1Letting You Go

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Chapter 1: Letting you go


Riza's POV

Letting go of you was the hardest and the most difficult during that time. You mouthed those words I longed to hear. You took my breath away, and my heart. Now, you took my life away, along with yours.


"Sir!" I cried.

"Riza...just call me Roy. I told you that already."

"Don't talk!" I winced as his blood poured out and gushed out of my hands as I tried to suppress and covered his chess. It was raining, hard, and we were in front of a large mansion. Roy Mustang and I tried to stop a botched robbery...but before we could act, he shot and ran off. I tried everything I could...but Roy...Roy gave me hope that he would...

"Your bleeding too much! I called the ambulance. They're on their-," I was cut off as Roy leaned up from the ground and kissed me. As he did, last thoughts ran through my head. 'Roy...I love you so much...please don't...please...' The kiss was so passionate, soothing, and comforting.



"You were the person meant for me...I knew it..." His eyes were filled with tears, emotion, and regret.

"Roy...I love you so much. Please don't go...I need you...only you...!" I burst into tears.

"Riza. My time here was the best, especially the ones I spent with you.." He coughed up blood. As it trickled down to the ground, his vision blurred.

"Riza...Don't leave me either..."

"I won't ever leave you Roy. Roy!" As his eyes began to close, he told me, "Gomen-nasai...I'm so sorry...I-I couldn't be there for you more than I should have...I'm so sorry..." He then mouthed those three words I longed to hear. They could make a person's day, or shatter the world around them. "Ieiii!" My shout rang out. His breathing became weary and his eyes blinked to try to clear his vision.

"Riza...I really...love...you...I mean...it..." With that, my whole world came to an end. Subete. (Everything.)


I really had no reason to live. I was living for Roy Mustang this whole time. Without him, my life seemed to cease as my body slowly began to deteriorate. His subordinates were there for and by me, even Black Hayate. As I told them how much I wanted to see and be with Roy, they accepted with worry and pain. My smile was weary, for I could not say how happy I was. Roy was 25 when he died in my arms and I was only 24 then. Now, I could only have lived for three years longer than I was then.

I came down with a sickness that swept across the East, but only weak people seemed to get it. My immunization was low, so I was an easy target. As I laid on my death bed, waiting for that day to come when I could see Roy's beautiful smile once again. Every night, every day, now and then, I would hear Roy saying, "Riza...I love you! I love you so much I can cry my heart out to you!" He smiles in my dreams. He only lives in my dreams. That's what I thought. The thing I regret the most was why I couldn't take that bullet. I was supposed to. I was supposed to take it instead of Roy. But oh, that was where I wanted to go, into my dream and live with Roy. That was my choice...


Funeral the next day was bad. It was raining, just like the night Roy died. Havoc spoke up, "First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeyereally wanted this...It was her wish..." Falman, Breda, Black Hayate, and Fury turned away.

Riza POV (Of course she is dead!)

"ROY!" I smiled as the sun shone down on his face. "Riza...I finally get to see you again!" Roy smiled back and ran towards me as I leapt into his arms...

Moral? How should I know? I know it has something to do with love...BAH! I don't know anything about love.


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