He looked up to see Lucas standing there, giving him a very penetrating look, for all that Fenway's biggest impression of him was pale wishy-washiness. "Yes?" he asked, a little wary, hoping it was nothing to do with alien mutations or glass tree dreams.

"You and Caffrey, you're..."

Fenway stood up, crossing his arms in front of him. He wasn't sure what to say. He sure as hell wasn't going to say anything confirming or denying whatever Lucas thought was going on. At least not until he finished his sentence.

"You and Caffrey," Lucas said again, weakly.

"What about us?"

Fenway turned quickly and couldn't help a small smile at the sight of Molly, standing at the door with a pile of folders in her arms and a little smile on her face. She reached up and swept her hair out of her eyes as he watched her, and then he looked quickly back at Lucas.

Lucas floundered. Briefly. Then took a deep breath. "You're together, aren't you?"

Fenway snorted softly, glancing sideways and taking a little courage from Caffrey's blank expression. "What do you really think, Lucas? I've been married already. It just doesn't work out."

"Mine is working out fine," Lucas mumbled, and he didn't look convinced at all. Fenway had to agree. This one was working out fine for him, as well.

There was a quiet moment, and then the click of Molly's heels. She went to stand beside him, and Fenway fought the urge to wrap an arm around her, possessive. Fuck. He hated the feeling that, once again, he was vulnerable to a woman. In love with a woman.

Women, as far as Fenway could ever tell, were all Furies in disguise.

"There doesn't seem much point in denying it," Molly said, softly. She smiled slightly at Lucas. "You're right, of course."

"Are you sure that... with everything..." he started, and then trailed off, smiling a little self-deprecatingly. "Never mind. You know what you're doing. And, after all, I got married with all this going on."

Molly smiled a little more, leaning up to kiss Fenway's cheek lightly, startling him.

"I'll see you later," she said, and then she left the lab.