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One Wish Ch. 9

(Sam's POV)

It was...

"Johnny 13!" Danny and I said simultaneously.

"Yeah. It's me. Never thought that you would see me so soon huh?" He got out of the rich, preppy clothes to reveal that he was wearing his regular outfit.

"Yeah. I thought that I destroyed that portable portal that you stole from my dad. How did you get out? It's not like Jazz or Tucker would let you out." Dannyinquired.

"Actually, they did let me out. But I had to promise to leave Kitty behind. She had a problem with that." Johnny muttered the last sentence under his breath.

"Why the heck would they let you out? Didn't you do enough damage to Jazz when you had Kitty try to take over her body?" I spoke up.

"You guys are gonna have to listen to me if you want to know the answers to all of your questions." Johnny said. He gestured to two chairs. "Sit down and just listen to me for a few minutes. I won't take any longer than that. Then I'll be on my way."

"Fine. We'll listen. But I won't guarantee that you'll be going anywhere except in the Fenton Thermos." Danny glared at Johnny as he sat down in the chair. I went over and sat right next to him. I was interested in what reasons Johnny would give why he was dressed like that and how he got out of the Ghost Zone.

"You know, I do have better things to do than tell some punk and his girlfriend a story." Johnny said, folding his arms across his chest.

"Just tell us what happened." I said, getting annoyed.

"Fine. It's like this..." He started to tell his story.



Johnny 13 and his girlfriend, Kitty were trying to make a break through the Fenton Portal. It was open and they didn't know when it would close or when they would have this opportunity again.

Not to their knowledge, Jazz and Tucker were standing in the lab at the Fenton household where the portal was located, trying to find a cure to Danny's dilemma.

Johnny and Kitty drove through the portal on his motorcycle and almost ran into the two human teens.

"Johnny 13?" Tucker asked a dazed teenage ghost.

"Oh man. I didn't know that you were here. Where are the other two?" He noticed Jazz standing next to Tucker. "Oh hey Jazz. Didn't see you there." He laughed nervously.

She just glared at him, deciding to give him the cold shoulder.

Kitty got up off the motorcycle and asked, "Johnny, can we get going? I want to get rid of these losers before something bad happens like usual." She got back onto the vehicle, waiting for Johnny to get back on.

Johnny started back towards Kitty when Tucker shouted out, "Wait! You can help us with our problem! If you do, we'll let you go free. At least for a little while."

Johnny stopped in his tracks. "We'll be let free?" He smiled and turned around. "Okay, what do you need help with?"

"Desiree put Danny under some sort of spell and now he can't go over 5 feet away from Sam. We asked Desiree how to break the spell since Danny wished that she wouldn't grant any wishes and she said that Sam has to break his heart. So we need someone to go under cover and help her with that. She probably shouldn't know so she won't kill me." Tucker said the whole thing in one breath.

He was gasping for air while he was waiting for Johnny's answer.

"Let's say that I agree to help you. What's the catch if I do accept?" Johnny inquired.

"Kitty has to stay here, in the Fenton Thermos. So you won't just run off after you lie about helping us." Tucker answered.

"What if I don't agree to help you?"

"We throw you back into the Ghost Zone with no hope of escaping."

"I say that you should do it Johnny. I'll be fine in the Thermos for a while. Just come back for me, okay?" Kitty told him.

"Are you sure, Kitten?" Johnny questioned the actions of his girlfriend.

"Yes, I'm sure. After all, Danny's helped us out once before. Why not repay the favor?"

Johnny sighed. "I guess that she has a point. I'll do it. How do I get into the girl's house?"

"You need to dress rich to have her parents accept you into their house. You can call them from my cellphone and say that you're the son of one of their business partners or something to that extent and say that you have to say at their house for a while because your parents are at meetings for the week or something. Just use your imagination." Tucker explained.

"But since you agreed, we have to do this." Tucker pulled out the Fenton Thermos and suck Kitty in without having her put up a fight. "There we go. Now, let's get you ready."

End Flashback


"So your parents bought my story and Tucker got me some ugly clothes that he knew that your parents would love. That's the end of my story. Now, I have to go get Kitty. We do have a deal you know." Johnny finished his story.

"I guess that we could let you go. But if we see you again, I'm not holding back." Danny threatened.

"Whatever." Johnny shrugged before heading off to get Kitty.

Danny turned to me, staring into my eyes. I blushed, looking away. He pulled my face to look back at him again and he chuckled.

"So, how was it kissing Johnny 13?" He asked me.

It was my turn to laugh. "Not even close to being as good as kissing you."

I started to move my face towards him and he closed the gap. I heard someone come through the restaurant door and yell, "Hey, you two lovebirds! Get a room!"

We stopped kissing and yelled, "TUCKER!", chasing after him down the street hand in hand. I guess that this worked out after all.


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