Title: Winter
Author: Mir

Notes: Set after the events of the first OVA's.

This poem was originally written in Japanese, then rather clumsily translated into English. I'm debating whether or not I should just scrap the translation and try again--this time, not sticking as close to the Japanese version (i.e. go more for likeness of meaning rather than similarity of words). Perhaps that's a project for another night...

Anyhow, if what you can't see the characters below, you might have to download Japanese font support. And if you can see the characters but don't know how to read Japanese... um... Just take my advice that (discounting whether or not it's completely grammatically correct), the Japanese version sounds better and has better flow.

The English version follows, and after that, there's the phonetic romanization of the Japanese version. Enjoy! mir






Believing that tomorrow would not come
Within that clear starlit night
I existed in lonely silence

The days when I'd listen dreamily to her words
Are past
But even if you say that
"A woman's heart is as fickle as the autumn sky"
There is nothing I can hold against her

Though I believed I drifted
Back and forth between life and death
Even if I took to wandering
I could not escape the spirits of the dead
Voices rising from the deserted fields

At any cost I will uphold my promise
To you, a flower amidst winter ice
Underneath the plum blossoms, the harbinger of spring
I will throw away my sword
And we will drink sake and watch the snow together


Ashita ga konai to omoikondeite
Ano hoshikage sayakana yoru no naka de
Hitoribbochi no shizuka ni itta

Kanojo no kotoba o uttari to kita-no wa
Mou kako no koto da
"On'nagokoro to aki no sora" o ittemo
Nanimo umanai to kimeta-n da yo

Yuki ni umatta komichi ni
I to shi no aida o samatteiru to
Shinjiteita no ni
Kareno kara mikage no koe o manugarenai

Doushitemo yakusoku o mamotte
Hana-goori no you na anata ni
Itsuka umegoyomi no shita ni katana o sutete
Yukimizake o nomu issho na no ne

A few vocab words... if you're interested:

雪に埋まった小道 (yuki ni umatta komichi): A lane buried deep in snow
雪見酒 (yukimizake): Sake drunk while viewing a snowy scene
生と死との間をさまよう: To wander back and forth between life and death
花氷(hana-goori): Flowers surrounded by ice
女心と秋の空(on'na-gokoro to aki no sora): A saying that equates a woman's heart to the Autumn sky