Turning Saints into the Sea

Chapter One: Jokes on You

Lily Evans froze as she walked into the Heads' Cart on the Hogwarts Express. Moments ago she had been called down to the head of the train as Head Girl by a letter. She had been sitting with her friend Melanie Owen, waiting for her other friend, Samantha Bjorn, when a fifth year prefect had knocked on the door and given her a note that read:

Miss Evans,

Please come to the first cart on the train as soon as possible to go over you and the Head Boy's duties.

Professor Minerva McGonagall

Shrugging, Lily had set off for the cart, meeting Sam on the way. After a quick 'hello,' she had entered the compartment to see him there.

James Potter.

Lily could practically feel the bile rising in her throat as she watched him look up from talking to Professor McGonagall. What is he doing here, she asked herself over and over again. Is this some kind of a joke?!

"Ah Evans," McGonagall said, bustling over and sitting Lily down. "Come, sit down next to Potter, we're discussing your duties as a Head.

"Hi," Potter said, sticking out his hand. Lily hesitated, before grasping his hand briefly, pumping it once, then drawing back as if poisoned. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched to see how he reacted to her coldness. Shockingly, he didn't make a rude comment or look injured. He merely sat back down and began listening to McGonagall talk.

Bemused, Lily sat back as well and listened to the professor.

"You have patrols from nine o'clock to midnight every Monday and Wednesday, as well as a weekend patrol from eleven to three. You two share the same prefect duties as before (Miss Evans, I presume you will explain these to Mr. Potter) with a few exceptions; you have the ability to control the other prefects, along with planning the graduation ball, and I do hope you will not take advantage to your authority." She glanced at Potter before concluding. "That just about covers it. Oh, and you two will be expected to use the Heads' Dormitories, though it is understood if you choose not to. The password's Befuddle. Goodbye." The professor picked up her hat and turned to leave, before stopping for a moment. "It would also be best if no one else was allowed into the Dorms," she added.

Lily watched her leave before turning to Potter, thinking how she would phrase what she so dearly wanted to ask.

"How in Merlin's name did you become Head Boy?" Lily practically shrieked.

Potter turned his head and surveyed her mildly. Lily felt herself blushing after realizing what she had just said. A smirk grew on his face and Lily was relieved that he wasn't angry at her.

"The same way you did. I got good grades and stayed away from trouble," Potter said, standing and stretching. Lily watched in mild fascination as his fingers practically touched the ceiling when he raised his arms.

"You did not stay away from trouble! You and Sirius Black were in detention practically every night!" she declared, standing up as well. Only then did she realize that she barely came up to his shoulder. Lily took a step back and looked straight into his face.

Potter laughed, and Lily felt goosebumps run across her arms and legs. "So glad of you to make a point to notice," he said, grinning at her.

She sputtered. "I did not make a point to notice! I merely-"

"Sure," Potter said, looking out the window and laughing again.

Lily smacked his shoulder. "See? This is why you bug me so much! You just make those stupid little-"

"Evans, calm down," he said, smiling. "I was only kidding. I don't actually think you like me." He bent over to survey her expression.

Lily blushed again, before trying to redeem herself. Realizing that for once she couldn't think of a decent comeback, she huffed loudly, announcing she was going to go back to Melanie and Samantha. Potter made an exaggerated sweeping motion with his arms for her to leave and she stomped out, still blushing.

James watched Lily walk away in amusement, studying the way her red hair fell from its clip and down her back. She had looked so angry, so embarrassed when he accused her of liking him. Though he knew he shouldn't, he loved it when her green eyes flashed in annoyance.

He stretched again, considering his luck to have to spend this year in Hogwarts in the Heads' dorm, with Lily Evans of all people.

He walked out of the compartment and down the hall until he reached his friends. Sirius Black was lazily drawing designs on the ceiling with his wand while lying on his back on the floor, Remus Lupin was playing with a pile of Self-Shuffling Tarot Cards, and Peter Pettigrew was working on a last minute essay on the Arbequinan Resurrection Bush and its many healing properties.

"Full moon again!" Remus said, throwing down the cards angrily. The cards sulkily flipped around until displaying eight wands pointing up, meaning to forgive and forget. He stuffed them into his bag before smiling tiredly at James and patting the seat next to him. James took it.

