One Wish

Sam Manson was walking with her two best friends, Danny Fenton and Tucker Foley. They were walking to school like they usually did and, of course, Danny and Tucker were drooling over Paulina.

" Pff, boys." muttered Sam under her breath. She has had a crush on Danny for a while now and it seemed like everyone knew except for him.

" Hey Danny can you come over here for a minute?" Paulina called to him. Well, Danny ran over to her which made Sam furious.

What does he see in her. Beauty is only skin deep and her skin isn't even flawless. Why can't he see what he needs has been right in front of him for years.

While Danny was running over to Paulina, a wisp of blue smoke came out of his mouth, his ghost sense.

" Why now, of all times, does my ghost sense have to go off?" Danny whispered to himself. Instead of running to Paulina he did a quick turn and ran into the alleyway to go ghost.

Ok how was it? I hope I didn't do too bad. Ya it is super short but I want to see if any one likes my story idea. If anyone had that idea first, I hope I can still use it. Well RXR PLEASE!