A/N/ well, in since I never write ANYTHING humorous, how bout a start? Yugioh GX Know Your Stars!

First up, is our own… Jaden Yuki!

"Jaden sit down in that chair in the middle of the stage," I announced. He replied back, "Yeah ok! But hurry up! I need to go take a shower soon!" He ran over with his duel disk. "Is this a sit-down duel? Uhh what AM I here for?" He looked around all confused. His brown eyes confused-looking as him.

"Jaden, Jaden… This is none other than the infamous…KNOW YOUR STARS SHOW! That's right, this is live Jaden! Duel academy is watching you! And now the creepy announcer guy that's voice trails out of nowhere, is here to tell everyone about their favorite duelist!" snickering, I ran away. "This should be fun! Here goes…"

Jaden sat in the chair as the show began. "Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars, know your stars…. Jaden Yuki… He likes to rub Syrus's feet!"

"WHAT? Uh… Sy is my friend and all… but I'm not THAT close to him…" the crowd laughed. "Ahh shutup that's not true anyway…"

"Know your stars…Jaden Yuki…He sure is a dumbass for trying to lie to us about how he likes to rub feet!"

"… errr… I wasn't lying!"

"yes you were."

"Were not!"

"Know your stars…Jaden Yuki…He has a secret crush on Chazz Princeton!"

Gasps from the crowd followed, and so did a scream. "I GODDAMN KNEW IT! JADENS GAY!" Alexis cried and ran away in despair. "The guy I like is a gay!" tears streaming from her eyes she ran to the bathroom.

"NOO ALEXIS! ARGH! And no Chazz I don't like you! ALEXIS!" Jaden got upset and then pent up with rage. "YOU! YOU ANNOYING VOICE THAT SEEMS TO COME FROM NOWHERE! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!"

"Yeah, I told everyone the truth! Now you know, Jaden Yuki…" everyone laughed loudly and left.

This has been know your stars… "Wait…no! It's all not true! You lie damn you! They don't know a freaking thing about me!"


"After the last hilarious performance by Jaden Yuki, here comes our one and only, Dr. Crowler! Head of the Obelisk Blue students! Heh! This will be funny!" I snuck away awaiting the funny performance ahead of us.

"Know your stars… Dr. Crabcake…"

"HEY! It's Dr. Crowler! Get it right!"

"Oh right sorry. Know your stars… Dr. Cucumber…"

"MY NAME IS DR. CROWLER! I SAID GET IT RIGHT! Dear lord, my name doesn't have food included in it!"

"Uh…yeah whatever. Know your stars… Dr. Cockhead… he enjoys raping his own obelisks!"


"Ever wonder why he looks like a woman?"

The crowd roared with laughter. Except for the obelisk blue students. "Dr. Crowler! Oh my god!" all the obelisks screamed and ran. Chazz was weirded out now. Not only by

Jaden, but even his own teacher!

"Excuse me! That is inappropriate language! Can you not see that there are children here? And no I'm not a rapist!" Crowler went crazy. The chair tipped back and forth until it fell over. "urgh…"

"Now you know, Dr. Crowler…"

"EXCUSE ME BUT NO THEY DON'T! IT ISNT EVEN APPROPRIATE FOR THEM TO KNOW IN THE FIRST PLACE! GAHHHH!" He jumped up and down on the chair until it broke. He walked away steaming.

"Thanks a lot Crowler…now we need a new chair…" Me, frustrated, went onto the stage and cleaned up the mess. "Now where am I gonna find a new chair?"

A/N: that's all! I know it sucked…it may not be funny but I tried. I'll take any suggestions. I wanted to take an attempt at one of these humour fics! Well, tell me how to make it funnier if needed and who I should do next! baibai till next chappy!