It's been over a year, but here it is. For those of you who still remember this story, I'm pleased to say I will do my utmost to wrap this up before the year ends. It's a loose promise, but here goes.


Larva settled her in the bed of his closet-sized bedroom of his small apartment. She was still trembling out of fear and confusion. It took several hours before Larva could get her to settle down. She only fell asleep at dawn when he turned on the T.V. for the "Breaking News." At last she fell asleep, somewhat less distraught, when she heard that Tomeo Yamano would survive the gunshot wound that missed all his organs. She had no idea where she was or who she was with. This was all of Larva's assumptions when his doorbell rung and he let the guest in.

"Why did you bring the girl here?" Lemures demanded.

Larva was relieved that he had shut Miyu's door before answering the front door.

"It's none of your business. This is my job. You stay out of it."

"No, this is our unfinished business. I don't care who that fat Fuji hired. We are family and everything that's yours is also mine!"

Larva grabbed the older man by his collar and pulled at it to choke him. "You are messing with the wrong person, Lemures. I told you to stay out of this."

Lemures shoved him back. "And I meant to if you didn't go back on your word. You were supposed to off her, not fall in love with her."

Larva settled heavily in the couch and refused to look at Lemures.

"I'm right on the mark. Idiot! I couldn't kill her for you if you have any kind of soft feelings for her. I was watching you two the whole time."

"Lemures, dammit, that was a private moment."

Lemures smirked. "So private that the jealous step-brother comes in and successfully sacks you. Brother, you are as stupid as they make them. You couldn't get the job done with the Yamano wife and now you're making another mistake again with the Yamano daughter." Lemures sighed in exhaustion at the bewildered look his younger brother gave him. "Tell me, is this all worth becoming another member of Fuji's hit list? Why can't you just do what you're told?"

The bedroom door creaked open and Larva turned to see a disheveled Miyu standing there.

"Larva, is it true you killed my mother?" She asked in a whisper.

Lemures looked at her primly, giving her no security or comfort at all. "Get your facts straight before you go giving a gold star to your hero-boy."

"Murdering people in cold blood is nothing to jest about!" She snapped at Lemures.

"Yes," Larva answered her.

"He only tried and failed. It was I who shot her in cold blood," Lemures stated.

"Don't try to protect me, Lemures. I am no longer that child who wets his bed the night before I have a mission."

"I'm not protecting you, Chicken! That night you shot with your eyes closed and you missed entirely. Pappy thought you were the best shot out of the two of us, but you never even realized who truly had your back! If your eyes had been open, maybe you might have noticed the second shot that I made, my dear brother. You were lucky our Pops was too busy protecting your hide to see me make the kill mark."

Miyu turned on Lemures. "You killed my mother?"

Lemures shrugged and gave her this mock bow. "Yes, my lady. Any other questions you need answered?"

Miyu ignored him to turn on Larva. "You were part of the Yamano assassination, too. You were hired to assassinate me twelve years later."

Lemures red eyes flashed. "I can explain this bit if…"

She shook her head at him. "Agent X was right. You cannot be trusted. You have only been using me to get close to me. You might have assassinated my Papa, too. Your family is very capable of such, since you can shoot my own brother."

"That, my dear," Lemures muttered with a leer in her direction, "was a warning shot. Lemures Cane never misses his target. I spared him his life by not hitting any of his vital organs. Lemures Cane also never lets anyone hurt his family without teaching them a lesson. As for that man Yamano, your dear father you seem to be so fond of, I think our employer had another special plan for him after that night."

"Fuji wanted me to assassinate Miyu's father, too?" Larva asked. "I wasn't informed of this."

Lemures curled an index finger at his brother, a gesture to call him over to him. "Want to hear a little secret? It is one for your ears and, if you want, you can tell her later. This news might break her little heart coming from me."

When Larva made no action to move, Lemures went over and whispered something in his ear. Larva's eyes widened in disbelief.

"You should tell her someday. Meanwhile, I have an appointment. If you truly care, Larva, you might want to keep a close watch on her," Lemures pointed at Miyu before continuing, "to keep her from harm's way if you know what I mean." Lemures left the apartment, whistling a classic.

Larva turned to Miyu. "I'm afraid he's right. I can't let you leave this apartment."

"You are no longer responsible for my safety, Larva. As of this morning, Agent X, my father, and I relieve you of this job." A shadow came over her face. "Now. Get. Out. Of. My. Way."

Larva stood steadfast in front of the door, with no plan of giving her room.

"You don't know the kind of danger you pose on yourself if you leave here without me. Fuji, my employer, will stop for nothing to finish the job. Your father…"

"You lie! You only want to save yourself! Don't worry, Larva. I'll give you a head start before I leave. You have an hour before the police and my father's secret service comes to lock you and your brother up."

She pushed at him, but he still didn't budge.

"You're going to have to kill me to get me to move."

At this Miyu leapt back and pulled up her kimono to reveal a pistol wrapped under a garter around her thigh. She pulled out the weapon and aimed it at his face. "Back away from the door or I will shoot you where it hurts."

"You better shoot me where it kills because I plan on following you no matter where you go, no matter what kind of wound I must endure."

Miyu's bright eyes became glossy as she switched off the safety lock on her gun. "Go away, Demon," she whispered, her hands trembling.

"I'm not afraid to die. Not anymore if it means I can die by your hands." He walked right into the barrel of her gun as he spoke to her reassuringly. "Although I much prefer fulfilling my duties to you first, I am also prepared to face the punishment for my crimes."

She swung her gun at his face and left a purple bruise there. Blood dribbled at the corner of his mouth and the sight of it made Miyu break down immediately. "I can't… I can't… I can't," she cried. "I'm not like you. We are not alike at all. I don't know you like I thought I did." Miyu slid to the floor with her gun still in her hand. Immediately, Larva came after her, pulling the gun out of her loose grip and switching the lock back on. He carefully lifted her kimono skirt and tucked the gun under the garter again.

Larva placed her back in bed and reminded her, "I never sleep because of you. You won't get away, Miyu. I won't let you."