Do we have to?

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Today's Quote: "Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over." (Regarding Inuyasha and Kagome)


Do We Have To?

(Part II)

Who would've guessed that you and I... Somehow, someday We'd have to say goodbye

Kagome why'd you leave me? Inuyasha pounded the well several times. Was it something I said? Was it something I did? We were supposed to be together forever. You promised me. So why did you leave me? Why'd you leave us?

"Damn it!" Inuyasha yelled.

It had been like this everyday since three months ago. If he wasn't depressed looking longingly at the well, he was in a foul mood cursing up a storm at anyone who dare cross his path or gave him any sort of sympathy look. He said it had to do with the lack of Ramen around but they all knew better, he knew better. It all had to do with the lack of sunshine also known as Kagome.

Sango and the others watched their friend not knowing what to do. True they felt his pain but Inuyasha's ran deeper. He is, after all, in love with the girl. Everyone saw it, even the enemies they've come across mentioned it and Kikyo admit to it, yet it seemed Inuyasha and Kagome were oblivious to each other's feelings if not their own.

You've helped me find The strength inside

"Fuck," Inuyasha pounded the well continuously; surprisingly it hadn't smashed by now. "Damn it, Kagome!"

"You know a demon and human cannot be together. They live in two different worlds."

Inuyasha stilled.

"A demon and a mortal—are you not the product of this union? And yet you do not see?"

"Your children would be mocked as you were. Your family would be hunted for what they are. Kagome will be hated for loving and lying with a half-breed. Eventually, Kagome's spirit will fade with each emotional blow."

"—A human and a demon? Fool. Humans can't be trusted. One day you will betray one another. Do you want Kagome to end up the way Kikyo did? Do you care so little about her? Are you that selfish?"

"Your mother died because she loved a demon!"

"She's mortal Inuyasha, don't you understand? One day she will die, and then what will you do?"

Inuyasha stared at the well, his eyes widen. Somehow this one hurt the most, had it his heart the hardest. One day Kagome will die…and I'd be left all alone…

And the courage To make my dreams come true

Mama watched her daughter sulking in the God Tree similar to how Inuyasha would do one time or another. It began to rain, but Kagome didn't seem like she'd be coming down anytime soon.

Fate can be cruel. Mama thought. She sighed and continued to wash the dishes.

Kagome's hair was plastered onto her skin, her clothes were drenched but they only added onto her bleak mood. The thunder in the background didn't frighten her nor concern her.

How will I find Another friend Like you

I still think about him. Kagome stared at the well house. I want to see Inuyasha. But I-I can't…

"Hey Kagome!"

Kagome gasped, instantly recognizing that voice. I-It couldn't be—Kagome glanced down beneath her. "I-Inuyasha?"

He stood beneath the tree. He looked annoyed and plain impatient. His arms were crossed over his board chest. "What are you doing?"

"Waiting for you." Kagome replied.

"Waiting for—we're waiting for you, idiot."

Kagome swallowed. "Y-You want me?"

He looked confused by her question and then annoyed again. "Don't be stupid. Of course we want you."

Is this real? Could Inuyasha…? Kagome stared at him for her a moment. "I…I-Inuyasha…"

"What? Keh, you want an invitation or something? We ain't got time for that. Come on. I'll catch you." He opened his arms for her to jump down. Just when she was about to, he vanished.

"Inuyasha…" Kagome whispered.

It was all an illusion…an illusion. She clenched the jewel tightly. I could just wish for him to be here…but…she loosened her hold. No, it's supposed to be like this.

Two of a kind That's what we are

"My name is Kagome. Ka-go-me!"-Kagome

"Wait—don't go!"-Inuyasha.

"I'm glad, that you finally opened up to me." –Kagome.

"You smell kind of nice."—Inuyasha.

"I'll go if I'm just a nuisance."–Kagome.

"You ain't a nuisance."-Inuyasha.

And it seemed Like we were always winning

"Die Naraku!"Kagome.

"You shed tears for me…why?"-Inuyasha.

"I like you as a half-demon, Inuyasha. I thought we always wanted to be together." –Kagome.

"I never trusted anyone until Kagome came around." –Inuyasha.

"Trust you to be more impressed with food than outer space explorations." –Kagome.

But as our team Is torn apart

"You'll bring me back crayons and pokey? Yes! Kagome you're the best friend ever!" –Shippou.

"So…do you think Sango would like these flowers, Kagome?" –Miroku.

"You are wiser beyond your years, Kagome. Your heart is so big. A friend like you is hard to come by."-Sango.

"Ye need Inuyasha as Inuyasha need ye." –Kaede.

I wish we could go Back to the beginning

"What? What! You broke the jewel!" -Inuyasha.

"One hundred, one thousand, ye must work together to collect all the shards." Kaede.

