Title: Eavesdropping

Author: Dr. Dredd

Spoilers: Slight for Duet

Ratings: T or PG-13

Warnings: Sexual innuendo

Beta: None. I wouldn't be so cruel as to make anyone do that. ;-)

Challenge: Has to start with "You won't feel a thing"


"Just relax, you won't feel a thing." John grinned to himself as he heard the soothing brogue coming from a curtained-off exam cubicle. How many times had he heard those words directed at him, followed by something painful as hell? Not wanting to be a voyeur, he turned to leave, figuring that he could come back later to ask Carson about their medical inventory.

"But it's really sore down there," said a female voice that was unmistakably Lieutenant Cadman's.

"Probably from overuse," said the doc in a teasing tone. Cadman giggled, and John couldn't help but wonder what the hell was going on in there.

"But I took precautions, just like you told me to!" John gulped. He didn't like the sound of this.

"No you didn't, lass," said Carson. "I've been watching, you know."

"Have you, now?"

"Oh, yes." John started to feel queasy. Did Carson just simper? "You've been a bad girl."

"Well, you're a bad influence. Anyway, just give me the stick so I can get out of here."

John couldn't take it anymore. He turned around and practically ran out of the infirmary. At that moment, the curtain around the cubicle was pulled back and Cadman limped out. Her right ankle was bandaged and she was carrying a wooden cane. She looked at the fleeing figure. "Was that Colonel Sheppard?"

Carson shrugged. "Maybe. But I don't know why he'd be so upset about you hurting your foot on the treadmill."


A/N: Right now, I'm sitting here with a walking cast and cane from hurting my foot on the treadmill. Try to be health-conscious and look what happens...