Do we have to?

A/N: I don't own Inuyasha. This is a one-shot, previously posted, but has been spilt into two parts because of its length.

What I believe should happen at the end of Inuyasha. This is a one-shot and I thought about what should happen in my opinion. True the Anime ended but the manga is still going. Rumor has it the Anime will return but it's only a rumor. I changed the lyrics back to the original choice. I used the second choice for another story and this song not only fits better but the ending ties in with it. This is my second one-shot songfic and one of my longest fanfictions (including epics' chapters and one-shots).

Couples: Features the typical pairings created in the anime/manga. Inuyasha x Kagome, Miroku x Sango, Koga x Ayame and Sesshoumaru x Kagura…

Summary: Was it just a twist of fate that they met? And when it was over, was it just that—over? Or was there something more?


Today's Quote: "I'm not supposed to love you, I'm not supposed to care, I'm not supposed to live my life wishing you were there. I'm not supposed to wonder where you are or what you do...I'm sorry I can't help myself, I'm in love with you." (Inuyasha to Kagome)


Do We Have To?

(Part I)

The wind blew violently. Naraku stood before the group, Kohaku before him acting as a immobile shield.

"That means Naraku placed his own heart in Kohaku?" Sango asked.

"How cruel," Kagome said.

"Well that Naraku for you. He becomes a bigger asshole every time we meet." Inuyasha replied.

That was confusing yet it wasn't like Naraku hadn't done it before. But the real question was why. Why would Naraku do such a thing? Had to be connected to the spider marking on Kohaku's back like before? But what happened to that eerie looking baby that had original been the carrier of Naraku's heart?

"It seems his incarnations started to betray Naraku one by one. Kagura barely escaped. She's the only survivor, or so I've heard." Miroku said.

"Kohaku doesn't necessarily have a mind of his own in fear of Naraku giving him back his memories. Yet he can control his own emotions and disobey Naraku as he pleases. But that means…" Sango trailed off.

"Enough of your talk," Naraku smirked. These humans would never harm the boy because of their foolish human emotions, whereas I hold none. It will be a satisfying ending watching Kohaku destroy that sister of his.

S-Sister…Kohaku stood ridged.

Miroku looked around him, the urge to suck up Naraku and hopefully save Kohaku was too great. Too many poisonous insects…damn that bastard.

"Now Kohaku—"

"Kill him through me!" Kohaku shouted suddenly, wrenching himself from Naraku's hold. He had sensed Naraku's thoughts, being 'part' of him gave Kohaku that ability.

Naraku scowled at Kohaku. The young slayer struggled to pull the shard from his back.

"Kohaku I…" Sango swallowed. "Kohaku…you'll die…please don't—"

"I don't care!" The young slayer shouted. He looked at the ground, tears were in his eyes. "I-I don't want to see anyone else hurt. How can I live with myself if I know I killed those people—killed you? I'm nothing but a shell of what I was; I keep hurting because I know this isn't me. I don't want to keep hurting you or myself!"

"Do you care so much about these mortals that you'll give up your peace of mind?" Naraku sneered. "Do you wish your memories to return, to know that you killed your family?"

"Shut up Naraku!" Sango yelled angrily. How dare he taunt her little brother like that!

"I don't care anymore! Give my memories back if you wish. I don't want to work for you anymore Naraku. Even if…these memories hurt me…I can live with them…but I won't kill the only person that still loves me!"

Naraku's eyes harden, humans always were the betrayers. "Then so be it."

Kohaku screamed as his true memories came back. The most painful showed the destruction and the mass murders that led to the end of the highly praised demon slayers village. The young boy fell onto his knees, tears running down his anguish filled face. Make it stop—no, I have to deal with it. I must! But it hurts!

"—Kohaku! Stop it, Naraku. Leave him alone you sick bastard!" Sango shouted, "Hiraikotsu!"

The large boomerang bounced off of Naraku's barrier and knocked the breath out of Sango when it collided into her. Miroku had caught her just before she could hit the ground.

"S-Sango…" Kohaku said straining to say her name.