Sirius sat up. "So, how was the meeting with Evans?" he asked.

James shrugged and grinned. "She still hates me; she's just shocked that I made Head Boy." He actually wondered himself why Dumbledore had chosen him instead of someone with more experience as a good kid. Not that he was bad. The Marauder's and he weren't bad people or stupid for that matter. They just got their kicks in different ways than most people. At least that was how James looked at it.

"What about your plan?" Remus said, glancing at James.

James shrugged again. "I've narrowed down the list to Mira Yankovic, Juliana Hernandez, or Tamyra Szechwan. I'm just scared this whole thing'll blow up in my face." He shifted and looked at Sirius for advice.

Sirius's face was scrunched up in concentration. "Juliana Hernandez? Isn't that the girl with the really long black hair who dated Brandon Allard? The short one with big eyes?"

"That's her."

"You're really going out on a limb, Prongs. Are you sure it's worth it? Are you sure she's worth it?" Remus asked with concern.

"Of course she's worth it," James dissmissed.

"Quick, how does the Arbequinan Resurrection Bush affect those with a personality disorder?" Peter asked anxiously. "I still need four inches and we're almost at Hogwarts."

James looked out the window in surprise; it was dark and the crescent moon shown through the trees clearly. "Hey, we're almost there. We better change." He reached into his knapsack and pulled out his robes as did the rest of the Marauders.

Lily smiled as she sat down at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall with Samantha and Melanie. The train ride had consisted mainly of reminiscing about the summer's event, which had somehow migrated to the three of them chatting amiably about boys. What else is new? Lily thought.

Apparently, Sam was taking an extreme liking to Carsyn Cocheta, a quiet boy with an enormous amount of curly brown hair and glasses. Melanie had snorted in disgust at her choice, declaring Carsyn unworthy of Sam, someone who was too quiet, before stating that if the two of them were together, they would just sit around and think. Sam hotly retorted "What's wrong with thinking?" causing Melanie to answer, "How is your relationship supposed to progress if you never do anything?"

"Mel's right, Sam. Carsyn wouldn't be a good choice. You need someone more alive, more . . . ostentatious," Lily interjected. "Someone who's not afraid to be loud and obnoxious." Someone like Sirius Black, she thought, before mentally kicking herself. Sam, though a wonderful person, wasn't capable of surviving in a relationship with someone like Black; they were just too . . . different.

She surveyed her friend sitting across from her. Samantha Bjord had wavy blonde hair that flowed down her back like a golden waterfall. Her eyes were a light green blue and shaped like a cat's. Sam was the perfect picture of a Michelangelo angel, however, instead of being a slag, she was shy, the kind of person one went to with a problem. I could never put Sammy up to something like a relationship with Sirius Black, Lily silently assured herself.

Samantha Bjord turned slightly in her chair so she could observe the true object of her affections. There he was, sitting between James Potter and Peter Pettigrew, pretending to pay attention to Dumbledore giving his beginning of the year speech, but really flirting with girls from other houses.

Her breath caught in her throat as she mentally memorized the curve of his jaw, the color of his hair, for her paintings, the ones Lily and Mel didn't know about. The ones she had been working on all summer, containing things she didn't want anyone to know, not even her parents. Sirius Black was a person she would give her right arm to paint.

She watched him out of the corner of her eye as he smiled at Mira Yankovic, a sixth year Hufflepuff, who grinned back coyly.

Little slut, Sam thought viciously. Mira with her stupid C-cup, glossy brown hair, and perfect teeth wasn't really all that much better than her, she mentally scolded herself.

Yeah. And I'm the secret fantasy of every other boy in the school. Sam ran her tongue over her bottom teeth, which were slightly overlapped. Nothing like Mira, whose teeth had apparently been magically enhanced until they were as white as the moon on the ceiling overhead.

Sam felt almost guilty for feeling things like this, feeling jealousy, lust, and something she couldn't quite put her finger on. Her friends had no idea she felt this way; to them, she had the sexual maturity of a celery stalk. A deadcelery stalk. She couldn't even imagine how they would react to learning she desired Sirius Black, someone who apparently had many different interests, which he found in many different girls. And she was so incredibly boring he didn't even remember her name, though he had gone to school with her for seven years.

She stole another glance at Sirius, wishing he could even imagine how much she wanted him.

