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The assignment was simple. "Write a poem in English," said their teacher, "about your classmates. Try to use as florid a variety of words as you can. Yes, Jounouchi, poetry..."

Ryou Bakura had wandered home after school, thinking. He didn't have a way with words; at least he was a fast learner, and knew English better than most of the other students. His walk had taken him through Domino City, along the winding sidewalk, eyes searching for inspiration. Window shopping gave him a few ideas; he considered, for a moment, comparing his classmates to the various shops in town, based on what they sold. But after awhile of contemplation, he realized that he didn't really know his classmates that well. What would the Miho store sell?

Maybe Jounouchi would sell knives. Although Ryou smiled at the thought, it occurred to him that he could offend people that way, and abandoned the idea.

Cherry blossoms fluttered through the air as he walked past the neighbor's cherry tree; a few white-pink petals caught in his hair. Flowers...

Ryou started dinner, and sat down at the table with his notebook. For awhile, he did nothing but sit, gnawing the end of his pencil. Dinner was done before he'd written anything at all.

Yugi is a red rose... beauty and determination and blushing romance... Yugi is a sunflower, proud and glorious...

Except Yugi's short, Ryou thought. Sunflowers are taller than he is.

The Pharaoh makes him look taller. It fits, declared the voice in his head. So Ryou wrote down sunflower as well.

Anzu is a daisy... small and sturdy but graceful... Jounouchi is a dahlia, prickly and burdened and strong... Honda is amaranthus, Love Lies Bleeding and forgotten quickly... Kaiba is a bachelor button, fragile and haughty...

Otogi is an iris, strange and unique. I am

His pencil froze above the paper. He didn't know. Gardenia, said Yami No Bakura, white and frail.

a gardenia, pale and quiet; and a forget-me-not with a worthless romance;


and a geranium, bloodstained but determined;


and an apple blossom, just the host for something greater...

"What is Miho?" Ryou wondered, drumming his pencil on the notebook's open pages.



And, quite suddenly, the Millenium Ring flashed. Ryou visibly tensed; he felt hot breath on his hair and the back of his neck, and didn't need to look up to know who was standing behind him. Yami No Bakura gripped his host by the shoulders, leaned over Ryou at an awkward angle, and commenced kissing him.

Worthless? the millenium spirit inquired- mentally, because their mouths were busy with other tasks.

You hadn't been doing this for awhile! Ryou thought back, defensively. Yami No Bakura leaned back, freeing them both from the awkward (but, somehow, very comfortable) position. And it is worthless. Wouldn't you rather kill the pharaoh than kiss me?

No, Yami No Bakura said pleasantly.

Oh, was all Ryou could manage. Particularly since a certain ring-spirit's lips were demanding immediate attention.

Well, I suppose that's what erasers are for.