She was no longer the mysterious woman who had been kind to him, the woman whose face was familiar yet her connection to him vague as was her name. Until now. Now he was able to connect the dots, know how much he loved her and be able to call her 'sister' or 'Sango' without it hurting so much.

Kohaku squinted; his head was throbbing with the rush of painful memories overtaking the good. He looked at the groaning girl that was in Miroku's arms. He tried walking towards her he staggered but continued. "S-Sango…"

"Kohaku!" Sango shouted. I want you to live…but that is selfish because you suffer. Shall I let you suffer along with me? If so…am I no better than… She cast a quick and unnoticeable glance at the dead priestess.

"Please, you have to kill me or else you'll die, Sango. I'm already dead, don't you see? I want to live, Sango maybe not in this world but in the next. Here I'm a captive in a world I can no longer relate to. Please." Kohaku said. "As my older sister, free me, Sango."

"K-Kohaku…" Sango hesitated. Once before she had thought that would be the only way but that would've pleased Naraku had to killed Kohaku and herself.

Sango swallowed. "I-I can't." She looked at her feet. "I can't Kohaku." Forgive me… Two tears rolled down her cheeks.

In the end, Naraku had killed Kohaku after retrieving his shard back and disconnected his lifeline from the boy.

"—Kohaku!" Sango tried removing herself from Miroku's hold. "Let me go! He needs me! He needs his sister!"

Naraku smirked, holding the shard in his hand. Disgusted by Kohaku, he kicked the boy aside ignoring Sango's cry. The boy's body slowly began to dissolve into dust. Though a sad ending for the young slayer, this made Naraku weaker and Kohaku free.

Sango pulled away from Miroku, ignoring Miroku's protest, and headed for her brother's decaying body.

"Now slayer, die with that bothersome brother of yours!" Naraku's tentacles extended from his body, not realizing his attack lowered his barrier.

Sango glanced up and gasped. There was no way for her to move, no protection since her weapon and her friends were too far away.

Wasting no time Kagome found her opening and took her shot. "—Die Naraku!" A brilliant pink light blinded the onlookers.

"It's the end of the road, asshole!" This was it. Inuyasha eagerly took the hint. "Backlash wave!"

"What?" Naraku had been distracted by Kagome's arrow that he hadn't seen Inuyasha's attack.

Naruku cried out in pain as his body was frozen by Kagome's arrow. Combining Kagome's purifying arrow and Inuyasha's backlash wave was the fatal blow to the demon. Naraku was slowly denigrating, his eyes wide with shock that some mere slip of a girl had defeated him. But he knew something had empowered the arrow.

"Kikyo was weakened by her feelings for the half-demon."

Now he knew better. This human emotion called 'love' didn't make someone weaker, it made them stronger. Somehow unlike the woman before her, Kikyo's reincarnation—Kagome had been able to tap into this emotion because she cared for her companions. Her arrow had broken through his barrier—again.

But this time, he had no more defenses or hidden advantages. He wasn't able to open a portal into another part of the countryside like before, this time he was damned for sure. Naraku didn't have long to ponder on this new turn of events for his body was becoming purified.

"At long last your day of judgment has arrived Naruku." Kikyo said, approaching the dying demon.

The dead priestess stood before him; her eyes darken as she outstretched her hands. Her hair became unbounded and flared around her. The skies above darkened and a large amount of wind came out of nowhere. Thunder clashes and the air around them grew heated. The leaves flew off the trees and swirled around her.

The gates of Hell opened up to them and he was dragged down into the burning infernal by demons. They could all but stare wide-eyed yet impassively as he fought back in vain. Not one of the onlookers held even the slightest of sympathy. Naraku deserved this and so much more. The lives he'd stolen away, the lives he'd destroyed, those lives couldn't be restored but they were finally avenged.

"Imagine…defeated by a half-breed and…a woman…" Naraku's voice faded.

Once the gate was nearly closed, the soul that had been in Kikyo's body went back to its owner. Kagome hovered slightly above the ground as the blue glowing orb entered her and she felt complete—for the most part.

The gates finally closed and with it the past and any connections to it. A tensed silence passed over the group as they realized the thing they'd waited nine months for had become a reality.

