Debbie's Jeans

Funny short story about her Jeans and maybe a bit dumb but I think it will be silly. What happens if they disappear?

One Afternoon Debbie was going on and on about how awesome her Jeans are and how she loves the holes and so her Jeans got tired of listening to her talking and came up with a plan. Something Debbie or anyone else could ever think would happen. The rest of the family got tired of hearing about it to.

That night Debbie went to bed kissing her Jeans goodnight before she went to bed. She took them off as usual and put on her pajamas and put her Jeans in a special place in the closet for the next day. Early the next morning Debbie got out of bed and as usual was a bit later then everyone else so she went to the closet and to her surprise her Jeans were gone and they were replaced with pink dresses.

Debbie first screamed out of fear and had everyone at her side "What happened?" Nigel said "MY JEANS!" Debbie shouted and started to run in circles then she shot this crazy look at Eliza like she had done it. "It was you!" she said pointing at Eliza accusingly. "Why would you want to ruin my life like that? What did I ever do to you?" she kept shouting.

After Debbie put on a pink dress still screaming because her parents forced it on her because they didn't need her running around in her underwear like Donnie. She thought she looked so bad she ran outside and moped around until she was far from camp.

After awhile the sun was beating down on her hard and she thought she was going to die so she took off that pink dress and threw them as far as she could into the closest tree and tore them up bad and she kept walking she saw a tiny stream and she found her Jeans wading in the water. The Jeans screamed and ran away, "WHAT IN THE WORLD?" Debbie yelled after them and she chased them far and finally caught them she put them on and she was in heaven. Finally she got back home calm she told everyone that she found the Jeans.

What had happened?

Late the night before: After everyone had gone to bed her Jeans put their plan into action. Jean leg 1 stepped down out of the closet followed by Jean leg 2. They carefully crept out making sure she was asleep and they checked everyone else. After the coast was clear they ran as fast as they could up the stairs and ran out the door in the process they got a bunch of pink dresses and put them in place of themselves. They ran as far as they could and then collapsed in a near watering hole for the rest of the night into the morning.

The End