever. But her reasoning told her this was BIG trouble. She both fought the urge to let it continue and the urge to break away. Neither won. Leaving their fate in the hands of her Colonel who had clearly lost his mind.

As the kiss continued he brought his hand to cup the side of her face. Slowly he let his lips part with hers and she was left absolutely speechless. Maybe the word would even be flabbergasted.

"Sir.." Was about the only thing that could escape her lips in a breathy hesitation.

He encircled his strong arms around her small but sturdy frame. He drew her close to him and spoke low and soft. "Just once, I'd like to hear you say my name." Almost whispering into her form.

At this point Riza just didn't know what to do. Roy could tell that he had simply floored her. He inwardly sighed. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to act out his feelings right now. But he just couldn't hold it in anymore. He wanted her to be by his side, not just as his Lieutenant. He needed her.

He loosened his hold on her and she pushed herself off of his chest with her hands. "Sir." Her mind was numb and there was a slight delay in conveying her thoughts. "Roy." She corrected herself, another slight pause. "We can't." There was a sound of regret in her voice.

Roy got that defiant look in his eyes. She could see it despite the lack of a strong light source. "Who says!" Roy Mustang wasn't one to follow the rules. This didn't come as any surprise to Riza in the given situation.

"Roy." She was starting to like the way it felt to say his name like that. A little bit of a rebellious nature was trying to break free from the confines of her heart. "This isn't a good idea. Although it wouldn't end your career it could create trouble if anyone found out."

"Then I won't let anyone know about us." Roy gave his trademark smirk that always won over hearts. It didn't usually work on her, but her resolve had been shattered and she was quite vulnerable. "Riza, please. Stay with me. I need you." The smirk was gone and only a look of pained need was on his face.

Her eyes widened at that statement. 'Did Roy Mustang just tell me he needed me?' If she didn't know any better she would have thought that he was trying to seduce her. But she did know better. He wasn't that way at all. He was sincere. He was a sincere, lonely, tortured soul who needed comforting. She would always be anything that he needed. Only for him. She stood by him and supported him, protected him. She would die for him. She would kill for him. She would walk through the fires of hell for him.

If comforting is what he needed, and she needed to stay with him she would do so. There were no limits to her loyalty. She would give him whatever he needed to keep him going. Even her body. Although it almost made her feel cheap to think that way her duty would allow her to do it. But the woman in her also felt the same. There was no way that she could dedicate her entire heart and soul to someone like that and not love him.

She sighed, her breath brushing gently against his face. "Alright. If that is what you need. What you want. I will stay."

With her words Roy looked like the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders. He took her hand and led her back to the sofa where he pulled her down next to him. "Can I hold you." He sounded like a schoolboy on his first date.

Riza couldn't help but smile, a slight bemusement was obvious on her face. "Of course." She leaned into him, snuggling into his embrace with her back partially to him, but turned so she could still face him.

"You're laughing at me." He gave her smile of his own like he had caught on to a joke.

"No." Her reply was simple. "I was just thinking."

"About what?" He brought her hand up to his lips and placed a chaste kiss on her knuckles.

"I was wondering if you are like this with all the other women." She had baited him and she knew it. He knew it to.

"There are no other women, Riza. Just you." He squeezed her a little closer to himself inhaling the scent of her hair. It was like a spring breeze with a slight hint of gunpowder.

"I know." Was the soft reply that drifted off her contented form. She just wanted to hear it, to prove them all wrong. Then they fell into a comfortable silence.