I do not own Animorphs, Tarzan, or the Music from Tarzan. They are owned by KA Applegate, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Disney, respectively. Also major props to Phil Collins and Mark Macina for making a Disney Soundtrack worth buying. No money is being made from this. If anything, money is being lost, cause I'm too obsessed with Animorphs and music to earn a living, but I digress. Enjoy the album!


Track 1: Two Worlds

When the first beat is heard we see Dak Hamee looking toward Mother Sky. He sees the strange egg-like shape in the sky. As the beats pick up, the young Dak Hamee, with Jagil Hullen in tow, is jumping from tree to tree toward where the strange thing landed. When the introduction climaxes, we see the Andalites in Dak's POV.

Put your faith in what you most believe in, Dak jumps down and looks at Aldrea
Two worlds, one family. Aldrea extends her arms to him.
Trust your heart, Dak looking worried.
Let fate decide, Aldrea hands still extended.
To guide these lives we see. Dak's hand takes Aldrea's hand.
A paradise untouched by man, Revolving shot of the Hork-Bajir trees.
Within this world blessed with love. Stops at Dak and Aldrea. Dak motions his hand again toward . . .

A simple life, they live in peace. . . . many Hork-Bajir stripping bark.
Softly tread the grass below your feet now, Dak leading Aldrea deeper into the valley
Two worlds, one family. Aldrea suddenly trips.
Trust your heart, Dak catches her front half, her back half has caught itself.
Let fate decide, Aldrea and Dak's eyes awkwardly jerk back and forth.
To guide these lives we see. Aldrea finally leaves Dak's arms and starts walking.
Beneath the shelter of the trees, Aldrea is showing Dak something she carved in a tree
Only love can enter here. Dak points to a specific part as if understanding, then looks at her lovingly.
A simple life, they live in peace. Slow motion: Dak swings from one tree to another. Speed returns on "Peace"
Raise your head up, Dak and Aldrea (In Chadoo morph) are swinging through the trees through the next six lines.
Lift high the load,
Take strength from those that need you.
Build high the walls,
Build strong the beams.
A new life is waiting,
But danger's no stranger here. Dak and Aldrea(now demorphed) are standing near the speaking trees

During the first part of the bridge, Dak listens to the trees and relays back. We see B/W flashes of Gedds taking the Hork-Bajir. As the horns pick up, Aldrea's head rises with a terrified look on her face. We see her realization through a B/W flash of sinster looking Gedds at the helm of an Andalite Cruiser. When the drum beats kick in, We see Aldrea running across the ground with Dak Hamee following in the trees. When the horns pick up again, Aldrea can see the Shredder beams destroy her scoop. Aldrea collaps as the horns stop.

No words describe a daughter's tears, Aldrea lifts her head in sadness.
No words can heal a broken heart. Dak turns Aldrea's head away from the scene
A dream is gone, An Andalite Fighter lands.

but where there's hope, Aldrea lifts her head slowly with an expression of anger.
Somewhere, something is calling for you. Esplin and Carger approach Dak and Aldrea
Two worlds, one family. Aldrea goes into a battle stance. Dak fidgets not knowing what to do.
Trust your heart, Esplin slashes Dak.
Let fate decide, Both Hork-Bajir-Controllers attack Aldrea
To guide these lives we see. Dak looks at his blades as if seeing them for the first time.

As the music draws to a close, Dak walks up behind Esplin. The last thing we see before the music stops and the video shuts off is Dak swinging his right blade with malicious intent toward Esplin's spine.