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Four hours. Four long terrifying hours of thinking and worrying about Remy. Since there isn't any windows in the new silver cell, Rogue doesn't know if it's day or night or even how long she was out. No one has gone by her cell door since she's been awake. Her collar is still around her neck and sadly all hope of ever escaping is gone.

"Why did Ah stay wit' 'im?" Ah knew tehy'd come aftah meh." Rogue starts to cry into her dirt covered hands. "Ah'm sorry Remy." Whispers Rogue sadly as she moves her hands from her face. Suddenly the doors opens, Rogue's head snaps up to see her visitor. Carol. Rogue starts to clench her fist as she tries to control her breathing.

"Rogue, I came here to"

"To waht? Drain meh again? Or to tell meh waht ya did wit' Remy?" Carol nods her head slowly as she takes a deep breath.

"Look Rogue, you have every right to hate me. But Sinister doesn't even know I'm here"

"And ya point?"

"My point is, Remy is in trouble and so are your friends." Rogue's eyes widen and is about to say something but Carol continues. "Sinister is making them attack him, one after another. Right now it's the one called Wolverine against him and after going up against the ones called Jean, Cyclopes, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Storm and many others. But the ones that did the most damage to him were the tin man and the fire guy."

"So ya came 'ere ta tell meh he's gonna die?"

"He just might, but if we go now we can save him." Carol walks out of the cell and signals to Rogue to come once she looked down the halls.

The girls run as quietly as they can down the halls, turning left, right, left. Until finally they arrive at a big white door. Carol enters in some numbers and it opens, revealing a large white room with two people on the lower level fighting.

"Re" Carol covers Rogue's mouth before anyone can hear her.

"Rogue, Sinister is here and if he sees, let alone hears you, we're both dead." Rogue nods her head as Carol uncovers her mouth. "Now listen, you have my powers and I have yours. But with that collar on you're unless, but I know how to take it off." Rogue glances at her strangely. "What? I absorbed one of the scientist, so the key is around here somewhere." Both of them look over the tables.

"Is this it Carol?" Carol looks at the white card with the red strip and nods.

"Yep, here give it to me." Carol takes the cards slides it in back of Rogue's collar. It comes of instantly. "How do you feel Rogue?"

"Ah feel lihke Ah can take twenty, no fifty men all at once." Rogue crakes her knuckles as she lifts herself off the ground.

"Rogue, don't" But of course before Carol could say another word, Rogue left to help Remy.

Down on the ground Gambit is throwing his flaming cards at Wolverine as he runs from him. If he could Remy would fight him with his bo, but thanks Piotr he can barely lift his left arm.

"Calm down homme, Remy don' wan' t' figh' y'." But like the rest of the X-Men, Wolverine isn't listening to him. Sinister is still controlling him.

"Say goodbye bub." Wolverine pushes Remy against the wall and holds his claws mere inches from the Cajun's face.

"DON' YA DARE LOGAN!" Remy dropped to the ground as Rogue tackled Logan into the other wall. Remy gets up slowly, holding his injured arm as he watches Rogue take care of Logan.

"Cherie, stop de homme be controlled by Sinister." Within a few seconds Rogue stopped hitting the wolf man and dropped him on the ground.

"Remy, ya okay?" He nods his head as she wraps her arm around him. "Good, cause Ah don' wahnt ta carry yer sorry butt home." The Cajun smirks as he brings his lips close to her ear.

"Sure y' don' cherie." But as they got closer to the door it opened and wouldn't ya know it, Sinister steps in.

"Where do you two think you're going?" Rogue sighs heavily as she lays Remy down.

"Well, Siny yer hospitality isn't at all great and well, ya ugly so we're leavin'."

"How do you expect to leave? I have all of your former teammates under my con" Before Sinister could finish his little speech three claws went threw his chest.

"What was that bub?" Rogue and Remy look at Logan as he removes his claws from Sinister. "You two okay?" They nod as Rogue picks Remy back up. "Look Gumbo, I hate ta say but I'm...sorry." And without another word Logan turns his back to them and walks out the door.

"Come on sugah, lets follow 'im and get teh ot'ers." They head threw the door and suddenly Remy realizes something.

"How did de bager come back t' 'imself?"

"Probably Carol." Remy gives her a confused look and she shakes her head. "Ah guess she felt bad for ya and decided ta help us."

After getting the others out of their cells and kicking Julien's and Bella's butts, everyone headed to Remy's place.

"Are you sure you don't want to come with us Rogue?" Once again Rogue shakes her head to her best friend Kitty

"Ah'm happy wit' Remy and his family, but don' worry Kit we'll visit." Holding back her tears Kitty nods as her and everyone else gets into the five cabs Jean Luc called for them.

"You better take care of her Gumbo, or you'll answer to this." Logan holds his six claws close to Remy's face once again.

"Don' worry Logan, Remy won't le' anyt'ing happen t' his cherie." Logan rolls his eyes as he goes and gives Rogue a hug.

"Take care Strips." Finally everyone has said their goodbyes and they head off to the train station.

"Are ya all sure ya wahnt meh ta stay?" The whole LeBeau family laughed and walked away.

"Cherie, of course we wan' y' t' stay. Besides, y' told Remy y' love him et Remy told y' he loves y'. So he hopes y'll stay wit' him." Rogue gets on her tipy toes and kisses Remy on his cheek.

"Well if yer sure."

"Of course mon amour, so 'bout anot'er kiss?" Rogue shakes her head as they both lean towards one another.


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