Warning: this is my first story and, even though I'm a good writer I've never written a story like this before (only reports in school) So RR and tell me how I'm doing

Ok. I've always thought that Aayla Secura was cool, so I hated when she was killed!

My solution? Ignore it and write her a new destiny!

Disclaimer: I don't own star wars or the characters and names (even though my name is George). …..Oh yeah the story

"I Survived Order 66"

Aayla lay on the ground, almost dead. "What happened?" she thought to her self. She was leading Commander Bly and his men into the heart of the separatist's factory. The separatists who, planned to dump tons of chemical agents in to Felucia's lush foliage of colorful fungi should they lose the planet to the Republic. She was less than 100 meters from the factory when she saw a beautiful bird take flight. Than, she sensed danger and went to draw her lightsaber but before she could, she felt the hot burning, singeing her flesh. Then she heard Bly inform the "The Emperor" that the traitor had been dealt with. Then she heard someone coming closer. "Leave her. She's dead". He heard Bly say "Was I the traitor? Why did they shoot me? Who was the Emperor?" The Galactic Republic, for whom Aayla along with hundreds of Jedi and millions of clone troopers were fighting for, had a Supreme Chancellor, not an Emperor. Sure certain systems were led by an emperor, but none led on a galactic scale. "Something terrible has happened." She thought to herself. Terrible things had been happening all day. In the morning she had lost several hundred troops in an ambush, then in the after noon, she felt that a great conflict had happened. A minute later, she felt that her longtime friend, Kit Fisto had died a half hour later she felt a horrible disturbance in the force as she felt Jedi after Jedi dying she didn't know what to think and decided to press on until told otherwise.It was then when she heard Commander Bly talk to someone on his holoprojector, she was determined to press on and didn't look to see who he was talking to. That was when it happened. She felt something weird but before she interpreted the danger, she saw a bird and was shot in the back.. All of this happened in the span of a minute or so. She got up after she felt it was safe to do so and healed herself with the force. She had to get off planet, she remembered an old ship from an abandoned outpost and decided that she would use that ship.