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Chapter 1

"GINNY" yelled Molly Weasley from the kitchen in the Burrow.

"WHAT" Ginny yelled back while trying to find all her things and put them in her trunk for Hogwarts. She paused to wait for a response, but since she got none she continued packing. She grabbed her dagger, wand and her 3 foot essay for potions and stuffed them into her carry on bag, she then ran downstairs to have breakfast then leave for her fifth year at Hogwarts.

As the six of them, Ginny, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, arrived at the platform, Ginny kissed her parents goodbye and left as quickly as she could to get and compartment alone for once. As soon as she found one, she sat down and finally realized how tired she was from having gotten up so early, she then decided on having a nap.

She woke upon hearing the doors opening. "Ginny! We finally found you!" Ron said. "Don't worry Gin, we found a compartment, so you don't have to stay alone!"

"Ron?" she answered sweetly.



"Ginny come on, your brother was just trying to be nice. Why don't you just come to our compartment and sit with us like you always do?" asked Harry.

"Harry, Harry, Harry, I don't want to come to your compartment because I have my own compartment. ALONE, and away from you three. Now leave before I do something that you might regret." She answered sharp and clearly.

Before Ron could even register what she said she pushed all of them out and went back to sleep and slept the whole way to the castle.

"Ugh, stupid brother, and Potter, thinks they know me just because they are too stupid to see through my act. Well luckily this year there is going to be no act, no fake smiles or laughs. I guess they are finally going to have to see me for who I am, or I will force them. "She thought while trying to find a carriage to sit in. Once she found one she sat in and closed the door. Not two seconds later did it open and she found herself starring face to face with Ferret-Wonder boy himself.

"Look Zabini, it's the little Weaslette!" Malfoy said with a smirk. "Well now that we are here, you can leave."

"And why would I do that Ferret? I'm already sitting here and your standing out there, so I believe you can leave and take your little followers with you." she responded effortlessly.

"Well Weasley has grown a backbone, I'm impressed. Well seeing as how you are reluctant to leave, we will sit here." he replied. Malfoy and his friends Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson got in and made themselves comfortable.

"Go right ahead." Ginny said with a sigh, while slipping her want into the sleeve of her robe.

The ride to the castle was surprisingly uneventful. No one spoke a word. Ginny was quite comfortable in the silence and as far as she could tell, so were they. Once the carriage stopped moving the three got out and left. She waited a little while then followed the crowds to the great hall for the welcoming feast.

Everyone had finally found their seats and Dumbledore began his speech. "Welcome back students, another start to another year. As always we have the first years to sort. Without further a do, let us begin!"

"ZABINI, CLYE!" At the mention of the name Zabini many people turned to look at Blaise Zabini, a Slytherin sixth year. Ginny didn't look up because frankly she did not care.

"SLYTHERIN!" No surprise there. The Slytherin table burst out in applause.




"RAVENCLAW" The ceremony went on like that for a while. Total count of 2 Gryffindor, 4 Ravenclaw, 7 Huffelpuff and 7 Slytherin. Then came the rest of Dumbledore's speech. "All students, the Forbidden Forest is still forbidden (at this comment he made a small chuckle), Third years and older who have permission may be able to visit Hogsmede. Thirdly I would like to introduce our new DADA teacher, Ms. Lyn! (The crowd burst into polite applause)"

From Ginny's point of view Ms. Lyn was a highly intelligent and confident woman. She wore a sleek elegant robe of dark blue, she had no jewelry except a long silver chain around her neck, and she had her hair up in a loose bun and had a pale complexion. She had quite a lovely smile but Ginny could tell that you would not want to piss her off. Then Dumbledore continued after the hall was silent. "It has been brought to my attention by many people that they feel we are not having enough times to socialize with the whole school at once, by me saying this it means we need more dances! (The hall burst into loud applause).There will be two this year. One at Christmas and one later in spring. I wont go into too many details because I can tell you are all famished. So I believe you can all tuck in."

As usual mountains of food magically appeared and the hall was filled with all kinds of noise. Ginny really did not feel like listening to the chatter and she wasn't at all hungry so she got up, trying hard not to draw attention to herself and she walked passed the table and slipped out of the doors unnoticed. She decided she didn't want to go to her room, which she got when she became a prefect this year, so she thought that since the whole castle was in the great hall, she could wander the castle without being caught or interrupted. She went down the hall to her left and went behind the painting of an old cottage in a country side. Her two brothers, Fred and George, had shown her it when she was in her second year and she knew that they had not told Ron because she was always their favorite. The passage was a short cut to the bottom of the Astronomy tower, which would normally take over 30 minutes to get there from where she was, but if you used the passage it only took 5. Her brothers told her that in this tunnel everything goes faster so she used it as often as she could. The Astronomy tower had always been her favorite place, she could always think and it would always make her happy to look out over the castle grounds to the lake and the edge of the forest. She always wished she could just be free like the creatures in the forest or the lake and not trapped like she was. She stayed there for over an hour then decided that she should go to her room and rest up for her first day back. She walked down the steps and walked to her room and whispered "password" (That is the password every room has until it is changed. She decided she might as well change it so no one breaks in, she took out her want and tapped the painting 2 times and said "barnego" then said her new password "fire and rain". She got changed and went to sleep in her king sized bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow she was out cold.