Kagome stared at the darkening clouds. It seems just like yesterday we were just beginning. Only nine months. Only nine months of memories.

She sniffed. I thought we were finally going to be together.


Kagome looked down and saw her mother, holding an umbrella over her head. "Please come down, Kagome. You'll get sick." She said gently.

I-I can't not yet anyways. Kagome didn't response. Instead the heartbroken teen continued staring up at the sky, not speaking.

Mama sighed. She'd tried. She couldn't force Kagome to do anything she didn't want to. You couldn't make someone get over their feelings quicker than they wanted to. It was wrong.

The older woman understood just what Kagome was going through more than her daughter realized. Mama touched her locket; similar to the one Kagome had given Inuyasha. Inside was a picture of her late husband and herself when they had met around the same age that Kagome met Inuyasha.

I know how it feels to lose the one you love. The pain never goes away. Mama thought. She turned and left Kagome alone. Her own mother had left her alone in her pain and she would do the same for Kagome. When Kagome was ready to move on and only then it would begin.

Kagome hung her head down the moment her mother left. I'm so pathetic…I want to see him so badly…I'd do anything…

"My, what a big kitty I found in my tree."

Kagome turned around and gasped seeing Inuyasha sitting in the God Tree beside her. It reminded her of that time they'd fought Naruku the day before his actual defeat (ep 167). She blinked several times, he hadn't disappeared.

"You know you'll get sick if you stay out here for much longer. And here I thought you were smarter than that." Inuyasha said.

Kagome gasped softly. His nose was almost touching hers, his hair was damp and his golden eyes glistened in the rain. He looked so cute…so irresistible…every girl's fantasy within her grasp.

"Inuyasha…are you…" Kagome reached out to touch him but stopped. She wanted desperately to touch him and run her fingers through his silver hair. But she knew if he turned out to be another hallucination, she'd lose it.

"Are you…are you…" She swallowed. Please… be real…

"Am I what? Come on spit it out, wench." Inuyasha asked.

"I…" Kagome continued to stare at him. "Inuyasha—sit boy."

"Gah—" Inuyasha went crashing onto the ground. He groaned, picking his head off the ground, still under the spell. "W-what the hell w-was that f-for?"

"Inuyasha?" Kagome stared. C-could it possibly be him?

"What?" He sounded annoyed, waiting for the spell to wear off. He grabbed at the necklace. "Damn thing."

A short while later the spell wore off and the half-demon sat up. He rubbed his forehead a few times and continued to grumble.

Only one word escaped the teen girl up in the tree. "Inuyasha!" Kagome quickly climbed down the tree and embraced the confused half-demon.

"Yeah what?" Inuyasha grumbled. He blushed lightly when she hugged him tighter. "W-What's with you? Are you sick or something?"

"No…just glad…" Kagome shook her head. Inuyasha wondered why she sat him for when he hadn't done anything wrong—well not yet anyways.

He has to be real. She pulled away slowly and looked up at him, rubbing his ears. "I thought I'd never get to do this again."

"Q-quit it," Inuyasha's entire face was beet red. "Cut it out Kagome."

"All right but seriously though," She lowered her hands and looked at him curiously. "T-The well…it's closed and…how'd you get here?"

"This thing," Someone said from behind.

Right there, Sango and Miroku stood coming from the well house. Sango held up the jewel, smiling at her friend. The jewel was coated over in a silvery tint, shattered and was no more.

"It's been a long time my friend." Miroku said.

Kagome looked at her hand. The jewel had been there the last time she looked. Kagome was speechless, still kneeling beside Inuyasha.


Kagome looked up. She heard a wail and saw Shippou running up to her, tears streaming down his face. He jumped into her arms, nearly knocking her over and buried his face into her chest, weeping.

"D-Don't ever do that again, K-Kagome. Friends n-never say g-goodbye, Kagome!" Shippou embraced her.

"S-Shippou." She was surprised by his sudden movement but hugged him back. "Shippou…"

"So d-don't you ever leave even without a goodbye, ok?" He said, sniffing.

Kagome nodded, stroking his hair. "I promise." I know now, that meeting them wasn't by accident…but it was destiny. I was destined to meet them, destined to love them.

Sesshoumaru looked at his left arm. He bent the arm back and forth. It was healing but who had bandaged him? He knew Rin couldn't accomplish such a task as this at such a young age and Jaken, Sesshoumaru nearly snorted.

His nose caught a whiff of a familiar scent and then he knew who. He turned to look at a tree that was about a few yards away and saw her. She had been looking at him but quickly hid behind the tree. Sesshoumaru had a blank and unreadable expression on his face as he stood.

