Falling All Over Again


"Everything?" Sakura echoed, unsure as she was backed up against the metallic fence of the rooftop. Her mind raced as she breathed in raggedly what she was sure was safe air but apparently, she was sniffing Syaoran's intoxicating smell. She almost melted but thankfully, the fence saved her fall. He smelled like sandalwood and musk.

"Yes, everything," he breathed, emphasizing his words as he took his last step and cornered her, both his arms resting at her sides. "You can start whenever you're ready."

She hyperventilated and stopped herself from breathing in further his addictive smell. She shook her head softly and opened her mouth, but closed it abruptly. She turned her head away from him and flushed scarlet. "I—well, it's a bit complicated to explain really…" She mumbled incoherently under her breath.

"I have all the time in the world, Sakura." His words danced and rolled across her ears as he spoke. His voice was so deep, entrancing, and so damn sexy that Sakura couldn't resist leaning towards him in upheaval.

Syaoran smirked in triumph.

"So, are you going to tell me now, Sakura-chan?" He drawled lazily and cozily nuzzled on the crook of her neck as she gasped in the contact. "Or do I have to take it from you by… force?" He growled and gently bit on her pliant skin. She moaned when he slowly licked the reddening mark that adorned her used-to be alabaster skin.

"S—Syaoran!" She arched her back and the fences behind her rattled dangerously as Syaoran held on to the metal railings tightly for balance. One of his hands trailed towards the left underside of her breast and crawled to the hardening nipple that was straining through her blouse. He gave it a gently squeeze and she gave out a groan.

"Are you ready now, Sakura-chan?" He murmured. "Tell me to stop and I'll stop."

Sakura panted and gave herself time to think. She missed him terribly. Their forbidden love, their former immoral actions that gave her the thrill, and him. Syaoran. How she yearned for him. Since that day Eriol had came and comforted her, thoughts of Syaoran plagued her as Eriol re-acted every scene in her mind that contained Syaoran.

She stilled for a moment.

Will she give in?

It was an obvious answer really. Syaoran grabbed a hold of her blouse and gently tugged on it. He was impatient, she could tell. She smirked inwardly and feigned a mock moan. "I—I still can't decide whether…"

"I'll help you decide," he purred and ripped off her blouse in haste.

I need to be naughty at least once in a while, Sakura thought as she watched Syaoran's expression into a smug smile. Being innocent is hardly me.

Sakura thought as she watched Syaoran's expression into a smug smile.

He chuckled lowly and raised a brow at her as he played with the clasp of her black lace bra. "Naughty little princess, aren't you? What will your daddy say?" He sneered.

Sakura then froze. Her body tensed and she lowered her head. Her eyes glistened and she resisted the urge to cry. Syaoran noticed the sudden change of aura and confusedly asked her what was wrong.

"Our—I mean, my father died just a few months ago." She murmured ruefully. "That was when you learnt of your heritage."

Syaoran stopped his ministrations on her breasts and ran his fingers through his unkempt chestnut locks. He let out a sigh and sat down on the tiled floor of the roof. He patted the space beside him indicating that Sakura should sit next to him. She obediently did so.

"What else?" He questioned. He needed to learn of his past… and make some needed alterations in his life. He had forgotten so much.

Sakura nodded her head and let her blouse fall loosely on her shoulders, giving Syaoran a full view of her breasts. "We were former siblings," she started. "We were always together, inseparable even, that made us a bit more… passionate towards each other." She blushed but Syaoran only grinned and told her to continue.

"You always teased me… verbally and sexually. You always made me lust over you… and made me do so many unmentionable things with you…" Sakura was almost lost in her thoughts when Syaoran leaned towards her and gave her a lingering kiss.

"Continue," he said breathlessly when he leaned back.

"Until one day," she paused. "Our father died—well, mine actually but still, you treated him like he was your real dad. My dad's friend, Tasuki-kun, then gave us papers and told us that one of us is adopted."

"And so that's where the Li Clan enters." Syaoran said blankly.

"Yes, partially." Sakura nodded her head.

"How come I don't remember any of these?" He said emotionlessly, his eyes blank of feeling. "I should have had."

"They erased your memory," Sakura muttered darkly. "That's what I suspected. But the only question is, how?"

"The Li Clan is a powerful group," Syaoran said through gritted teeth. "They could use magic… they've used it to erase my memory." He growled aloud and punched the floor. A dent of a fist marred the tiles. "Those bloody inconsiderate prats!"

Sakura cringed at the sight of the broken tiles, the impact shattering the weak floor. "Syaoran… maybe they have a perfectly good explanation for it…"

"—Sakura!" Syaoran interjected roughly. "They had no right to erase my memories from me."

Sakura quieted.

"Do you understand how much pain it had cost me… not to know anything from my past whatsoever?" He said through gritted teeth. "And now, you gave me a new light as to what my past was."

"—Syaoran, I—" She was cut-off by Syaoran's intense stare.

"I don't know what I felt about you before, Sakura," he began softly. "But whether it was love or just infatuation, I'd like you to know that what I feel about you right now is complete trust."

Sakura felt disappointment wrench towards her heart.

"I—I feel the same way too, Syaoran," she uttered weakly.

