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Spoilers-Episode 14

Summary-"It was like instinct took over"

Authors Note-ok despite the fact I should be working on my X-Files fics I just had to write this. After watching "Episode 14" this was something that wouldn't leave me alone.


Thump, thump, thump, thump. His heart was pounding so hard he wondered if it would burst out of his chest any minute now. He wasn't sure if was because he was nervous or, the strange bubbling excitement that was simmering somewhere in the pit of his stomach. As he lead Nim and the other creatures back to the water he tried to walk in a slow, hesitant pace, despite the yearning he felt. For what? The water, it seemed be calling to him. Oddly, he felt a connection to the water like the one he had with Nim. He would have thought it was weird shit if not for the bizarre things that had been happening to and around him lately.

He took a step into the salty water. He wasn't sure why he was doing this, why he felt like he had to. He walked in farther, the water rising above his knees. He noticed the temperature wasn't bothering him, at all. It wasn't freezing cold, or too warm in a sense. Plain weird. But he didn't ponder on that too long. He stopped suddenly, ignoring the squishy sand filling his shoes. All of the creatures had been safely led back in the water. No more human lives would be lost. For now anyway.

Nim popped his head out of the water and squeaked. Nim looked up at Miles expectantly, like he was saying "Come on! Swim with us!" or something like that. Miles noticed he could understand Nim sometimes. Meaning 96 of the time Nim "spoke" to him Miles understood it like perfect English. Actually, he could understand all of the creatures. In fact, he could hear them now, quite whispers in his head that people would call gibberish. More reptile-like heads resurfaced. It was quite clear what they wanted him to do. They all wanted him to swim with them. It creeped a part of him out, another part of him was excited, ready to dive deep down and join them for a while. Something that had been festering beneath the surface craved to be released.

Miles stood there in the water wondering, should he go back or should he…let instinct take over. He chewed on his bottom lip, pondering and made his decision without a second thought. He looked back at Caitlin. He could see the worry etched on her perfect face. Miles gave her a small smile, hoping to convince her he would be ok. She gave a weak smile of her own. That was enough to assure him. He turned back around and dove under.

In those few seconds he had never felt so alive. The excitement he had felt earlier turned into adrenaline as he propelled himself through the water. He felt a terrible strength as he swam faster and faster. His clothes didn't even pull him down. Around him the creatures swum with just as much force, enjoying the swim.

Funny thing was the Atlantic water didn't seem very murky. In reality he could see everything with crystal clear quality. If he wasn't enjoying this so much Miles might have been worried. Secondly he hadn't come up for air at all. Once again, maybe he would have noticed the small gills on his neck. But Miles didn't care at all. He listened to the clicks, growls, and squeals around him as he rode the currents.

Nim swam by his side, darted over to a group of creatures and would then swim back to Miles. It was as if he couldn't decide who he would rather swim with. In the end, the group of creatures moved closer to them. Miles had never felt so…accepted. At school his only friend was Phil and at home he was always being compared to his perfect sister. He never really was good at anything, school, sports, art, or whatever. With these creatures he felt like he belonged. It was the damnest weird thing ever, but he didn't care anymore. He didn't care at all. Why was he fighting these changes so hard when it seemed these creatures would be the better companion? Maybe he shouldn't even go home. Maybe…Quickly he stopped himself. That wasn't really him thinking right?

He stopped swimming and broke to the surface. He treaded water steady regardless of the conflicting thoughts and emotions running through his now very confused mind. He took deep shuddering thoughts. Just what the hell was he thinking? He wasn't one of them, he was as human as he was before this all started. But Miles knew he was kidding himself, big time. He was changing; he didn't need a doctor or some scientist to tell him that. Should he fight this change so much? Maybe something good could come out of it. Ha! Yeah, right.

But Miles knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. Its not like he could walk into some pharmacy and ask for a cure, a way to reverse everything. What's done is done he supposed. But now he was weary to go dive back under. Nim came up next to him and stared in confusion. He tilted his head to the side, giving him a calculating appearance. He rubbed his head on Miles forearm, as if trying to assure him everything would be ok. Something about that was very ironic.

Miles smiled at Nim. He began to relax a little. Maybe he should try taking things one step at a time. Enjoy himself tonight, work on getting his life back on track tomorrow (which meant going back to school), and then he could start looking into this problem. Yeah, that sounded good enough for him. And without another hesitation Miles dove back down and let instinct take over.

A.N-Ok so was it good? Bad? So damn ugly that I should trash and burn it and never look back? Like I said before, this idea popped up at me while watching "Episode 14" and I just had to write it. Of course I probably wouldn't have even written this down on paper if not for my VERY boring Confirmation class. But seriously if you could just press that little button in the left corner and give me your opinion, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.