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Valentine's Surprise – Chapter 33


Ron raised his arms in triumph as he pushed through the doors of the school into the warm June air. He took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Ahh, freedom never tasted so good."

Kim stepped around him, shaking her head. "Settle down Ron, it's just the last day of school."

"Yes it is." Ron stepped out of the path of rampaging students, putting his arm around Bonnie's shoulders and leading her away and off to the side. "That means no more assignments, no more tests, a whole summer with my badical girlfriend, and best of all... no more Barkin." He leaned over and gave Bonnie a kiss filled with joy.

"I saw that Stoppable. You are still on school grounds." Ron jerked as he heard the stern teacher from behind him. "Don't think I'm going to forget, that's detention for you when you get back in September."

Ron groaned, this time leading his girlfriend to the sidewalk so that they could indulge themselves with no further penalty. "What do you think the odds are that he'll have forgotten that in a few months?"

"Not likely." Bonnie snuggled under his arm. "But at least he didn't give me detention."

Ron's eyes widened slightly as he looked back at the school. "Hey, you're right. That's not fair."

Bonnie gave Ron the eye, silencing him. "So you'd like me to get detention?"

"Uhh..." Ron backpedaled quickly, trying to think of what to say. "Only... in the sense that... you know... we'd get to spend that time together?"

Bonnie continued giving him the look but let up after a few moments. "Okay, that was good enough." Bonnie glanced at Kim, standing beside them. "So, Bueno Nacho to celebrate the end of the school year? I think Tara said she and Kevin would meet us there."

Kim nodded. "Yeah, she said they'd meet us there at twelve, after their last exams let out."

"Coolio." Ron rubbed his hands together in anticipation. "So KP, want to ride with me to Bueno Nacho while Bonnie drives over?"

Kim glanced over at Bonnie with a questioning look that Bonnie understood instantly. "Sorry Ron, I think I'm going to ride over with Bonnie. You know, do a little girl talk."

Ron shuddered, even as he put his helmet on. "You know, I think you all say girl talk just to freak me out."

Bonnie smirked at Kim, who returned the look. "Nooo... why would we do that?"

Ron shook his head and started up his motorcycle. "All right ladies, see you at Bueno Nacho."

Ron pulled away from the curb and took off down the street. Kim watched him for a second and then headed over to Bonnie's car, hopping in the passenger seat. "Thanks for this Bonnie."

"Sure, sure." Bonnie started the car up, backing out of the parking space and putting it into drive. "So, what do you want to talk about? The Josh sitch again?"

"Yeah, sorry about it. It's just... Ron is pretty mad at Josh right now, even though I told him it's no ones fault. That's why I prefer talking to you about it." Kim sighed, resting her head on her hand as she braced her elbow against the window. "I wish things could have gone better but I do understand what the problem is, especially after he told me about his father. The problem now is, even though he said he wanted to stay friends, he's been avoiding me."

"You know you two need a little distance to cool things off, don't you? It's only been two weeks."

"I know. I just... he won't even come to Bueno Nacho today. Granted, Ron tore him a pretty good one, but still... you know, it probably wouldn't hurt quite so much if I hadn't really put myself out there and into the relationship those last few weeks."

"That's probably what started bugging Josh too, how close you were getting." Bonnie sighed, squeezing the steering wheel a little tighter. "And that's mostly my fault."

"No." Kim quickly shook her head, denying Bonnie's claim. "Sure, you gave me some tips, but I'm the one who decided to use them. I'm the one who decided to spend more time with Josh." Kim glanced out the windows at the passing houses. "Besides, even if I hadn't, how much longer would we have kept dating anyways? Josh still would have had the same problem a year from now or two years from now. Maybe it's for the best we break up now, before we fall in love or something."

Bonnie nodded in agreement as the approached the restaurant. "Still, it sucks. At least you've got the summer free to find a new guy."

"Maybe." Kim looked over at Bonnie as she parked the car. "Thanks for talking with me about it. It means a lot."

"Yeah, yeah, let's not get sappy about it now." Despite the words, Bonnie was smiling. "Who would have thought, even just a few months ago, we'd be talking like this?"

"I think I had better odds on hanging out with Shego." Both teens laughed as the car pulled to a stop.

Getting out, they saw Ron standing beside his bike, leaning against it and trying to look cool. His arms were crossed in front of him, his riding leathers draped over him, and sunglasses concealing his eyes. It was obvious he had been working on the pose. "Ladies."

Bonnie walked over and kissed him, smiling the whole time. "Not quite."

Ron's expression fell as the shades came off. "Oh come on, that HAD to be cool." Rufus hopped out of Ron's pocket, nodding in agreement.

