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Valentine's Surprise

"Bonnie, what are you going to do for a date for Valentine's Day? I mean, you aren't planning to get back together with Brick, are you?"

Bonnie just sneered, resisting the urge to laugh. "Please, that big oaf always comes begging back to me. I don't know if I could take that anymore, even with the gifts he showers on me. No, it's time to move on to bigger and better, and there are plenty of great catches around. I just have to pick the one I want! Not like any of them would turn down Bonnie Rockwaller!"

"Well, Josh did last year, didn't he?" Tara shrank back quickly when Bonnie glared at her.

Bonnie stared her down a moment longer, huffing slightly before turning back to open her locker. "That boy wasn't worth my time anyways. Besides, anyone who would choose Kim over me is obviously damaged in some way. No, I'll have the man I want. I've got a few days to pick and choose, so I'll just…"

A bouquet of roses fell out of her locker as she opened the door, and Bonnie managed to grab them as they fell into her. She stared wide-eyed at them, and heard Tara sidle up beside her, ooing quietly.

"Oh… wow… who are they from? They're beautiful!"

Bonnie fumbled with the flowers, searching around for a card. Instead, she found an envelope. Handing the roses to Tara for a moment, she opened it, pulling out the letter within. She read it over once, smiling, before she read it aloud for Tara.

"To my darling Bonnie. I wanted to find something that could compare to your beauty, but nothing I found could find came close. I hope these will do instead. From your secret admirer."

Tara actually squealed, and Bonnie pulled the roses back from her before she could crush them. "Ohh… who do you think it is? That was so romantic!"

Bonnie smiled lightly. "Yeah, it was. But how'd they get the flowers into my locker?"

Tara just shook her head. "You've got an amazing guy interested in you, and that's all you can think about?"

Bonnie looked over the roses in her arms again, deep in thought. "He might not be such a great guy. I mean… it could be anyone."

Tara sighed, taking the flowers and putting them back in Bonnie's locker. "Do you have to analyze everything based on position? I mean, he's a nice guy, obviously likes you, and gives you flowers. I wish I had someone like that!"

Bonnie just reached for her books and shut her locker. "I'm just saying, I know nothing about this guy, other than he can break into my locker. I don't think I should be getting excited right now. I mean, for all I know, it could be someone from the chess club or, God forbid, Stoppable."

"Oh, what's wrong with Ron? He's sweet and kind and brave and…"

Bonnie just groaned. She should have known not to bring up Ron. Tara still wasn't over her little crush on him, even if the boy hadn't noticed a thing. She just tried to block out the majority of what Tara was saying.


Bonnie had spent hours trying to figure out who it was, watching everyone out of the corner of her eye to see if they were looking at her any longer than normal, but she hadn't seen anything suspicious. Not even her sources could find out who was interested in her, and that really drew attention. High school didn't generally keep many secrets; everything tended to get noticed and commented on, and Bonnie had always kept her ear to the rumour mill, gathering everything she could potentially use for her own benefit. And yet, nothing!

Who could it be? Maybe Josh… no, he's still holding a torch for Kim, though I don't know why. Maybe Jason Morgan? Or could Brick be trying to get back with me? Argg, this is frustrating! I wish they'd just tell me who they are.

The bell rang, and Bonnie leapt to her feet, glad for the chance to be out of class. She went quickly to her locker, throwing it open to get at her books, pausing when she saw the heart shaped box at the bottom of her locker.

Her hand went tentatively to the card on the top, opening it and reading.

To my Darling Bonnie

I know this is frustrating, not knowing who I am, but there is a reason for that. For now, just know that I'd like to show you a bit of how I feel first, so that you might know the sincerity of my feelings for you. For now, except this as a small token, sweets for the sweet. I know how hard you work to maintain your standing, and rarely show it, but I know it's there, just waiting for the right person. I hope I can be that one!

Your secret admirer

Bonnie's smile widened, and she sighed a bit at the words written there. She looked quickly back and forth down the halls, but no one seemed to be watching her. With a shake of the head, she grabbed the box from her locker, and headed for the cafeteria.

Tara was waiting for her in line, and she grew almost giddy when she saw the box of chocolates in her hand. "Your secret admirer struck again?"

Bonnie just smiled. "Yes, he did. And you should read what he wrote for me this time."

Tara quickly snatched the letter from her hand, reading quietly except for the odd ooh and ahh. "Oh, this one is definitely a keeper! Any clues yet?"

Bonnie shook her head, grabbing a lunch tray. "Nothing yet. I mean, no one has got any info on who it is. Whoever it is, they've gone completely quiet. Though, I think I could get to like this!" She smiled as she pulled the top off, and quickly popped a chocolate into her mouth.


The next three days were more of the same, with gifts in the locker, along with little notes that both flattered her and drove her crazy with anticipation. And every girl in school was jealous of the attention, as Bonnie had made it abundantly clear to all of them what was going on.

Of course, all the girls also appreciated the fact that Bonnie was in such a good mood, she was hardly yelling or insulting anyone. It was if someone had drugged her to induce such a state, and many of them hoped it never ended.

