This takes place after Apocalypse and Remy was never adopted, but really Jean Luc's son. I got a few names from VinGirl. This is full ROMY. Title might change, don't know yet.

The weeks flew by rather slowly, since the day he lost all of his friends. After the attack, he escaped hurt and beaten. He tired to look for them, for her. But they were gone, he's searched everywhere but still nothing. Its now been six long months since he's seen the X-Men and his Rogue. Looking back on that day you never would have thought anything bad would happen, it was too nice of a day and everything was perfect.

Outside the huge white mansion of Xavier school for the Gifted the students are playing, laughing at each other as they all played baseball. Well all but one, she sat under the big tree in the shade watching her friends play and was satisfied with the fact she will always be known as the 'untouchable' the girl who will never know what it feels like to touch another living thing. Besides, who would want to touch her?

"Bonjour chere." whispered a husky Cajun voice near her right ear. Besides some egotistic, self-absorbed, womanizing Swamp rat. Him, St. John and Piotr arrived at the mansion shortly after they defeated Apocalypse three months ago.

"Ah'm not ya dear." growled the Goth as she clenched her hands into fist

"Sure y' no' cherie." smirked the handsome auburn haired Cajun with red on black eyes

"What do ya want Swamp rat?" she signed annoyed

"Y' know what Remy want." he answered smiling into her large emeralds she calls eyes

"Remy, we" Rogue was cut off short blasts from everywhere was shot at them and everyone else.

"Rogue get down!" yelled Gambit tackling her so she wouldn't get hit by the blasts. They got up just to realize they were surrounded, fifteen to two. Not bad if you're an X-Men trained by Wolverine. Rogue put her back to Gambit knowing he wouldn't leave her to fight for herself. She removed her glove and he took his cards out and shuffled them.

"Ready?" asked the two toned girl as she glanced at her team mate

"Oui chere, Remy ready." smirked the ragin' cajun as he tossed a few cards at their opponents. As he did that Rogue punched and kicked the guns out of the bad guys' hands. The rest of the x-men were having the same amount of luck, out numbered and dodging blasts.

Remy was doing great, these guys didn't stand a chance. He just took down five guys when he was grabbed behind by two really big guys.

"Sorry hommes, Remy don't play dat way." he smirked trying to throw the man off of himself

"Hold him tight men, our job is almost done." smirked a muscular man with no hair and piercing gray eyes as he held a big blaster gun to Remy.

"Ah don' t'ink so." growled an angry southern voice. The guy with the guy looked at where the source of the voice was from and found and very beautiful women ready to fight.

"Let 'em go." she threatened leaning on her right foot getting ready to jump at the guys

"Ah, Rogue. The young women who can absorb people's memories, life force and mutant's powers. Yes, you're perfect." Rogue looked at this man as if he was crazy and he just might be. But his not the leader, someone else is.

"Say goodbye, Rogue." laughed the man as he pulled back the trigger of his gun. Remy closed his eyes and prepared for the pain that the blast would bring, but not before hearing a southern scream that popped his eyes opened.

"REMY!" screamed Rogue in pain as she jumped in front of him and took the full blast of the hit. She fell limp to the hard ground, not moving. Remy felt frozen in time, watching her fall in slow motion and no being able to help or lessen her fall. When she hit the ground Remy threw the man off of himself and went to see if she was breathing, she was but it was faint.

He jumped to his feet and started going after every and all of these men that invaded his home and helped his friends and his cherie. He only left her for no more than five minutes and she was gone, those men took her and everyone else.

His family has tired to comfort him, but that was all in vain. Etienne and Theoden have been begging their cousin to go to the bars and pick up some bella femmes. Remy told them everything, especially about his Rogue and how much he lo-like her and never told her.

While the Prince of Thieves mopes up in his room, his Tante Mattie is making a very big dinner for the annual thieves party tonight. The big African American woman has been with the LeBeaus for years and she's extremely good cook. Tante Mattie turned her back on the gumbo she was making to get more spices when a young red haired men came and took a sip of it.

"ETIENNE Y' GET 'WAY FROM MEH GUMBO!" yelled Tante Mattie as she grabbed her big frying pan and wacked the young men over the head with it a few times.

"Owww! Tante Ah'm sorry!" cried the nineteen year old 'men' covering his head as he ran from the dangerous forty something old women.

"Wut y' do now?" laughed Theoden from the couch he's laying on watching tv

"Ah ate some 'f Tante's gumbo." mumbled Etienne

"'S smart move, no'!" he roared with laughter

"Shut it." growled Etienne

"Let's go and get dressed." laughed Theoden walking up the stairs

That nightTheoden, Etienne and Henri were dressed and hanging out down stairs at the party waiting for Remy to get his butt out of his room. Theoden and them are dressed in normal tuxs looking extremely bored.

"Henir, let's dance." smiled a beautiful women wearing a long red dress

"Oui Mercy." he nodded to his wife as she dragged him to the dance floor.

"Man Ah hope Ah never get married." laughed Etienne

"Don't worry mon ami, y' 'ave to get a femme first." smirked a smooth husky voice.

"REMY!" cried the two men happily as their dear cousin made his appearance wearing a tux, minus a tie and has the first three buttons undone.

"Oui, it be Remy." he nodded looking around the room.

"Where pere?" he question not seeing his father Jean Luc anywhere.

"He's with your mere, so 'e shouldn' expect to see 'em any time soon." shrugged Theoden

"So Remy, 's de Ragin' Cajun back?" smirked Etienne

"Remy don' know." sighed the handsome men with red on black eyes.

"MATTIE! GET OUT 'ERE NOW! 'E NEED Y'!" yelled a very mad Jean Luc

"What 's it?" asked Mattie annoyed as she walked out of the kitchen.

"Just come on." he urged going back outside while Mattie followed him and so did the guest.

"Ah wonder what's up?" wonder Theoden as he and the group went outsides a ways to where Laurana was sitting on the ground next to something or to be more precise someone.

"Its femme, a bella femme." commented a thief next Remy

"Oui, lets check dis out." smirked Etienne passing other thieves.

"'s de femme gonna be alright?" asked Jean Luc looking down at the poor girl.

"'e need to get 'er into de house now." order Mattie looking over the girl's injuries.

"But who 's she?" asked Laurana

"ROGUE!" yelled Remy in horror as he saw the bella femme who everyone was talking about. They were talking about his bella cherie, his ange. Her soft milky skin covered in blood and bruises. The white long sleeve and white pants she's wearing didn't look much better, the only places you could see were her arms and legs, with a little bit of her stomach. And her hair, her short beautiful auburn hair with white strikes was now long and framing her face as it was soaked in blood and sweat. Remy had never, in the time of knowing Rogue to see her like this. Not even against Apocalypse she didn't look this bad, what did those men do to her?

"Remy, dis 's 'er?" asked Etienne

"Oui, dis 's ma cherie.." he answered picking up the young unconscious women's body and cradling her close to his muscular chest.

"Come on, Remy." ordered Mattie signaling him to follow her.

Remy did as his Tante Mattie told him, she told him to get wet wash cloth he did, first aid junk you didn't even have time to miss him. After awhile Mattie did all she could now they just had to wait and see what happens. That might have been fine for her, but not for Gambit. It was killing him, just sitting there watching Rogue, his Rogue helpless. But if anything she won't be alone, he won't leave her side. Not ever again.

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