Bonnie seemed to pause a moment, considering. "Welll... I guess so. If Rufus agrees."

That mollified Ron enough for the four of them to enter Bueno Nacho. While Ron went up to the counter to grab their food, Bonnie and Kim moved over to their regular table.

This time, it was Kim who looked at Bonnie with some concern. "So how are you doing anyways? Things getting better?"

"Yeah, for the most part." Bonnie put her hands on the table in front of her, sighing. "Lonnie is still talking with a counselor about what Dad put her through, and about what she's been doing to herself the last few years. I never would have suspected that she thought so little of herself, not with the way she ragged on me all the time."

"You know it was probably only so she could feel better about herself, don't you?"

"I know that now. Still doesn't make it any easier to deal with, but we are getting along better. Mom has really been there for both of us though." Bonnie closed her eyes, fighting back the tears. "All these years, I thought she was so weak, but... what she was putting up with from my Dad, just so that we would be taken care of... and then what he did..."

Bonnie almost started when she felt an arm wrap around her shoulder, but settled quickly when she felt the warm embrace of her boyfriend, who had managed to get back to the table without her hearing it. Ron kissed her on the forehead before pressing his head to hers. "It's all right. He won't be able to hurt you anymore."

The table was silent for a moment as Ron and Bonnie cuddled. Finally, Bonnie pulled away, wiping her eyes. "I'm good. I'm just glad my Dad is going to get what's coming to him."

Ron paused from taking a bite of his naco. "You mean more than he did already?"


Two days after the arrest.

"When I get through with that wife of mine..." John Rockwaller continued to pace his cell, his anger mounting. "After all I've done for her. I lifted her up, gave her everything she could have wanted, and this is the thanks I get. She turned on me. ME!"

Doctor Drakken rolled over on his cot, glaring at his new cell mate. "Would you give it a rest, it's the middle of the night. You've been ranting and raving for hours."

John didn't listen to him though, his speech already continuing on. "And that daughter of mine Bonnie. She can't do one simple thing for me. I ask her to get me her boyfriend's money, and what does she do? She tells him. Well, I'm going to get her as well. They'll all pay! No one does this to Johnathon Francis Rockwaller and gets away with it!"

Drakken stuffed his pillow over his head, moaning. "Arggghhhh... why couldn't I have ended up in a cell with Monkey Fist or Killigan? At least they know when to end a rant."

"And that computer geek of theirs... all my money, and he just took it from me. All my hard work for years, gone as if it was nothing. But I'll get him too. I'll get all of them once I get out of here."

Drakken finally had enough. Tearing the pillow off his head, he jumped to his feet. "Now you listen to me..."

A loud explosion threw both men to the floor, as the back wall to their cell collapsed inward. Both men looked up fearfully as the dust started to settle, blaring alarms sounding. It was Drakken who ended up smiling when he saw the blaze of green through the haze. "SHEGO!"

The dust finally settled enough for them to see Shego clearly through the opening. She did not look happy. "All right Doc, time to get out of here."

"Wait, wait!" John was on his feet, approaching the villainess with a smile on his face. "Take me with you. I know who both of you are, and I know you want to get rid of Kim Possible. I can help."

Shego gave him a brief look before turning to look at Drakken. "Is this guy serious?"

Drakken walked casually up to Shego, to stand beside her. "Indeed he is. In fact, this is the father of that buffoon's hellcat girlfriend."

Now Shego gave John a more appraising eye. "Really? So what did you do to get put in here."

"It was my family's fault." John's tone, despite his best efforts, came off as a bit whiny. "But it all started thanks to that sidekick Ron Stoppable."

Drakken was now smiling a bit more menacingly. "Indeed. He is quite an evil man." With that, Drakken leaned over to whisper in Shego's ear.

As Shego listened, her eyes got wider, and her smile fell. "Really? He did all that?"

John smiled proudly. "I did. I embezzled millions, and if you break me out of here, I can do the same for you."

Shego stepped towards him, her hands flaring brighter now. "Oh, it wasn't the embezzlement that interested me. What interested me was what you did to your daughters."

"What?" John's smile fell as Shego got closer. "What does that have to do with anything? They were useless little girls and I gave them a purpose in life."

"Riiiggght." Shego raised her hand and blasted John into the wall of his cell.

Sitting against the wall, his chest smoking, John coughed, looking up into the angry eyes of Shego as she leaned over him. "But... but... I can help you."

"We don't need help from a puny creep like you." Shego leaned down, her smile cruel and unforgiving. "Now, I figure we've got about two minutes before those guards get past the obstacles I put up and get here. We're gonna play a little game called Ouch while we have time. Don't worry if you don't know the rules, I think you'll pick it up pretty quickly."

