She'd woken from a dream, sleeping at her desk again, and he happened to be there, and he'd been asleep too, just catching up on some hours. And somehow they came together and they didn't need words, no, they knew. Glass trees. For a moment they were awkward but then her face fell, just a little, the mask slipping.

And Cavennaugh caught it. He grabbed her arm and shook her roughly. "Caffrey. It'll all be okay. These dreams... they mean nothing. Just your theta waves activity increasing. That's all. You're not an infectee, and you won't be."

"You're so sure about this," she said, not thanking him in any words, but the thanks was there, in her eyes and even written on top of that mask she had to hold in place now.

"Yeah," he said, and pulled her close, crushing her in his strong arms and damn, she'd wanted that, wanted that for so long, not from him but from anyone, her mother, Andrea, hell, even Fenway. She let him hold her (but she didn't, couldn't, respond), and she took the moment of comfort that he had to give.

They never spoke of it again.