I-It's over…Koga fell back and was caught by Ayame. He slowly opened his eyes slowly and stared at her. "How did you…"

"I will always be there for you, Koga…whether you need me or not." Ayame interrupted. Her voice was gentle and her eyes always so kind when she looked at him.

She looks at me with such love, with such adoration, like if I am some sort of god and could do no wrong. Koga continued to look at the girl. Her green eyes reminded him of the green grass he would run across taking it for granted, taking her for granted.

She was beautiful and special in her own way.

I've always wanted someone to look at me like that. I always thought it would be Kagome…but Ayame…I've grown to care for her so much. I-If only she'll have me. Koga thought. But I've done so much…said so much…I deserve none of her affections.

I close my eyes, and I can see...the day we met;

"Forget about the moon rainbow." Koga had said when he saw a small rainbow form in the waterfall. He felt his heart clench.

He could not forget it, nor could he forget the feisty red-haired demoness. He didn't want to forget. He never had, though he had tried at the start. He hadn't proposed to Kagome but to Ayame. He realized he had said he loved Kagome because of her ability to see the jewel and that she was kind, nothing else. Her ability would've strength his pack, had they lived and had she felt some romantic feeling for him, which she didn't.

In short Kagome was like a sister to him and he was a protective older brother, who knew of Inuyasha's feelings for the mortal girl. If he had any feelings that would be considered lust or love he would've tried to kiss her or something but when Ayame showed up…he felt guilty as if betraying the girl and a bastard for laying claims on a uninterested girl.

But Ayame…Ayame…Koga blushed realizing he was staring into her green eyes for far too long. He glanced away, blushing furiously. He hardly ever blushed in his entire life!

"I…" Koga was unsure what do say. He hated being so flustered. It reminded him of Inuyasha whenever the dog-demon had those moments with Kagome.

"The sky has cleared up." Ayame said suddenly, breaking the tension. For a moment the two looked at the light-blue sky together. "Your pack has been avenged and I am glad you still live, Koga."


"Don't say it." Ayame whispered looking down at her lap, "I told you I could wait…I will not force you to marry me…I know you can't love me because your heart belongs to that mortal girl. I-I understand. Really, I do."

"I-I will obey by your wishes." Ayame glanced away, unable to look at him, tears threatened to come. "I will not bother you anymore. I will leave no—"

"Give me your shoulder."

"I—huh K-Koga…?" She sounded unsure, looking at him again. "I-I don't understand…"

"Give me your shoulder." He repeated gently. He looked towards the forest. "If we hurry maybe we can make it to the northern mountains by sunset."

T-The northern…Ayame eyes widen and her green eyes shimmered with forming tears.

Ayame absolutely glowed with happiness. "Oh Koga!" She exclaimed, leaping into his arms; the two shared a laugh despite Koga's injuries.

"Ouch." Koga murmured remembering his wounds.

"Koga," Ayame removed herself from him, shame and worry overcame her. Her outfit as well as his was covered in some blood. "I'm sorry…I…"

"Don't worry about it, so how about that shoulder?" Koga replied, loving those eyes of hers that glowed with love.

Ayame beamed. She nodded enthusiastically and helped him to his feet.

Miroku approached Sango, who was kneeling beside something. He was quiet in his movements.

"Sango—" Miroku paused seeing her look at her dead brother's body.

Sango was kneeling beside her brother. Her hair was mostly unbounded, sprawling onto her back; sweat glistened upon her ivory skin. She gently stroked his hair like a mother did to her child. Her words were spoken softly, from the heart.

"Kohaku, rest in peace. Tell mother and father that I miss them and love them. Don't miss me too much because one day, I shall see you all again." Her vision became blurred by her tears. She hiccupped and barely managed to stop her sobs. "Wait for me, ok? I love you, e-even when you tried to hurt me, I s-still loved you. I-I always will."

The demon slayer sniffed. "Do take care, little brother. Remember, friends forever." Sango touched the necklace that hung from her neck and traced the corresponding one on his body. It was a simple stone but it was something that made them both feel connected to another even when Naraku got between them. They were siblings and they were friends.

