Ch 13: The moving silence

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Warning: Nothing that would offend others. Just a hint at what will happen next.

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The twitching disconcerting howls, the night air had made. Suggestions of a disturbance in the night would never be heard at the surface below. Day dwellers slumber in ignorance, yet they are safe in their sleeps. While the children of the night, begin their dance of life. Tonight, some will dance to the tunes of the hollow malice.

A perfect way for the dark chapter to unravel itself in the coming night.

Far from it, it starts now.

Three individual will meet up in the most unprecedented way.


The ancient serpent crept through the skies in silence, stalking it's prey that's wanders nearer & nearer. The hunter surveys the abysmal horizon, taking aim for one fatal blow.

All that's left for her is to decide just when to fire...


Whilst the unbeknownst clone, went on his way to the east, to figure out what to do. Conflicted with a moral dilemma that blinds himself from the pending danger.

What will he do to stop the pain he carved to his heart...


All the bit, that nobody but one malicious entity were ignorant to the upcoming struggle. It breathed out a sadistic laughter. Some entertainment & a possible new tool would be in his grasps in the end of it all.

Who would survive & what will be left of them for him...


One seeks restitution for the past.

One quells for vengeance

And the other has an agenda, in to fulfill in the sickest way.

In all:

...the dark times have arrived


End Part one: The Outsiders


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The last chapter for Part one & unofficially the prologue to Part Two. Took too long for me to choose whether to do this. But since I have just a crack of the window of opportunity, I did it.