Ginny woke up at seven thirty, meaning she had 15 minutes to get her arse out of bed, get cleaned, change her clothes and make it down to the great hall before breakfast is over so she can get her timetable. She quickly grabbed a pair of clothes at the top of her trunk which had been brought up, and went to her own private bathroom so she could have a quick shower and magically dry her hair and put it up in a ponytail, then she dashed out of her room and all the way to the great hall.

"Ah, Ms. Weasley, Professor Dumbledore would like to see you in his office after you are done eating. The password is "Strawberries and cream" Without saying anything else, Professor McGonagall walked away to hand out the rest of the timetables. Ginny sat down and ate a quickly as possible, until a letter dropped right into the cereal she was eating. She already had a feeling what this was about. She opened the envelope to see her mothers writing.

Dear Ginny,

Your brother mailed me yesterday to say that you were acting strange...let me guess you probably insulted him...don't worry dear I know your brother and I know that sometimes he just doesn't understand things so it has to be stated clearly and even sometimes a little strongly but please try to be nice... I hope your first day has been well and that you are learning lots and I hope that you will try to be nice to Ron, for mine and your fathers sake... we love you and are wondering if you could go visit Fred and George for us, they've been telling me to send you guys over there for weeks. Have a great year and make sure you write us back soon.

We love you lots,

You mother.

After she read it she looked over at Ron and saw that he was watching her with a smug little smile on his smug little face, so she walked over casually and said, "Hey Ron, I got a letter from mom! Oh don't worry, it wasn't anything important, just that she hopes I keep my marks up. That's all. And if you know what's good for you will know not to be a whiny little snot and go cry to mommy because you widdle sister doesn't like you and your dumb friends following her and trying to protect her from all the things that would make them look good in doing so! You got that brother dearest?"

"Ginny!" He hissed. "You're making me look bad in front of the whole school. SHUTUP!"

"Oh, don't worry Ronald, you are the one that started this little scene and you are the one making a fool of yourself in front of the whole school." she said with a sneer that would have made any Slytherin proud she walked away. Harry and Hermione looked from Ron to his sister with their mouths hanging open and thinking the same thing. "Who is this girl, and what has she done to Ginny?"

She walked up the gargoyle that was standing right in front of Dumbledore's office, the only reason she knew where it was, was because of the time she went there in her first year. A memory she did not want to relive. She said the password and the gargoyle sprung aside to let her in, she walked up to his door and knocked twice. "Come in." She heard the kindly voice of her headmaster.

"I was told you wanted to see me Sir?" She asked him.

"Of course, yes. Ms. Weasley, it has come to my attention that you are not learning enough." he said then stopped as if waiting for a reaction. And it came.

"WHAT! How am I not learning?" She cried until Dumbledore hushed her.

"Calm down, calm down. It is precisely that Ms., it has come to mine and the other teachers' attention that you are not learning because you already know the things being taught. We have decided that you would be bored by the grade 5 curriculum and therefore need to be moved up a grade. With your consent of course." He said with that twinkle in his eyes.

"You mean I would be in grade 6 instead?"


"That would mean I would be in the same class as my brother and his friends?"

"That is correct."

"Do my parents know?"

"Yes they do and they told me how proud they were of you but they wanted to keep it a surprise for you. Do you need time to think about it first?"

"You know what? I think I would like to do this."

"So is that a yes?" She nodded. "That's great news, now here is you timetable, it looks like you have potions first. You better hurry Professor Snape does not like students who are late. "He said as she was walking out.

"Thank you Professor!"

"Oh, there is no need to thank me! You did all the work all I did was show everyone how smart you really are. Now hurry you don't want to get points taken off on the first day back!"

As she was running to her potions class in the dungeon, she saw that her whole class was waiting outside the doors. "Snape must be late." She mumbled with a sigh of relief.

"Hey Weasley, this is the wrong class. You have DADA with the Slytherins." said Pansy, the first girl to notice her standing there waiting. Just as Ginny was about to answer, Hermione noticed.