Drakken winced as the screaming started. "You really should have listened to me and let me sleep."


Kim shook her head as she remembered the report. "I had a talk with Wade about breaking into the prison records and have your father transferred to the same cell as Drakken. He knew that Shego would be around to bust him out sooner or later. He could have ended up escaping with them."

"Personally, I'm glad he got hurt. He deserved it." Bonnie sipped her soda as she too remembered the report her family had gotten on her father's condition. "Almost makes me like Shego."

"Yeah, but he's still your father, even after everything he's done." Kim looked to Ron for support but found none. "It still doesn't seem right to celebrate someone getting hurt."

That seemed to hit both Ron and Bonnie, who looked sheepish. "Sorry KP."

Kim smiled back at them to let them know she didn't mind, especially since even a part of her was happy about what happened to him. Kim decided to change the subject a little. "Any other word from Connie?"

"Not since Dad got hurt. I'm just glad I answered the phone, cause I don't think Mom could have taken anouther blame session from Connie that quickly."

"Hey guys, why so serious?" All heads at the table turned to see Tara walking in, hand in hand with her new boyfriend Kevin.

"Nothing to worry about." Kim motioned to the space beside her. "Come on, sit down."

Tara seemed happy to comply, though Kevin looked a little uncomfortable. It hadn't been a normal welcome to the group for Kevin, not with Tara tearing Bonnie and Monique a new one on their first date for spying on them. Still, things had settled down, even if Bonnie and Tara's relationship had been strained a bit more, though that was mitigated largely by Bonnie's quick acceptance of her new boyfriend. Ron quickly noticed Kevin's discomfort, smiling. "Dude, it's cool. Besides..." Ron glanced around the table and then gave Bonnie a squeeze, "where else are you gonna sit with such beautilicious babes available?"

Tara giggled, Kim gave Ron the eye, even as she blushed slightly, but it was Bonnie who spoke. "Laying it on a bit thick there, aren't you Casanova."

Ron raised his free hand defensively. "Just calling its as I sees its." Ron glanced around the table, seeing everyone that was there. "Looks like almost everyone is here, we're just waiting on..."

"Wait no more, I have arrived," Monique sat down beside Ron with a grin on her face and a tray laden with food, "and look who I found outside." Monique waved her hand as Felix rolled up to the end of the table.

Kim smiled as she saw almost all the gang together, though the absence of Josh was still painful. Ignoring that, she raised her glass in the air, smiling. "Well folks, here's to the end of anouther school year. May the next be even better."

"And filled with less Barkin."

Everyone at the table laughed as Ron cut in, but none of them disagreed with him.


Ron took Bonnie's hand as he helped her off the bike, giving her a moment to straighten her hair after pulling her helmet off. Hand in hand, the pair walked up to her door, pausing once they arrived at the front egress.

Bonnie wrapped her arms around her boyfriend with a smile. "I had a great time tonight Ron."

"I did too." His face leaned closer to hers, enjoying the scent of her purfume.

"It's been a crazy year, hasn't it?" Bonnie leaned her head against his shoulder, looking up into the star filled sky. "I wonder what would have happened if you hadn't asked me out?"

Ron gave that some thought for a moment, considering. "Well... you'd probably be with Brick again and I'd still be asking every single girl out to whatever dance was happening next."

"Uhh... well that killed the mood." Bonnie laughed at the crestfallen look on Ron's face. "Don't worry, I'm kidding."

Ron pressed his forehead to hers, looking deep into her eyes. "I can't believe how lucky I was asking you out."

"Ron, I think I was the lucky one." Bonnie kissed him quickly. "Without you in my life... I don't know what I would have done." Her gaze met his, her eyes filled with love. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Under the light of the full moon, the two lovers kissed. The bonds of their new love had been tested several times since their joining but had never broken. With their friends to support them, and each other, both felt that their love would carry them always.


Author's Notes – We have finally come to the end of this portion of the tale. It's been a long ride since this started as a humble one-shot, wanting to play with a bit of Ron/Bon for the first time. I have to say, I'm very happy with this. Now remember folks, don't forget to nominate this story at the Fannie Awards (shameless promotion I know, but I gotta do it) and for those who know of them, nominate it for a UFO Award as well. Impossible Love finished 3rd at last year's awards, and I'd like a shot at 1st... provided King in Yellow doesn't take it again. lol

Things to look for in the sequel, Valentine's Dreams;

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The trial of John Rockwaller doesn't go the way anyone expected it to thanks to Connie Rockwaller.

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