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Coming For You

By : chocolate rules

She had been watching them their whole lives. Waiting for her moment. They fought off everything she'd sent to them. Their father had trained them well. Together they're unstoppable. But they will be each other's downfall.

One cannot live without the other. Each cannot live without his brother. Neither were meant to be born. Neither was meant to live.

The Winchester line held one son. Only one son. The women they wed would bore one child, only one. One son. Until Dean and Sam. Neither was meant to be born. Neither was meant to live.

There had been another. Joseph. Born before the brothers. He was meant to live. Never meant to die. Had Mary known that he was in her, maybe she wouldn't of drunk that night. Maybe she wouldn't of crashed.

But then she had another and then she had his brother. A shock to the line. The parents were filled with joy with the two little boys. Neither of which was meant to be born. Neither was meant to live. Both had to die.

Somehow, she knew. Some how she had figured it out. Somehow, she learned all about it.

She wasn't going to let them die.

She was the first. She researched the family. She wondered all the right questions. She looked until she found the answers. How, was a mystery, Why, was obvious, Didn't tell, was skeptical.

But she found a way to protect them anyway.

One from Two, Two made One

Together they are whole

To my sons, may no harm come

Let them not know what's been done

Leave them lost without the other

May they share the burden of their first brother.

She had thought it as a prayer. It hadn't come out as she had imagined it. As the words left her lips, she felt the wave of power they held. That night, she looked over her sleeping sons and vaguely wondered what she'd said and what kind of impact it may have on them.

She was now infuriated with Mary. She had made her sons powerful. They would then be lead to her world. The woman must pay, decided the demon. She nodded to one of her followers. Neither was meant to be born. Neither was meant to live. Nobody was meant to stop her.

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