Miroku felt out of place. He felt like he was intruding as well. The monk looked at his hand where the wind tunnel had been. It had been there for so long it felt so odd not to have it.

Just one moment and I're my best friend

Miroku then looked at his prayer beads with were now lying on the palm of his hands. How long has it truly been that I wish this thing away and now that is has gone, will I lose Sango now too? This journey was all abut revenge and gathering shards. Now that that is over, what shall I do? I love her.

"Miroku," Sango stood up, with her back to him. She had finally acknowledged his presence.

"Yes Sango?" He said this cautiously. He was no stranger to outbursts especially when a person was grieving.

"We can finally marry!" She threw her arms around him, surprising the young monk.

"S-Sango…" Miroku didn't know what to say. He thought she'd forgotten or would take back her promise to marry him. That she'd remember and her excitement had taken him by surprised but it was a good surprise.

"Is that all you can say, my name?" She teased, looking up at him. "We just defeated Naraku, silly."

"Well in that case I could do other things." He groped her, grinning like an idiot.

"I'll let you get away with it this time, but next time—watch out." She said, blushing but kissed him on the cheek.

With Naraku gone and their feelings known, the demon slayer was able to let her hair down and enjoy life alongside her monk.

Kagome giggled as she and Shippou danced like a mother would with her young child. Shippou cheered happily with Kagome. Kirara meowed merrily.

Shippou sang, "It's over, it's over. Naraku's dead, Naraku's dead and we're not! Hee hee, it's over it's over. Can't be any happier! It's over its over—!"

Do anything...for you

We've gone so far, and done so much...

Kagome watched her friends and smiled. Ayame and Koga were together. Miroku and Sango would finally be able to get married…

Kagome looked at the completed jewel. It sparkled and was nearly purified.

"It's over…" She whispered.

A wave of sadness overcame her. She never truly thought of what she would do at this moment. Sure once in a while but it hardly came to mind because it sadden her. But now it was a reality.

"What will I do when the jewel is complete? Though Inuyasha and I spend a lot of time together, we always seem to avoid that topic whenever necessary. Thinking about it makes me feel uneasy…and sad. Therefore if I leave and go home and cannot see Inuyasha anymore …then I feel that it would be the end." Kagome had said to herself.

Kagome knew what would come next.

I'll have to go home…Kagome thought. At the start she would've been cheering for joy, but now…now…she wanted to stay but she knew she couldn't.

"I am not from this world so that is why I hate all living things. That is why I am glad I will no longer see your face here again. You can not be with Inuyasha and nor can I." Kikyo had said seconds after she'd made Kagome go down the well. (Movie 1, Subtitled/Dubb)

But I can't! What about Inu—Kagome stopped and saw him staring at the clothing Kikyo had been wearing.

Forget it. Her hopes shattered, Kagome shook her head. Two different times, it would be impossible for us as it is for them.

Kikyo didn't look at Inuyasha, instead her back to him as the wind blew harshly. The birds flew away from the forest in great haste. Smart for they knew the battle was soon; the battle that would decide the fate of not only this world but the future one.

Inuyasha knew he had to tell Kikyo he couldn't keep his promise. It seemed unfair whether or not he was the cause of her demise was still unclear…or was it. "Kikyo I—"

"I had used you countless of times, taking advantage of the little boy that still yearned to be loved. I had wanted you to make that wish to free me, I hadn't planned on a family with you though it was nice to dream, and I wanted nothing to do with you. Strangely enough I had grown to care for you but I couldn't bring myself to love you for I was destined not to. Even knowing so I did not fight destiny, why should I? I was pleased. Had I, it would've ended the way it had regardless." Kikyo interrupted him.

The dead priestess continued, "I can never make you love me nor make you forgive me. I had asked for your life because I held you responsible for my death. But now I see. We are responsible for our own lives and how we live them. I was selfish in wanting to make you pay for a crime you had not committed. You've done more than a person should ever be asked of and that is why I am letting you go."

"Kikyo…I don't understand." He couldn't let his hopes go up from his own interruption and have them crash and burn from reality.

