Help Me Find My Wings


Rune Wolfe

Pairings: Yuuri/Wolfram

Disclaimer: I own none of Kyou Kara Maou

Note: This is an angst/fluff story with mature scenes, but doesn't really follow the story at all, its sort of a one-shot thing, I 'm not sure how far I'm going with this. So …yeah….enjoy. It's sort of a play on how Yuuri's mother always wanted her babies to have wings.

Chapter 1: Collecting Feathers

Yuuri held up his hand to defend his eyes from the glaring sun as they reached the street, smiling softly as he turned to watch Wolfram carefully climbing the last few stairs. Wolfram had to be careful, if he were to fall, he would not only get hurt, but he could lose the child he had been carrying for 2 months. Yuuri grabbed his husband's hand as he stepped onto the sidewalk beside him.

Finally out of the train station they began their trek to Yuuri's house, followed closely by Conrad, Ken, Gwendal, and Shori who had met them when they arrived from Kyoto.

It was Christmastime and they had all agreed to spend the holiday season with Yuuri's parents. Now 21, Yuuri didn't see them as often, so this would be his first time back in a year or so. His mother and father didn't even know about Wolfram's pregnancy yet.

Wolfram tightened his grip on Yuuri's fingers when he noticed how nervous he was. His husband had become oddly silent, trying to mull over how exactly to deliver the big news. Sure, it wouldn't be a problem for his parents, in fact his mother would be overjoyed; but he and Wolfram had not told Conrad and Gwendal yet either.

For the past month or so Ken had lobbed clues at Conrad and Gwendal about the baby, but so far Wolfram's elder brothers seemed clueless.

"It'll be alright, Yuuri," Wolfram murmured, exhausted from the trip.

But Yuuri could only smile and nod, avoiding Wolfram's sea-green eyes.




Approximately 20 minutes later they were all seated in the Shibuya residence drinking tea and catching up on the gossip of both worlds. Yuuri found, as he got older, just sitting and talking became a much more fascinating pastime. Yet, he was still not quite old enough not to get fidgety.

"So, Yuu-chan, why were you in Kyoto again?" His mother was as cheerful as ever.

"We were sightseeing. We sort of caught bad weather though."

"Poor Yuu-chan. Neh, Wolfram, did you enjoy Kyoto?"

Wolfram had been sipping his tea quietly during the whole conversation, something within him felt off. Yet he smiled and nodded, "It was very nice."

Just then something 'dinged' from within the kitchen and Miko quickly skipped off to check on it. Wolfram returned to sipping his tea. What was it? Something felt different. Was he nervous? Yes, he thought, that must be it, I'm just nervous.




It was 11:00 when Yuuri and Wolfram reached their hotel room. There had been no room at Yuuri's house, and besides it would have been difficult fitting him and Wolfram into his twin-sized bed.

Once unpacked and ready for bed, Wolfram lay back on the mattress sighing contentedly. Ever since their wedding three years ago he had been the happiest person alive. At the sight of his husband sprawled out on the cover Yuuri grinned, crawling quietly over to him.

Wolfram's eyes flickered open as Yuuri kissed his cheek. "Hennachoko," he muttered, sleep tugging at his eyes which quickly slipped closed again. Yuuri stifled a chuckle at this reaction.

"Wolfram…." But soon enough his thoughts began to drift, his eyes following Wolfram's flawless figure to the part of his stomach which was revealed. A sense of guilt stirred within Yuuri like it did every time he thought about the baby.

I don't deserve to be this child's father, he scolded himself; I'm a worthless liar. Tears swelled up in his eyes, but he fiercely brushed them away and buried himself beneath the sheets.




Yuuri twisted restlessly in his sleep, small beads of sweat rolling down his face. They were there in his head, monsters from the past reaching out to grasp him. Yet they were fuzzy and unfamiliar. Wolfram woke as the young king screamed out his name.

"Yuuri," Wolfram whispered, "what's wrong? What is it?" his gentle hands stroked Yuuri's cheeks tenderly, his emerald eyes heavy with concern. Shining obsidian orbs returned the gaze with apparent fear and need. Wolfram kissed his forehead softly, feeling Yuuri's chest heaving in and out as he leaned in closer. "Yuuri what's wrong?"

But Yuuri shook his head, still slightly disoriented, "I don't remember." In the darkness he flinched, he hated having to lie to Wolfram. He did remember, he remembered everything, and it was then that he realized there was still something he had to tell Wolfram.