James looked over at Lily. Again. He watched Melanie Owen tap her, watched her turn around in her seat, listen to what Owen had to say, and smile questioningly. Suddenly, his robes seemed to be too small; every time he moved, his body felt like it was being pricked with a white hot needle.

He inwardly sighed as she turned around. Lily had never taken notice to someone like him. However, if everything in his plan went correctly, she would be noticing him soon. Very soon.

Until then, he just had to put up with the ignoring.

"Please join me in welcoming the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Barbra Merritt," Professor Dumbledore said as a stout woman with short, curly black hair stood. She smiled as the hall clapped, before sitting down between Professor McGonagall and Professor Urania, the Astronomy Teacher.

"Now that that's over, we shall now dine on the fabulous meal the kitchens have prepared for us. Enjoy!" Dumbledore clapped his hands, causing food to immediately fill the plates set on the tables.

Without another thought concerning her, James loaded his plate with everything he could reach while chatting with his fellow Gryffindors about his summer.

"We visited Ireland and visited some relatives. It was pretty boring, but we ended up seeing some leprechauns, so that sort of evened it out," Shannon Nevan explained to Rhea Sofronio. Shannon's identical twin sister, Erin, who was sitting three seats down, turned to yell down the table, "Are you serious? The leprechauns sucked too!"

"I spent most of the summer at home, due to my issues," Remus told James unhappily.

James grinned. "It's not like I had a wonderful summer either. I mostly stayed at home too." Remus gave him a questioning look.

"The plan . . ." James said, causing Remus to nod in remembrance, before a slow smile reluctantly climbed his face.

After dessert, Lily sought out Potter. He was talking to Pettigrew about something or another. She tapped his back.

"Potter, we need to help the Prefects and get to our dorms," she said, trying to some authoritative, though she truly felt flustered, considering that he was pressed up against her from all the students trying to get through the doors.

Potter merely nodded, starting to leave with the crowd.

That's odd, thought Lily. He'd usually try to ask me out, or at least acknowledge my presence.

Was it possible that James Potter . . . didn't like her anymore?

Lily waited for an immense feeling of relief to wash over her body, but it never came. She told her brain again and again of the possibilities, but still felt no satisfaction. Instead, she felt a bit hollow, like someone had taken a pickaxe and hacked away at some of her insides.

Frustrated, she followed Potter through the crowds, mentally scolding herself about being angry that he didn't like her.

It's just been such a big part of your life, Potter liking you. You're just not used to it.

Lily sighed, knowing very, very deep down she was trying to convince herself of the unspeakable.

After helping the prefects with their duties, Lily and James set off for the Heads Dorm. "Befuddle," James said to the portrait, which was of an exotic maiden riding an ostrich. She nodded, before swinging open to reveal the common room.

Lily surveyed the room with a critical eye. Two sofas were in front of a popping fireplace. The room was a comfortable scarlet, and two staircases branched off to separate Lily and James's separate bedrooms.

James walked over to examine the bookcase. Lily, thinking that it didn't really matter, looked over at him.

His hair was black and incredibly messy, sticking out in every direction and falling slightly onto his neck. It's longer than last year, Lily found herself deciding, before kicking herself. She could not take time to remember what James Potter looked like, or how he used to look in comparison. It just wasn't something she had the time to spend on.

"Well, time for us to go to bed!" Lily announced loudly. Too loudly. She found herself standing on the stairs like an idiot as Potter turned around to stare at her incredulously.

"Bed? It's eight fifteen," he said slowly, as if Lily were especially dim-witted.

She regained composure. "Yes, well, I think that as Head Girl and Boy, we should try to set a good example for the other students, and being fresh to start the day is one of them." Score one, Lily thought smugly.

Potter's mouth twitched, like he was fighting off a smile. "Evans, its Wednesday. We have rounds."


Lily felt her face reddening. A comeback, her brain furiously screamed. We need a comeback NOW!!!!!

"I knew that."

Nice, Lily.

Potter took a shaky breath to keep from laughing and turned away. "I'm going to do the rounds. If you want to go to sleep, I'll cover for you, but-"

"I'm coming," she said hurriedly, stomping down the steps and brushing past him ferociously. Lily decided she was either slowly but surely contracting a fatal disease or had a major case of PMS. She chose the former.