Disclaimer: I do not claim any rights to anything from Vampire Princess Miyu manga/OVA/t.v. series. The plot is the only original piece of this story

Summary: Miyu is sixteen and she lives with her father, step-mother, and step-brother. The only person, close to her in age, who ever loved her, understood her, and cared for her, was her step-brother, Tomeo. Even so, her loving father hires a body guard, who likes to hide his face behind a mask. As if Miyu wasn't strange enough in school, now the even stranger, masked body guard has to follow her everywhere she goes. What could be worse? No one knows that behind the mask is the face of a villain out to take her out. And somehow, this whole body guard thing has something to do with her deceased mother, who died twelve years ago. What does all this mean?

Beautiful Assassin


The sound of two gunshots filled the dark, foggy night.

A child, stood aloof in the night, staring at the body of a woman next to her feet. Her own ragged breaths shook her entire body.

Chilling screams of the crowd surrounded her. They ran about in horror, seeking a safe place for cover.

"Miyu!" A bulky man in a black suit ran up to her. He scooped her up and tossed her over his shoulder. "You are in danger!" In his worry, his ear piece fell out of his ear. "We need back-up here!" He roared into his walkie-talkie. "Where is Yamano-sama?"

"We have him safe and sound," replied another officer over the static.

"Papaaaaa…" Miyu whispered as she laid her head against the man's chest.

"Okay, Miyu," he said.

"Yamano-sama asks if his daughter is alright. Copy?"

"Copy… She's with me. Over."


Miyu sat in the police station with a black trench coat weighing her tiny shoulders. Her little head fell.

"Nooooo!" She heard her father wail in the captain's office.

A slim, gentle looking police officer threw her arms around Miyu in comfort.

"Look Miyu-chan… You're mother…"

"Mamaaaaa…" Miyu said, looking at the young officer with bright, ruby-gold eyes.

The woman sighed and pulled the girl into a tighter embrace. "Oh, Miyu… You're mother is gone. I'm sorry."

"Oh my wife!" Yamano cried in dismay. He threw open the captain's door and stumbled out of the office.

"Miyu!" He cried in surprise, grabbing his daughter tightly. He picked her up and tried to run out of the station.

All the officers blockaded the doorway.

"What the hell!" He spat.

"You're not safe outside, Yamano-sama," the captain replied quietly. "Please listen. Think of your daughter."

"Where is my wife?"

"Her body is in the morgue."

"This was not supposed to happen. They were after me. Not my wife. Why?" He fell to his knees and wept. Miyu had her tiny arms around her father's neck, clinging onto him.

"Papaaaaa… Mama is gone."