Inuyasha was envious that I knew father's face. True I do and I share his looks but Inuyasha is more like father than I. His heart merciful and his love for mortals, though has led him astray in the past it has come to his aid than a handicap. So, who is more jealous of the other? It matters not.

The wind blew, it was calming and gently. Sesshoumaru knew what had occurred. He could smell them nearby. "It seems my brother has taken the human as his mate after all." Sesshoumaru said. He shook his head. "It has come of no surprise."

"Was there any doubt, my Lord? They will indeed live happily ever after." Rin beamed. "It's so romantic, isn't it Lord Sesshoumaru?"

Romantic? Jaken scoffed. Good God what is with these mortals?

Sesshoumaru noticed Kagura was behind Jaken, looking at him expectedly. He raised an eyebrow at her. Kagura, for the first time in her entire life, blushed and looked at her feet feeling insecure and uncomfortable.

"I-I thought that I could…" She shook her head, glanced away and rubbed her left arm in a nervous gesture. "I—never mind. I was foolish as to think…"

A tensed moment passed. Rin looked at Sesshoumaru then at Kagura then at Sesshoumaru again. Jaken just looked bored yet agitated. What was Lord Sesshoumaru going to do? Or more importantly, what was he going to say?

"Do as you wish." Sesshoumaru said simply, in his usual impassive tone. He turned and walked off without another word.

A confused Jaken followed. "M-My Lord? What is the meaning of this?"

Kagura stared at him, her eyes wide with wonder. She opened her mouth and closed it several times before she spoke. "I-I do not understand."

"He means come." Rin said, turning to the older female with a bright smile. "Come with us lady Kagura. Say you will."

Kagura could only stare at the child. "C-come with…you…?" She whispered.

"Yes." Rin nodded. "Lord Sesshoumaru will be utmost pleased."

It took a moment but finally Kagura smirked. "I wouldn't want to displease him."

Rin giggled, grabbed Kagrua's hand and ran up to Lord Sesshoumaru. She grabbed Sesshoumaru's hand into hers and smiled.

To everyone's surprise Sesshoumaru hadn't pulled his hand away nor did any indication of disgust could be detected. Rin smiled happily. At long last I have my family again.

Kagura looked down at their connected hands, and for the second time that day she was shocked. However, she quickly hid this well. This feeling…do I at last belong somewhere…? Doing Naraku's constant bidding I believed freedom would be the only thing that would feel this good. At first freedom was the only thing on my mind…but this man…and this child…I think I have found more in them than I realized. I think I truly belong—with them.

Sesshoumaru looked down at the smiling girl then glanced briefly at Kagura. Is this what it means to be complete? Is this the feeling my brother has for his mate and companions? If so, then I understand. I Sesshoumaru do have something to protect.

Rin blinked, noticing Sesshoumaru had tightened his hold of her hand, not too tightly, yet not too loosely. Rin smiled brightly. Yes, it's a new beginning…for all of us.

"My Lord, what is the meaning of this?" Jaken cried out, following behind not liking these turns of events. "Lord Sesshoumaru!"

The time has come It's for the best I know it

A man with silver hair stood before the grave tomb. He offered prayer to the woman buried in these scared grounds. What he wouldn't give to hear one of her witty remarks.

He sighed. "So how's it hanging up there? Causing mayhem?"


He chuckled despite himself. What else did he suspect? She was gone. He believed she had joined his parents up there in the world above, watching and guarding the good below.

"Daddy! Daddy!" A boy, the mirror image of himself as a child, except he wore a blue kimono, jumped onto his back laughing. "Dad!"

"Hey there buddy." The demon greeted the child.

"What are you doing daddy?" The boy looked at the tomb then at his father curiously.

"I am giving respect to this woman."

The boy blinked. "Oh. So was she your friend?"

"In a way…and in another something much more…" He touched Kaeda's tomb.

In the loving memory of Lady Kaede

Friend to all, Loved by those who knew her, wiser than her years

May she continue to guide those lost to the light.

The last part Inuyasha had made sure he had written it himself because she had helped him. Her advice had been the final thing to let him let go of Kikyo and their time together. If Kaede could then so could he.

"One cannot live in the past forever. Memories are nice but that can't keep ye warm."

Inuyasha smiled. Not bad, old hag.

Kaede was like a grandmother to him, the one he never had. For his real grandmother hadn't liked him nor had his grandfather because he was a half-demon. Kaede hadn't mind and had cared for him and the others like if they were her own children. She had died happy with the brightest smile a human could muster. He was glad she was at peace, in the world above. After all the hard work she'd done in her life she deserved this rest more than she realized.

"Boys, hurry we're almost out of Ramen!" A woman called out. She gasped dramatically. "Oh dearest, there's just one more."

The little boy's ears twitched as did his father at the name of their favorite food, other than dried potato chips. The older demon grinned at the name of his favorite meal. He grabbed the boy and gave him a piggy ride as they headed for the picnic.

