Chapter 1: Departure

That night, in the cold breeze, Sakura waited. Upon the sight of Sakura there in front of him, Sasuke was surprised. At the glimpse of Sasuke's features, Sakura noticed him wearing a backpack and her stare hollowed.

"Why are you prowling around here in the middle of the night?" Sasuke asked.

"I knew you'd come this way…if you were to leave…" she said, "so I just waited here…"

"Get out of here… and go back to sleep." Sasuke coldly sprang and walked away.

Sakura couldn't take it, her heart was pounding as if it you burst with emotion, and the tears began to swell down her cheeks.

"Why won't you say anything to me?" Sakura sobbed as she turned toward him. "Why do you always keep so quiet? You never say a single word to me…?"

"I told you: I don't need your help." Sasuke said stopping in his tracks. "Don't try to look after me."

Sakura looked down, and the silence crept over her as she dwelled in sadness.

"No matter what, you'll just always hate me wont you..?" She breathed, "You remember don't you? When we became genins, the day when our three-man team was first decided…The first time we were here by ourselves, you were so mad at me…."

--flash back--

"Loneliness…"Sasuke said coldly.

"Huh?" Sakura said confused.

"It's just a bit different from having your parents mad at you…"

"What's wrong with you all of a sudden?" Sakura shivered.

Sasuke turned toward her, "You're annoying."

--end flash back--

She stood there facing Sasuke's back in silence.

"I don't remember that…"

Sakura became surprised, and then she understood.

Sakura laughed, "yeah, I guess you're right… that's all in the past, huh?

Sasuke was silent.

"That's when it all began though, you and me... along with Naruto and Kakashi sensei…" Sasuke stayed silent as Sakura continued, "We did all sorts of missions, just the four of us. It was painful and difficult at times, even with that though…" Sakura paused, "I still enjoyed it."

Sakura fell silent for a second and continued, "I know some about your past Sasuke, but even if you get revenge though…It won't bring anyone happiness. Not even you, Sasuke…" Sakura said forcing herself not to burst into tears again, "…nor me…"

"I already know..." Sasuke said.

Sakura was taken aback by his words.

"I'm different from you all… I can't be following the same path as you guys…" he paused, "up until now, we've done everything as a group. But there is something else I must do… Deep inside my heart, I've already decided on revenge... for that reason only, do I live…" Sasuke stopped. "I'll never be like you or Naruto!"

A tear traveled down Sakura's cheek, she pushed onward, "Do you really want to go back to being alone? You told me how painful it was to be alone! Right now, I know you're in pain! I may have friends and family…but… if you were to leave..." Sakura shivered and tears kept coming, "to me... to me... I would be just as alone as you…"

Sasuke was silent and then he responded, "from now on… we all begin new paths…"

Tears swelling from Sakura's face, she couldn't take it, her heart was going to burst and she snapped. "I…I love you with all my heart! If you were to stay with me… there would be no regrets… because, everyday we'd do something fun, we'd be happy….I SWEAR!" Sakura continued, "I would do anything for you! So… please just stay with me…I'll even help you with your revenge... I don't know what I could do... but, I'll try my best to do something…" Sakura looked down, her eyes shut tight, sniffling. "So please stay with me… or take me with you if you can't stay here…" Sakura stood sniffling, and looked up as Sasuke shifted, turning around to face her.

"You really are… annoying" he said and walked away.

Sakura struck with grief said, "Don't leave! If you do I'll scream!"

At that moment Sasuke in an instant was behind her. They stood there for a second.

"Sakura… arigatoo gozimasu" And with that he struck at a weak spot of her neck and fell unconscious.

"Sa…Sasuke….-kun…" She wearily whispered.

Sakura fell forwards and Sasuke caught her. His dark onyx black eyes darted at her pale pink face as he set her on a nearby bench. He leaned over her, his black raven hair briskly touching her face, and then he whispered something, and in an instant he was gone.


Ok, so…my first chapter. What'd ya think? I have a whole bunch more to come. I just couldn't stop writing!

"arigatoo"- Thank you"

"arigatoo gozaimasu"- a higher form of 'Thank you'