I do not own Sam, Dean, Oprah, or anything Barbie related.

Hope you like it! It came to me as I was watching a Barbie commercial! Thought I'd be a good laugh! Enjoy!

"Night Sammy," Dean said as he laid in his hotel bed, trying to get some good sleep.

The brothers had just taken care of another poltergeist. That was all they could find lately. This one in particular was especially weak. But either way, they were tired. Being on the road does that. They had checked into this hotel in attempt to get some sleep, but it didn't look to promising.

"Night," Sam said, lying in his own bed.

10 Minutes Later…


Sam was wide awake, as he rolled over to see if his brother was awake or not. He was sound asleep.

Sam sighed. This god-damn life. Why was he the one that always felt emotionally attached to the people he helped? Sam kicked his covers off. He had always done that. Even when he was a little kid and still now.

He threw his long legs over the bed and got up. He started walking toward the bathroom when he tripped, making a loud bang.

"What the hell," he said, followed by some cursing.

He started to get up and looked. He had tripped over the Barbie house that was left in their room. The man at the front desk said it was something about being a family motel. The Winchesters were too tired to even try and fight it.

Sam went into the bathroom and emerged five minutes later. He laid on his bed, finally ready for some sleep.

30 Minutes Later…

"Oh, you like Barbie don't you Ken?" was the sound that Sam woke to. He looked at the clock. It was two in the morning. As he rolled over to see where Dean was, he saw something sitting by the Barbie house he had tripped on before.

"What the heck?"

Sam sat up in his bed. He'd be ready for whatever this thing was. He carefully looked. It was Dean!

Sam switched on the bedside light.


He kicked off his covers and got out of bed. This was priceless.

"Ohh! Barbie and Ken want a kid! Ohh!"

Dean sounded like a five year old girl.


Sam walked over to Dean and knelt down. How much he hated to break up the reunion, but….

He gently shook Dean. As soon as he was touched, Dean sat up, fully alert.

"What the fuck is going on," Dean asked as he whirled around to face Sam.

Sam fell backward and started laughing.

"What'd you do to me," Dean asked as he threw the Barbie toys down and stood up.

"I- You-," was all Sam could get out. This was too funny!

"Jerk," Dean said as he climbed into his own bed.

Sam gained control over himself and stood up.

"I didn't do anything," Sam said, trying not to laugh, "I woke up and you were asking Ken if he liked Barbie."

Dean pulled the covers over himself.

"Lair," he yelled through the blankets.


Sam sat on the edge of Dean's bed.

"I'm sorry, Dean," Sam said sounding serious, "I really am. I didn't mean it."

Dean pulled the covers off his face.

"Serious," he asked.

"No! That was better then finding out you watch Oprah!"

Sam started to laugh as Dean pulled the covers over his face again.

"Jerk," Dean yelled among some other profanities.

Sam got into his bed and pulled his covers up.

"Nightie night Ken."

"Fuck off."

Sam laughed again and turned off the light.

This would make having good dreams, oh so much easier.