"Come on, tiger." Inuyasha said.

The child grinned just like his father and put one fist into the air. "Yeah, Ramen here we come!"

In the distance several people were gathered underneath the God Tree. Every one of their friends were there laughing and talking, enjoying each others company as they did in the past but with several additions to their once small group.

Sango and Miroku had four children and by Sango's growing stomach, they were expecting another. They were planning on rebuilding and reestablishing the once extinct demon slayers' village and are soon far on a roll. Kohaku was laid to rest beside his parents and his grave, like the others, was visited daily by his sister and her family.

Kagome and Inuyasha had two children, a girl and a boy, and lived primarily in Kagome's time. Seeing that Inuyasha wasn't one to give up on Ramen and the open space and Kagome enjoyed her large supply of feminine products and Oden, they compromised.

On the left side of Sango's family, Koga was entertaining his and Ayame's four boys, two with black hair and green-eyes and the other two had their mother's hair and father's icy-blue eyes, beside Miroku's family. Koga told how he'd 'defeated' Inuyasha in a duel and supposedly won a human's heart and ended up with two large bumps on his head thanks to his wife.

Beside the two families, fifteen year old Rin was talking to Shippou like they always did in their youths while petting Kirara's kittens. The mature cat-demon purred, licking the fur coats of two of her younglings.

Who could've guessed that you and I...

Sesshoumaru was seated off to the side and Kagura was sitting a bit further admiring him from afar. Both wouldn't let the other know their feelings perhaps that ran in the family. However if one looked closely you could see Sesshoumaru glancing quickly at Kagura's direction and visa versa.

Jaken was just plain grumpy and stood beside a tree that was between Kagura and Sesshoumaru. He found this sickening! As if Lord Sesshoumaru would be pining over Naraku's incarnation…but then again…

Jaken shook his head. No way in Hell is she becoming a lady! I simply refuse to acknowledge her! I already have to deal with that mortal girl! Isn't that enough punishment?

The young Inuyasha look-alike jumped off his father's shoulder and tackled his younger sibling, a girl with black hair and chocolate brown eyes. "That's my Ramen!"

"Don't see your name on it." The girl stuck her tongue out at him before taking a bite of her meal. She slurped loudly, grinning from ear-to-ear.

The boy's face grew red with anger. He clenched his fists by his sides. "Give it!"

The girl pushed him back. "No way, you ate my Oden so there!"

"So what? This is Ramen! Give it back, wench."

"Get off, dog boy!"

"Give it back!"

"Never, dog breath!"

"Why you little—"

"That's enough." Inuyasha took the Ramen and said, "I know a better way to save this." He said calmly.

The two demon children stared at him and he continued, "While you're at it, you kids should learn better comebacks."

"No!" His children gaped in horror as he ate it all, by himself. Suddenly they growled playfully and tackled him to the ground. "You're going to get it now, daddy!"

Inuyasha laughed as they wrestled. "K-Kagome they're b-beating me. Help me."

Kagome shook her head but couldn't help laughing. Has it truly been seven years? It seems just like yesterday I met a loudmouth half-demon pinned to the tree and fell in love with him. How the years have passed us by…yet we are all the same somehow.

Kagome joined in and they all continued to laugh. "Aww no fair, you're helping the enemy." Inuyasha said through his laughter.

"Ha ha! That's what you get for taking my Ramen." The boy said while biting his father's left ear playfully.

"Yeah, get him!" Kagome cheered and her daughter joined in.

"T-Traitors," Inuyasha said, laughing even harder. Whatever Inuyasha said about not liking kids ended the moment these two came along and even before that with Souta and Shippou, their adopted son.

"I'm gonna get you." Inuyasha tackled the two laughing demon children.

Somehow, some way We'd have to say goodbye

I want to stay like this forever—

What had become of that wish? The once invincible team that had battled against great demons such as Naruku was to do just that. Be together forever, protecting the world from demons—in both times. Though the wish was made subconsciously, deep inside Kagome's mind, the jewel wanted nothing more than to redeem itself, bring happiness to its new guardian. After all, the heart always did speak louder than the mouth.

Inuyasha smirked, pinning Kagome onto her back. He gave her one of his cocky expression and raised his eyebrow challenging her. Kagome rose to the challenge and licked his cheek, surprising the half-demon. She smirked seductively at him. Inuyasha leaned down and brushed his lips against hers, savoring their time together. The moment, however, was broken by their children's squeals. The two quarter-demons tackled their parents, laughing and playing as one.

Their friends watched laughing as they watched Inuyasha's family play with each other, enjoying their lives together.

Somehow today...

...we have to say goodbye

We won't have to say goodbye…at least not today…

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