By Friday, Bonnie was getting almost as excited as Tara was, and that was not something that usually happened at all. Even her sisters couldn't get her down that morning.

Bonnie almost rushed to her locker, throwing open the door. She was almost disappointed, until she noticed the small box sitting between her books. Opening it slowly, she gasped, as she gingerly removed the small, gold necklace within. Her eyes darted to the small note inside, and she opened it quickly.

My Darling Bonnie

I know not knowing who I am is frustrating, and I'd like to change that. If you're interested, we can meet. I'll send a car for you to your house at five tomorrow, to take you to dinner. If you wish to meet, simply allow the driver to take you. If not, simply send him on, and I'll understand, and never bother you again. I hope to see you there!

Your secret admirer

Bonnie could feel her heart beating at the thought of finally meeting him, but those nagging doubts of how he got into her locker, and not knowing who he was, continued to bother her. She knew she had to know who it was though who seemed to know her so well. It left her feeling conflicted yet excited at the same time.

She spent the rest of her day in a blissful haze, wondering just what he would look like, what she might wear, where they might be going, and what they might do.


Tara was giddy as she put the final touches to Bonnie's hair, smiling broadly "I am so completely jealous of you right now!"

"You sure this is a good idea, going out with someone I haven't met before though?"

"Lots of people go on blind dates. It's no big deal."

Bonnie still felt torn inside though, even more so as the time approached for her ride to get there. She checked her make-up again, straightening her dress again. She had gone with a simple black number, that was low-cut in the back, but higher in the front. It would be good for almost any situation, whether it was just dinner or even dancing, since she didn't know what would be on the agenda for tonight.

After the fourth time straightening her dress, Tara grabbed her hands, to stop her from fidgeting. "It will be fine, believe me."

The doorbell rang, and Bonnie jumped slightly. With Tara leading her, they made their way to the front, and saw an older man at the door, with her two sisters staring out past him.

"Aw, Ms. Rockwaller. I'm here to take you to your dinner date tonight."

Bonnie and Tara moved closer, looking past a stunned Connie and Lonnie, to see the black limo out front. "Is… is that for me?"

The driver nodded, tipping his hat. "Yes ma'am, it is. Should we be going?"

Bonnie froze for an instant, before nodding. "Yes… yes, we should."

The driver led the way, opening the door for her, and she looked briefly over her shoulder to see the look of joy on Tara's face, and the shocked expressions on her sister's faces, before getting in.


They pulled up to the restaurant, and Bonnie was very impressed at the location selected. It was a very exclusive place, and somewhat expensive, but it was also fairly secluded and small, perfect for intimate dinners. The driver quickly stepped out, and opened her door for her.

"The gentleman asked that you put the blindfold on, until you get into the restaurant."

Bonnie looked at him strangely, looking at the small, black band he held in his hands. "How am I…"

"I'd be happy to escort you in to you table."

Bonnie took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. She had come this far, and she might as well go the whole way. She slipped the blindfold on, and the driver quickly took her arm, leading her in. She could here a couple of other diners as they entered the restaurant, and she quickly found herself at a table. He helped her to sit, and she heard him walk away. She was just reaching for her blindfold when she felt a pair of hands on her face, slowly removing it for her. She blinked, trying to adjust to the dim candlelight the infused the place, and was startled by what she saw.

Ron Stoppable.

Bonnie almost leapt to her feet, but restrained herself from making a scene. "So, you're my secret admirer? What is this, some kind of game you and Possible cooked up to get at me?"

Ron smiled lightly, though she could see the worry in his eyes. "It's not a game. Everything I told you in those notes was the complete truth."

Bonnie grimaced, looking around the restaurant. "Look, that's sweet, really, but I can't be seen with…"

"No one from school, or anyone you know, will see you with me, I promise. I checked over the reservations beforehand. No one will ever know."

"I still don't think…"

"All I'm asking for is a chance, to prove myself. We have fun tonight, and if that's all you want, then that's fine. No one will ever know."

Bonnie stared at him, while continuously glancing around. "No one will know?"

Ron smiled. "No one."

Bonnie settled down a bit, still a bit uneasy. She looked him over, and he did look pretty good in the tux he was wearing. "I guess… since I'm already here…"


Dinner went surprisingly easy, and Bonnie found herself actually drawn to the conversation she and Ron were having. It was as if just him being there was setting her at ease, and she hadn't felt this comfortable in a long time. They were just finishing dessert when she heard the music level pick up a bit, and Ron rose to his feet.

"Would you care to dance?"

She glanced around, seeing no one else move to get up. "I don't think that would be such a good idea. Besides, there really isn't room to dance."

Ron just smiled. "There's a spot right over there."

Bonnie looked where he was pointing, noting the small area. "I don't know…" None of the other patrons were moving, but they were beginning to look over. "Ron, this is…"

"Just one dance, and then we'll go on to the next part of tonight."

Bonnie glanced around, before finally surrendering. "Fine, but let's make this quick. I don't like everyone looking at me like this."