Kikyo looked at him and for once, she smiled and looked almost like the woman she had been. "Don't you see? You are free, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha stared at the clothing that had once been owned by Kikyo. Somehow this little thing brought joy to him that overrode his sadness. A great weight he had bore since Kikyo's resurrection was lifted off his shoulders and by God it felt good. It felt damn good.

I am now free to live my life like I was suppose to…I am free to love…free to start over fresh with Kagome.

Like we've always been together...right by my side...through thick and thin

"I should say goodbye…" Kagome thought aloud, sitting on the well. Naruku had been defeated only a mile away from here.

She stared at the clouds, tugging at her giant yellow backpack. "But if I do…then it will truly be over."

Kagome clenched the jewel in her hand and whispered, "I want to stay like this forever." B-but we can't. She loosened her hold upon the glowing jewel. Memories came flooding back to her, beautiful memories, beautiful friends.

You're the part of my life...I'll always remember;







We are all like a family…a b-big ole family…b-but sometimes families have to part. With a last glance over her shoulder she hopped into the well. A piece of her heart remained there…her second home.

Her black bangs covered her eyes, tears slipped past her lashes and rolled down her cheeks. Please forgive me…

The familiar blue light met her as it guided her five hundred years into the present. If I said goodbye I would end up crying. If I said goodbye then it truly would be over…

"Eww—let go!" Kagome exclaimed before blasting Mistress Centipede with her spiritual energy.

I never belonged here in the first place. I was dragged here by a cruel twist of fate. Fell in love with a half-demon, befriended many people and went on one crazy adventure. I'll miss them. I'll miss them all.

The blue light ended as she touched the ground of the well.

I don't belong there. I have a life here…in the present. Kagome tried to reason with herself but it didn't help.

Kagome felt something inside her dim and it was the same feeling she felt when Inuyasha had pushed her down the well once before. Kagome looked at the Shikon no Tama and noticed something odd. The souls in the jewel were unmoving.

Her heart stopped.

That meant the well was closed.

It was truly closed.

Realization dawned on her.

That means I-I won't be able to return. That means I won't be able to see I-Inuyasha again. That m-mean—what have I done!

Kagome collapsed to her feet. She leaned against the well's wall, curled up into a ball and wept. She wept not just for the end of everything but for her broken heart.

I-Inuyasha…Kagome glanced up at the well house, tears running down her pale skin.

Her emotions became overwhelming as she cried. Her tears came but never went. Her feelings for Inuyasha only intensified because of their separation.

The time has come...
It's for the best, I know it...

Inuyasha was seated before the well, his usual pout on his face whenever Kagome left. He was quiet and unyielding.

"You look like a lovesick puppy." Miroku commented.

Inuyasha snorted and moved away from the well with a huff.

"Where's Kagome?" Sango asked, looking around. "She's been gone for so long. I'm worried."

"Back home." Inuyasha grunted. He jerked his head towards the well. "Her scent ends here and the well is a bit warm like it is whenever we go through it."

Shippou frowned. "I don't get it. She always says goodbye even when she's upset." He gave Inuyasha a 'what-did-you-do-this-time' look.

"So…she's not coming back?" Miroku asked gently. He didn't want to hear Inuyasha's response for he knew deep down what his answer would be.

"Keh! Her duty was to collect the jewel back together; nothing else was keeping her here." Somehow that hurt him but being Inuyasha, he'd never say so.

"S-she wouldn't leave without saying goodbye, would she?" Shippou sniffed.

"If you miss her so badly why don't you go through and drag her back?" Inuyasha snapped suddenly.

"Why don't you!" Shippou yelled.

"Because…" Inuyasha shouted, "Because I can't damn it! I can't! Don't you think I tried?" His voice grew softer. "The well…won't let me through."

The well has closed because it sensed its duty too is over. Miroku thought. A long silence fell upon then as the group stared at the well.

Who could have guessed that you and I...
Somehow, someday...we'd have to say goodbye

A day passed…a month had come and gone…then another…and another. Soon three months had gone by.

"The well…I can't go through it. I guess the adventure is…over."

"You can live a normal life now, isn't that what you always wanted?"

"I don't want a normal life." Kagome had cried. "I-I…I don't know what I want anymore."

