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It was a usual morning occurrence. Or was it? Roy Mustang felt the cool air creeping into his bones. The bed sheets no longer covered his body, they had been unceremoniously piled onto the floor.

The very early morning sunshine filtered through the window. He had Vague impressions that a warm body should absorb his hand. It didn't.

Roy was jolted to the conclusion that he was awake now and it was morning. He sat upright in bed and surveyed the now empty place and thelonely pillow. There were no signs that anyone had ever shared his bed.

"Was it just a dream?" Roy's voice was the only thing to be heard in the quiet room. Confusion and sadness could clearly be heard.

Rolling out of bed he begrudgingly started the daily routine. Shower, get dressed, get breakfast. Just another ordinary day. The memories of the pervious night had obviously been a very explicit dream. Very explicit.

Just before leaving Roy noticed a large envelope sitting on the small table by the door. His breath hitched and he swallowed hard as he carefully picked up the envelope as if he was afraid it could burn him.

He regarded it for a brief moment before tearing into it. Like an impatient little boy removing his new toy from its box. He slid the papers out and examined them just to make sure.

Homunculus. Details about recent incidents around the region dealing with Homunculus. The dream was reality after all. It all started to sink in. Everything that happened last night. He understood why she found it necessary to leave him alone as she did. But still, he wished she hadn't.

Central Headquarters

Roy came in at his usual time, just a few minutes before he really needed to be. To no surprise he found her sitting at her desk. She was acting like she always did, busy at work. As he neared her, as he would have to do to get to his desk, she spoke like always. "Good morning Sir." It was just like any other day.

Roy had to inwardly sigh at himself. Leave it to his wonderful Lieutenant to share his bed with him the night before and act like nothing had ever happened. So typical of her. Of course, that is what made her special. She was excellent at doing her job, and her job was to faithfully serve him. Nothing could ever change that. Nothing.

The workday passed on like any other normal day. Only slower. Finally it was time for lunch and the hungry officers filtered out of the room to tend to the needs of their grumbling stomachs. This left the Colonel and Lieutenant alone for the first time since she greeted him this morning.

Although he knew there was a slight chance that she had actually dropped the documents off and headed straight home he didn't think that was really the case. He very well could have dreamed it all, an alcohol induced slumber could have done anything to his imagination. But even with help, he just didn't think his creativity was that incredible.

He took in a sharp breath and prayed that he wasn't going to make an ass out of himself. Or even worse, that he was actually right but she denies it. So without further procrastination he spoke. "You were gone this morning when I woke up." He tried not to show any emotion one way or another. It was merely a statement.

Riza's brow furrowed and a slight look of defeat crossed over her features. She remained at her desk, her face hidden from his gaze. Maybe there was still a chance to downplay it. "Sir, I am not sure what you mean." She continued to work like it was nothing important.

"I think you do." His answer was quiet and almost accusing. "I wasn't so sure at first. I thought it had all been this wonderful dream. But then as I was leaving I noticed the paperwork on the table."

'Ugh, the paperwork! How could I have been so careless!' Riza cursed herself mentally for her totally irresponsible oversight.

"Then I knew, it really wasn't a dream." Roy finished off. A bit of sadness seeping through. "why?" It was a simple question.

"You know why." Riza was trying her hardest not to make the words sound as cold as they did.

"Ah yes, I suppose I do. Ever my conscience, aren't you Lieutenant?" He repeated the familiar words he had spoken last night.

"I always will be, Sir." Riza couldn't help but smile slightly despite the bitter feeling inside of her.

A silent agreement was made between the two. They would not speak of this again and life would go on as it always had. The previous nighthad truly been a dream after all.

There was a terrible conspericy going on within the military of the country of Amestris. Caught in the middle was anyoungColonel, and his faithful First Lieutenant. Their relationship went above and beyond that of duty or love. They had only spent one night together but for them it was more than that. It was their flame of hope that someday their goals would be accomplished and they would be free to spend the rest of their days the very same way.

But for now, it was the same as it had always been. The Colonel and his First Lieutenant were a shinning example of how all military personnel should be. Professional and committed to duty above all else. They had just that one night to always see them through.

Author's Note: And there you have it. It is my hope that this fic is cannon, even though the events are fairly unlikely. The way it all works out does leave it possible to fit into the real story. Whether or not you believe they would have such desires is up to you. I for one think they at the very least love one another. Since I didn't write the original story I have no idea if the author ever intended for them to get together like this. If you don't agree with me than please concider this story an AU. Thanks for reading.