Letting Go

Summary: Short drabble. Landon has to let go.

Disclaimer: Nope. Nothing. Own none of it.

The rain was hitting him hard, the angels in heaven were sobbing. For who, he didn't know. Maybe for him, for what he had to do. Or maybe there was someone out there worse off than him. His rational side knew it was possible, but his emotional side couldn't begin to fathom the idea that anyone could hurt more than he was. The cemetery was even more desolate, caked in mud, as the angel tears washed away the sins of the people who had passed on, permitting them to heaven.

The telescope that was in the center brought memories to his mind that he had been trying to suppress. He looked toward the telescope, and took three steps to the right, five steps forward. He was standing in front of her tomb, and his hands were softly tracing the inscription, entitled:

Jamie Sullivan-Carter


Beloved Wife, Daughter, and Friend

"Without suffering there would be no compassion."

"It's like the wind…I can't see it, but I can feel it."

In the end, nobody had been able to choose between the two most intriguing things the girl had said, so they settled for both. After all, someone so wise was bound to have made more than on intelligent observation. Landon took in a deep breath, fondling the white roses in his hands. His voice came out rough, but nervous.

"Jamie…You, of all people, wanted me to live my life. After you…After you left me, I didn't think I'd be able to…Ever…But, you see, I've met someone. She'll never be quite like you, and I can never love her like I did you, but I love her, in a different way. She makes me happy, but I can't help this feeling that I'm betraying you…"

He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as tears stung at his eyes. Please…All he was asking for was peace of mind. Jamie would want him to be happy, right? With another sigh, Landon put a hand on the tombstone, letting a single tear hit the marble soundlessly.

"Give me a sign. Anything. Show me that I'm not doing anything wrong…Tell me it's okay to be in love with this girl…I need that. I need you to tell me it's okay for me to be happy again…Please…"

And it was then he felt the wind pick up, wrapping itself around him in a comforting gesture. It was then the rain stopped, and the sun peered through the clouds. He could almost swear he heard the beginning chords of Jamie's song from the play echo out into the day. He smiled up at the sun, before placing the white roses on Jamie's grave and strolling away, the heaviness in his heart suddenly lightened, though tears were still falling from his eyes.

Fin. I know it's short, but it's meant to be.