"It's normal. You are but a teenage girl. You don't know what you want just yet. It will come in time."

"No it won't! I want to go back. I want Inuyasha!" She began to cry.

I want Inuyasha!





Kagome gasped and was snapped out of her thoughts. "Huh…yes?"

Ayumi, Yuka and Eri stared at her. "Are you all right?" Ayumi asked.

Kagome nodded, a fake smile plastered on her lips. "Just…uh…peachy…"

"You and your boyfriend—Inuyasha was it?—broke up." Eri said, carefully choosing her words. "Because the last time you acted this way you did."

"He didn't cheat on you, did he?" Yuka asked, sounding very concerned. "I thought he was such a nice—"

"No…it's over." Kagome whispered, looking at the ground. "I uh…left him behind."

The time has come...
It's for the best, I know it...

"What!" Yuka and Eri shouted.

Ayumi was speechless.

Saying all three girls were shocked would be an understatement. Long ago both Eri and Yuka would've been pleased to hear this but they'd met the 'two-timer'. That was before they'd approved him and their, Kagome and Inuyasha's, relationship (ep 160). They believed the two made a perfect couple.

"D-Did you guys see Yukio Osakis last night on TV? He's the latest pop star all the way from Okayama." Yuka said, trying to change the subject. "Tomorrow his new CD co—"

Usually Kagome would've been excited to hear about this but in her time in the Feudal era she was forced to grow up and mature faster than a normal teenage. Her friends too had begun to see the rift in their interests but even so their friendship held.

Kagome looked up at the sky and willed the tears back. It's back to good ole high school life. But I don't want a normal life.

Kagome looked at her friends talking, their lips were moving but she didn't hear a word. This was her life before her adventures in the feudal era. She should be happy things turned out this way…right?

Kagome glanced at the ground. It's for the best…but why do I feel like I'm lying to myself…why do I feel so empty and incomplete? The thrill of waking up every morning in the past is gone.

"It's gone!" Kagome cried out suddenly, oblivious to the few students who had stared at her.

"Oh Kagome," Ayumi whispered and hugged her friend. Eri and Yuka patted Kagome on the back in a reassuring manner.

"Hey there Kagome!" Hojo raced over to their group, carrying a small package in his hand. "You are doing well, I hope."

Eri sighed. We have to deal with Hojo now. Kagome just broke up with one guy, she doesn't need the stress. Hojo is so nice…but so clueless! She grimaced. Good Lord this is going to take years!

"I was wondering…if you're not to busy, you'd like to go out sometime." Hojo said, offering her the gift. "I heard you were depressed so I got you these."

Oh boy. "Uh Hojo…" Yuka started.

The teenage boy glanced at her curiously. "Yes Yuka?"

"I don't thin—"

"I…maybe…" Kagome interrupted. I-I should move on. Hojo's nice enough…boring but nice. Kagome's spirit lowered all the more.

"I mean…" Kagome sounded unsure. "I don't know…I…guess."

"Huh? Y-You will?" Yuka exclaimed. Yuka and the two other girls just gawked at her, not knowing what to say that wouldn't offend Kagome or get them arrest for assault when regarding Hojo.

"B-But…"Ayumi opened her mouth several times but closed it. She looked like a fish out of water.

"B-But Kagome…" Eri began.

Hojo's face lit up and the three other girl's faces paled. He nodded. "You should."

"She should?" Yuka and the two others chorused still in shock.

"All those times you stayed home because of your sickness you should go out sometime when you feel better. Fresh air is a great medicine." Hojo said.

Sickness…grandpa came up with a book of them to keep everyone's attention from the well. Oh no! Kagome thought and the feeling occurred once more. A feeling she thought, foolishly, would go away in time.

Kagome took off suddenly, running blindly down the sidewalk. Hojo and the girls stared at her departing figure.

"W-was it something I said?" Hojo blinked.

Kagome held back her tears and sniffed. She didn't apologize for running into people, like she normally did. She kept running, running to who knows where. She didn't care where; she wanted this pain to be gone.

Images of the well and her friends, they were all coming back—every last one of them. The well…I still miss him. I still miss them. I miss everything!