"They're just admiring how beautiful you are."

She looked up at him, but he just kept on smiling. Finally, she rose to her feet, and he took her hand, leading her to the very small dance floor. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, making sure to keep some distance between them. Ron never seemed to mind though, and slowly they circled to the music.

"I never did say how beautiful you looked in that dress, did I?"

Bonnie wasn't sure what to think, as this sure didn't seem to be the same Ron she went to school with. She was starting to wonder if this was some kind of clone or something, when he promptly stepped on her toes, and she yelped slightly.

"Oops… I am so sorry! I didn't mean…"

"It's all right. At least I know you're really you."

Ron smirked as he continued dancing. "Really me?"

"Yeah, I was starting to think you might be a clone or something. This isn't you, at least the you people see at school."

"Well, to be honest… I wanted to try and impress you a bit. I didn't think you would notice me any other way."

Bonnie didn't reply to that, and just continued dancing with him. When the song ended, he bowed to her slightly, and she just shook her head. With a nod to the waiter, he took her by the hand, leading her out of the restaurant, and out to the waiting limo.

"So, what's next?"

"I thought we'd catch a movie."

Bonnie halted right away, pulling him up short. "A movie? I don't think so. I told you…"

"Don't worry. Like before, no one will ever know."

Grudgingly, she relented, and got into the limo with him.


They pulled up to the back doors of the theatre, and Bonnie wondered what was going on when she saw someone open the door. One of the staff at the theatre was standing there, waiting for them, and she noticed that when the door to the limo opened, that no one could see who was getting out. She rushed in quickly anyways, pausing to look out on the theatre.

There was no one there.

She looked back at Ron, who only smiled. "Told you no one would know."

She walked slowly in, gazing around. "How could you arrange this? How could you AFFORD this?"

Ron just shrugged. "I called in a couple small favours, and used pretty much all the money I could scrounge up.Actually, took more work getting the money then it did to arrange everything, I'll be doing chores for my dad for the next three months. I figured, if this is the only chance I'm going to get, I might as well go all out."

Bonnie made her way through the empty theatre, and quickly noted that drinks and snacks were already arrayed where she had been planning to sit. She looked back at him, but he just smiled.

The movie started as they sat down, and Bonnie was surprised to see the romantic film she had wanted to see all week, and had only just come out. She sat back, and began to enjoy the film.

About halfway through, she noticed Ron continuously glancing at her, and turning away. She laughed quietly to herself, as this was the Ron she had been expecting. With her looking at him now, he was pointedly keeping his attention glued to the screen. With a slight groan, and a roll of the eyes, she edged closer to Ron, until her shoulder was rubbing against his.

Tentatively, he lifted his arm, and she scooched closer, forcing him to lower his arm around her shoulders. When he finally settled in, she relaxed slightly, and noticed he smiled just a little bit.

They sat like that through the rest of the movie, and when the lights came on, was a bit surprised when he handed her a tissue. That was when she noticed her cheeks were a bit wet, and quickly snatched the tissue, wiping her face to hide the fact that she had been crying without noticing.

"See, that's the sweetness I was talking about, right there."

"And no one ever hears I was crying at a movie, got it?"

Ron just smiled that goofy smile. "No one will ever know."

Bonnie just nodded, and he led her to the back entrance again, noting that the limo door was open and waiting for them.


The drive back to her house was quiet, as the two didn't talk at all, just sitting quietly on the way back. When they pulled up, the driver opened the door, and he walked her back to her house. They stood in the doorway, looking decidedly uncomfortable.

Finally, Ron broke the silence. "I… I had a good time tonight. I'll… I'll see you tomorrow."

Ron turned to go, but Bonnie grabbed him by the arm. "I… this night didn't… I mean… I had a good time too."

Ron smiled, as Bonnie stood there longer, just holding his arm. Finally, she leaned in, and he did the same, their lips meeting briefly. She pulled away, after a few moments, flushing slightly, and Ron backed up just a bit.

Bonnie took a breath, before smiling. "I… I wouldn't be adverse to… you know… doing this again… sometime. So long as no one… you know, knows."

Ron nodded slightly, smiling brightly. He headed back to the limo, watching her as she entered her house, and almost jumped for joy when he was alone.

Bonnie leaned against the door after closing it, breathing heavily. She couldn't believe the night she had had with Ron, especially that kiss at the end. It had been almost… magical. She had felt a spark when their lips had met, and her fingers traced along her lips where they had met his, for however brief it had been.

Maybe, just maybe… it wouldn't be so bad to do that again. So long as no one knew of course.


Author's Notes – This is, obviously, AU and takes place before StD. But I enjoy Ron/Bon so much, and so rarely see enough of it. Oh, and it's so cool! I'm going to be in ivymae457's big KP fanfic/fanartist convention picture. And here's the kicker… I get to be with Bonnie! That is so unbelievably cool! Oh, and Matt, make sure to tell Nooni I am still taking her to the Fannie awards, there is no way I'd miss that!