"Gin? Did you want anything? Shouldn't you be in DADA? Better hurry, we wouldn't want you to get in trouble on your first day!"

"Why would I want anything from you Granger? I know the rules of the school and for your information I'm in the right class. With the seventh years." At this she paused to let her words take effect. "Apparently I'm not challenged enough to take my year so they moved me up where my brains can actually be put to some use. Funny, you would have thought that since you were so smart that they would have moved you up a year too!"

"Why would you get moved up a grade and not me? You never study! I ALWAYS STUDY! How is it that they didn't move me up a grade?"

"Well Hermione, I don't have to study to be smart, secondly I do study, but not when you are around because you are so damn annoying! "Hey Ginny I know this, I know that...!". And thirdly they didn't move you up a grade because you aren't capable of doing so, now if you will shut up and stop looking at me, I can go back to having a good day." Once again she had left the three of them standing there speechless.

Every one started murmuring and talking as if she couldn't hear them until Professor Snape arrived and all the talk died down. "Go in." He stated simply.

Potions had always been Ginny's favorite class, surprising because she was a Gryffindor and a Weasley none the less. She liked the quiet and the exactness of it all, she was always on top of her class which was even more surprising, because Snape never gave Gryffindor good marks, let alone have on at the top of each class. But Ginny learned that Snape wasn't bad at all, he just wasn't a very emotional man, and he was one of those types who thought emotion was a "weakness", and he hid his emotions very well. Ginny always respected him because of that, because she too knows what that felt like. Snape could sense this and seemed to have a soft spot for her, not that anyone else could ever notice. But she knew it to be true.

Ginny used to be a sweet little innocent child who would play with her brothers and laugh, she used to have a crush on the boy-who-lived but that was until she met him and learned that he didn't do anything, his mother was the one who saved the wizarding world, but no one seemed to think about that. In Ginny's first year she found a diary. It could talk back to her, sure she knew it could be dangerous, but she never really thought about it that much when she realized that it understood her like no one else could. Tom had taught her many things, the truth of life, the truth of power and the truth of deceit. He showed her that Potter was nothing but an incredibly lucky child. When she met him in person she thought he was rather stupid and dim witted, not unlike her brother. Now Granger, she is an annoying know-it-all who really wasn't that smart. She just had no life so she spent it trying to prove to every one that she really was a witch and not just a "mudblood", as Ferret-Boy puts it and has fooled herself into thinking that she was the smartest and the most loved by all the teachers. The thing she didn't know were the things people say behind her back. One rumor that someone started was that Hermione was actually shagging her teachers, lucky for her Professor McGonagall had heard that before it got spread too far and the girl in question was given a months worth of detention. Snape could sense this and seemed to have a soft spot for her, not that anyone else could ever notice. But she knew it to be true.

Ginny always like sitting near her Professor's desk because she was always trying to learn more about him, plus sometimes he kept interesting things on it which provided her with amusement.

"Today we will be making the Fernolyn potion. Can anyone tell me what that does?" Snape said to the class. Apparently this class what not actually advanced. Only Ginny and Hermione had there hands up, but he picked Hermione first because he knew that there are no books in the library that speak of this potion and would be very interested to see if she knew it without the aide of a book.. "Ms. Granger."

"The potion causes a person's organs in their body to expand at and rapid rate. If the cure is not taken before 3 minutes and 8 seconds the body will no longer be able to contain the growth and the person will eventually explode." She said with a smug little smile towards Ginny.

"Wrong, that is the Farloym potion, get your facts straight before answering my question. 5 points from Gryffindor. Ms. Weasley, let's see if you really do belong in advanced potions."

"The Fernolyn potion is an extremely power full healing potion used only for extreme cases, it stops any internal bleeding and fixes breaks in bones immediately and also relieves the victim of any pain whatsoever. Unfortunately the ingredients are not only extremely expensive but are also rare."

"Thank you Ms. Weasley. Now I will hand you the ingredients that you cant get from the storage cupboard then you can get started, instructions are on the board. If you brew the potion improperly it may cause toxic results, so I'm making sure every one knows that you will be testing your own potion personally once they are done. Every one looked around in fear then decided it would be safer to get the rest of the ingredients before Snape got even more pissed than he usually is.

After she got her things and went to sit back down, she looked over at the Slytherin side and noticed three of them were looking at her, Draco and his friends. They looked away so she thought Malfoy was making fun of her or something so she brushed it off. During the class she caught them starring 4 other times and it was really starting to bug her. As soon as the bell rang, she grabbed her books and practically ran to her next class before anyone could talk to her, mostly the dream team, as some of the other students called them. It sickened her.