He smiled and nodded his head, misunderstanding her stutter. "Don't be scared of them, Sakura. I'll protect you." He encircled her in his arms and tightly hugged her.

Sakura emitted a sob as she felt all the memories pass by her eyes, weakening her grasp of courage. She loved him. She couldn't let him walk away from her again. She'd fight for him—whatever the bloody hell it takes. And all she needed was the knowledge of him loving her back.

"Syaoran—" She whispered softly, her eyes blinking away the tears. "Do you—love me?"

He was quiet. His breathing calm and rhythmic. His eyes clearly unfocused yet blank with emotions. She waited for his answer nervously, scared of what his answer might be.

"Honestly—" Sakura took a deep, sated breath. "I don't know."

Sakura gaped at him openly. So, he really doesn't remember a thing. Defeated, she slid down to the floor and stayed silent, listening to the soft tittering of the birds. She scowled.

"You—I—all those blasted years…" She seethed. "All erased."

He agreed with her silently. Dumbly though, the elders had left him with his freedom which made him think to reminisce his past. He slid across from her and smiled soothingly. His amber eyes held nothing than sincerity as he mumbled apologetically, "I'm really sorry…"

"You don't have to be," she murmured angrily. "Your clan is responsible for all of it. All those torturous moments without you… made me doubt if you ever loved me."

"Sibling love?" Syaoran said dryly. He knew that they had more than that. He can feel it.

"Completely taboo at first," she smiled softly. "But it was more than that." She briefly explained to him their chance, arousing encounters and how she yearned for more since their parting ("Easy to admit, is it?" Syaoran laughingly joked.) It made her fuel her anger to an utmost loathing for his clan.

"How could they do that to us?" She raged. "To you!"

"I assume correctly that they have done that because they want to enslave me for the clan… so that they could have me all for themselves." He gritted his teeth. "Those selfish bastards."

Sakura, however, wasn't so angered by the thought. She almost giggled. Syaoran looked at her questioningly and raised a brow. She quieted down but pursed her lips.

"What's so funny?"

Sakura emitted another round of giggles. Her eyes glistened with happy tears as she choked on her chuckles. "Oh, they would absolutely want you for themselves."

He arched a brow confusedly but eventually, his eyes widened in understanding. "Ew! Ew no… that's absolutely disgusting! They didn't want me that way… oh, God, please… stop giggling!" He whined flagrantly. "Absolutely horrid."

Sakura bobbed her head. "I second that but still," she waggled her brows. "I kind of think you liked the idea."

She laughed aloud when he gawped at her openly and his eyes bulged out discreetly. "Just kidding, Syaoran." She winked at him, almost flirtatiously.

Syaoran now had a different idea on how the conversation would end. He smirked seductively at her and took a step towards her. "You liked it, huh?" He drawled huskily. "What else do you like to imply?"

Sakura flushed considerably and unconsciously licked her lips, drawing his attention towards them. He arched a sceptic brow at her and smiled haughtily. "Do you even realize what you're doing to me, Sakura?"

She shook her head and tilted her head sideways, confusedly fixing her gaze with his amber eyes. "No."

"Well," his voice muffled and distant, his eyes clouded over. "Let me show you."

With that, he lessened the distance between them and swooped down for a kiss. Sakura's eyes grew big with shock as his lips crashed down towards her in a fast motion. She looked at him questioningly but his eyes were already reverted towards the lace of her bra.

Oh, what the heck.

She leisurely closed her eyes, basking in the pleasure that he was giving her. The caressing movements of his fingers were all she could take as she sucked in a deep breath as she felt his fingers grazing her backside, the clasp undone. His ministrations suddenly halted.

Puzzled, Sakura opened her eyes and saw him studying her mounds intently. "W-what's the matter?"

He looked at her, his amber orbs dark with lust. "You're so beautiful."

She reddened.

He chuckled lowly and took a hold of her wrists, pulling it up to her head. He took a step towards her and she tumbled on the fence behind her. The rattling of the chains echoing in the silence. She hissed when he lowered his head down to the level of her breasts and nibbled lightly on one protruding nipple.

Syaoran began to moan in earnest. "So… this is what it feels to pre-shag your former sibling."

Sakura almost giggled.

Syaoran growled huskily. "And do you know what else, Sakura?" She shook her head. "I like it… the forbidden always arouses me."

Sakura gasped when she felt his palm cup her sex through her miniscule skirt. Moaning, she buckled up her hips towards him, wanting more.

He chuckled, bunching the material on her hips, gawking at the sexy lingerie that she wore. He smiled lustfully at her and winked laughingly. "Are you trying to seduce somebody?" He joked.

She grunted when he pushed a finger through the silk panties. "Hardly."

"Well, let's see, shall we?" He swiftly pulled down her knickers and slid down, coming face to face with her heated core. He licked his lips in lust and looked up towards her. "What would you taste like… I wonder."

He darted his tongue out and tasted her.

She screamed in delight.

"More?" He asked pompously, obviously proud that he can make her feel that way.

Her breathing became ragged. Her voice became harsh as she whispered, "you're making me obsessed." She grinned weakly as she clutched desperately at his shoulders.

He laughed, his eyes twinkling with mirth as he played with her breasts, (which are very nice, by the way, he chuckled.) "And you're making me fall all over again."

And Sakura felt her blood aflame.