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Chapter Eight


Blaise ran over to her, but she used her arms and feet to scamper away from him, afraid for her life. His eyes flashed with obvious hurt, but quickly turned to understanding. She watched him, trembling uncontrollably, as he pulled his wand out slowly. She flinched and covered her face with her bony hands.

Nothing happened, but she heard the clatter of something fall to the floor. She peered through the cracks in her fingers and saw his wand on the ground, and his hands out in front of him, to reassure her that he was unarmed. She couldn't help but suck in a breath of relief.

When he saw that she had seen his actions, he spoke again, softly and comforting. "Virginia, it's alright. I won't hurt you." She unconsciously shook her head at his words, but still he continued. "Virginia... Ginny... Please believe me... Please." He pleaded.

Her whole body gave a tremor and she let her hands fall to her sides. "Help me." She whispered tearfully through her silent sobs. It was then that he rushed towards her, and she didn't shrink away. He dropped to his knees and pulled her into a tight embrace. She buried her head in his chest and released her sobs from her throat. He wrapped his arms around her tighter than before, and finally managed to pull her obscenely light frame onto his lap, where he did everything in his power to sooth her quivering. He couldn't help but stroke her hair and plant a light kiss to the top of her head, this seemed to comfort her slightly, as her body soon became nothing but shivers, and her sobs turned to loud sniffles. He loosened his grip on her and leaned back to meet her bloodshot eyes. "That's better isn't it." He said with a light smile and affectionately wiped the tears from her face.

"Ginny, you must have a lot of questions and I will assure you that they will be answered, but not now. Right now you need to regain some strength because you still have a lot more ahead of you." He said solemnly and he saw her eyes brim over with tears once more. "You need some rest... Don't worry, I'll keep you safe." He reassured her, and the tears sunk back into her eyes.

He helped her up carefully, and walked her over to the bed, where she snuggled under the covers, and curled up into the fetal position. Blaise stood up and turned away, but her hand reached out and grabbed his wrist. "Don't leave me alone." She whispered. He turned and saw her staring wide eyed at him, and he sat down at the edge of the bed.

"I won't leave you." She shut her eyes, and shifted so she could rest her head on his lap. A few minutes went by in absolutes silence. Blaise continued to run his fingers through her hair, and so quietly, he almost missed it, she spoke out again.

"They wanted Pansy... Not me."

He lowered his hand and stroked her arm. "I know Ginny... I know..." Another few minutes passed by when he was sure she had fallen asleep, he cautiously shifted his body out from underneath her, and quietly opened the door to the room, and slipped out to the empty hallway.

"Orren!" He called in a normal voice and a small house elf appeared before him.

"Yes my Master?" It asked without fear or anxiety.

"I need you to fetch my friend Draco Malfoy. You must not tell a soul what for, just tell him to meet me here, and make sure to tell him it's urgent and his haste is required... Nothing else." With that the elf bowed, and vanished with a faint pop.

He walked back in the room, and sat down in his spot at the edge of the bed and almost as if it were merely his presence, her body loosened, and her eyes unclenched. She was still asleep though, and he was thankful.

Not five minutes later, a loud knocking erupted through the room, and he was surprised that she remained in slumber. He rushed to the door, knowing who it was, and opened it a bit, then slipped out, coming face to face with a paler than usual Draco.

"What's happening? What's wrong? You damned elf made it seem like you were dying!" He said, slightly flushed.

"Would you quiet down!?" He hissed.

"What is it?" He said hesitantly, he had never seen his calm, composed friend so wound up.

"You need to be quiet, come and see for yourself." He said, and then slowly opened the door. He walked in, and Draco followed quickly, shutting the door behind him. He looked around in the dark room, not noticing anything out of place and then he turned his eyes to the bed and saw the small lump at the side of it.

"...Who is that?" He asked cautiously, turning to Blaise for the answer to his question.

"Virginia. Virginia Weasley." He whispered and Draco actually stepped back in shock. He shook his head in disbelief.

"Has anything happened to her?"

"No, she's been in a magic encased coma for over a month and I'm surprised she has even managed to stay awake for this long."

"Nothing else... No one got to her did they?"

"No... I was to be the first." He revealed, lowering his eyes in shame. They stared at the sleeping form for a moment in awkward silence, and then Draco spoke up again.

"Voldemort... He doesn't know about her and what happened four years ago... Lucius never told him."

"We have to get her out of here Draco. She can go with Pansy and hide. As far as the rest of the world knows, she's dead."

"Blaise, if we do this, you won't be able to stay here. This is your final chance; you've angered him enough... He'll kill you... And he'll take your sister, and try to take me. Are you sure about this?" He said, looking into Blaise's crystal green eyes, with his own piercing gray, for any sign of doubt, when he found none, he sighed. "I guess this is goodbye." He whispered and for the first time in his life, he felt tears glaze his eyes, and he was not ashamed.

"Yeah..." And in a second, both of them were hugging each other tightly. "Goodbye Draco, I never thought we'd have to do this when we were younger, but as I grew up, a part of me always knew this would happen."

They pulled apart at last, at last, and Draco finally said in a more composed tone, "If I make it out, I will come to find you, but don't keep your hopes up Blaise..." The room was deathly silent once more, and Draco decided it was his time to leave, so he turned around, but turned back abruptly. "Take care of them Blaise, and tell Pansy I... Just tell her I love her and wish I could see her get out of all this and be happy... She deserves it..."

Blaise let out a distorted laugh. "Your not dead yet mate!" Then his tone sobered. "But I will... You'll make it out though, so there's not point." The Draco smiled sadly and turned without another look or word.

Blaise stood and watched his best and first friend leave to almost certain death for helping him and he could do nothing but stare and let his eyes fill with tears of sadness and regret. He could do nothing else though, so he sat down on the chair beside the bed and watch Virginia fight with her night terrors.

He had until past dawn to let her sleep and then they were off. Soon he was lost in his thoughts of then, but a muffled whimper brought him back to his senses.

He looked over at Ginny, and she was rolling around in the bed, mumbling and whimpering in fear. He watched for a moment longer, until he brought himself to do something of it, and calm her down, but as soon as his hand came in contact with the skin of her arm, she started thrashing around. As she freed her head from the blankets, she called out in a strained voice for help. He stepped back, unsure of what to do, so all he did was watch.

"Harry! Ron, help! Please, Mom!!! Help please!" She began sobbing, but she stopped thrashing, and curled in a tight ball. "Blaise! Please!" She pleaded, and at first Blaise was stunned to here his own name, but he took action soon after.

He climbed onto the bed and went up to her, placing his hands on her arm. "Ginny, shhh. It's me, it's Blaise. I'm here, its okay. You're safe... You're safe." After a moment of comforting, she quieted down again, but had moved herself to cling onto his arm with a steely grip. She seemed completely calm again, and Blaise was almost certain that she needed him to be near. So he lay down beside her and pulled her to his chest where she nuzzled in quite comfortably. He sighed when he thought of what would be happening in five hours.


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