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When the kids are asleep……the parents will play!

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Pairing: Inuyasha/Kagome


Kagome was on her way home after a long day of purifying demons, and helping the miko from a neighboring village with her training. The miko who had resided there previously had recently passed away in her sleep, so obviously a new miko was needed to take her place. The new miko was quite young, and had not completed her training yet. Kagome had volunteered to help with her training, so that she would be ready sooner. Yet, now Kagome was starting to regret volunteering for this, it constituted long days away from her own village, and her family there.

'Inuyasha is not going to be happy about how late I am getting back, especially if he finds out I came back on my own,' thought Kagome. 'Even if I am finally trained, he doesn't like me wandering around by myself, especially at night.'

As Kagome walked down the path that led to her village, she noticed that there was a rustling among the bushes. But her hair also rippled as a gust of wind came through, so she played it off as just being the wind. She couldn't sense anyone or thing in the bushes, so she felt relatively safe as she walked. She even began to hum as she walked.

I never meant to be so bad to you,

One thing I said that I would never do.

One look from you and I would fall from grace,

And that would wipe this smile right from my face.

Do you remember where we used to dance?

And incidence arose from circumstance

One thing lead to another we were young
and we would scream together songs unsung.

It was the heat of the moment
telling me what your heart meant
Heat of the moment shone in your eyes

and now you find yourself in 82
The disco hotspots hold no charm for you
You can't concern yourself with bigger things
You catch the pearl and ride the dragon's wings

Cause it was the heat of the moment
telling me what your heart meant
Heat of the moment shone in your eyes

When your looks are gone and you're alone
how many nights you sit beside the phone
what were the things you wanted for yourself
Teenage ambition you remember well

It was the heat of the moment
telling me what your heart meant
Heat of the moment shone in your eyes

It was the heat of the moment
telling me what your heart meant
Heat of the moment shone in your eyes.

Kagome had just crested the hill that over looked her village when someone wrapped their arms around her waist and yanked her backwards, dragging her over to a tree, and thrust her forward into the tree. She was now pressed with her back against the tree, ready to scream for Inuyasha, when she looked up into the face of her would be molester. Two shining golden eyes were staring directly into her own glowing eyes. 'Shit he scared the crap out of me. I'll have to remember to get back at him later for it. He shouldn't be doing things like tha….Oh God!' Kagome moaned as a set of warm lips were pressed to her neck, right on top of the mating mark on the left side. The lips then started to suck on the mark, sending bolts of pure pleasure straight to the place between her legs, the spot that was now throbbing with need for the man in front of her.

Inuyasha had been waiting for her to return. She had been gone all day, and he had been forced to endure not only the perverted monk's stupid antics with Sango, but also Shippo complaining that Keishin was eating all of his pocky. 'That's it pup, show him he can't push you around just because you are younger than him, and he's full demon,' praised Inuyasha.

Keishin was about a year old, and he was developing at the normal rate for a hanyou child. Inuyasha couldn't have been happier when Kagome had come to him and told him that they were having a baby, not even half a year after they were mated. Of course, the mood swings hadn't been fun at all, but since Kagome had removed the rosary and could no longer subdue him with that hated word, it hadn't been too bad.

Now here he sat waiting for her to return from the village she had spent her day in, when all of a sudden he could smell her scent, just over the hill. He dashed up the hill and circled around to come up behind her. As he ambushed her, he could tell that she had been preoccupied in thought because she hadn't sensed him coming. He shoved her up against a near by tree and proceeded to ravish her neck with kisses, taking time to suck on his mark. He knew what that mark did. It heightened all of the feelings he caused his Kagome to experience….oh yeah, this was going to be good.

Kagome could not seem to catch her breath as Inuyasha made his way down her front, untying her haori as he went. She hated wearing the traditional miko robes, so instead of the traditional red and white, she wore midnight blue hakamas and a creamy baby blue haori with a cream under shirt, which was now on the ground behind her.

Inuyasha proceeded to move to her left breast, sucking incessantly on her beaded nipple, relishing in her moans. He cupped her right breast in his left hand and sighed as Kagome lifter her hands to massage his ears. He groaned as she gently rubbed at the base, the vibrations from his moan causing the sensations on her nipple to increase, and Kagome to moan in turn.

Kagome decided that she had had enough of Inuyasha being in charge, so she shoved his shoulders rather roughly to get him to back off. When he had stumbled dazedly back from her, she took the advantage and kicked his feet out from under him. He fell on his back, and Kagome immediately pounced on his chest. She quickly got him out of his inner and outer haori and promptly started to work on the ties of his hakamas. As she worked on the ties, she started to kiss his chest, lightly circling his nipples with her tongue and sucking on the tight little beads, eliciting several moans from Inuyasha's lips. She made her way down his stomach and dipped her tongue into his belly button as she came upon it. When she had freed his erection, she gave him no room to switch their positions as she sucked his member into her mouth. She loved to do this, loved the feelings of control she had over her hanyou. He may have been a hanyou, and stronger than her, but he was reduced to whining and begging when she got him like this. His groans and growls were music to her ears.

Inuyasha loved the feel of his mate's hot, wet mouth encasing his erection. She had become quite talented over the last year, when they didn't have enough time or privacy to actually mate. Having a pup put quite a damper on when they were able to mate, but tonight, he had bribed Kilala to watch over Keishin and Shippo so that he and his Kagome could have some alone time. All thought fled Inuyasha's mind when Kagome began to deep throat him. Every time his head hit the back of her throat, a spasm would shoot all the way through his penis to his balls. He loved when his woman would do this for him, and he knew that when she was done, he would be between her legs so fast, she wouldn't know what had licked her until it was too late. Ha-ha. Just as he began to laugh in his head he felt that tightening in his body that let him know he was about to cum.

"Kami Kagome! I'm cumming! SHIT!" Inuyasha howled as his release came upon him. He looked down to see his breath-taking mate swallow every drop that came out and then she licked him clean. 'Wow, that's all I can think of. No matter how many times we go at it, it never gets boring!' In a flash, Inuyasha had Kagome on her back, with both of her haori's spread out behind her so that she wasn't lying on the ground. Inuyasha proceeded to yank off her hakamas and her panties all in one clean sweep. Her aroused scent hit him full on as he dipped his head toward her welcoming heat. He gave a tentative lick to her folds, circling around her clit, and then suddenly thrust his tongue into her tight passage.

"I-Inu…Inuyasha! Oh KAMI!" screamed Kagome as Inuyasha fucked her with his mouth. His thrusting tongue was driving her nuts, and he knew it. All Kagome could do was writhe and moan, hoping that this sweet torture would end soon, but hoping at the same time that is would never end. When his hand came into play and started to rub rough little circles around her clit, she shuddered as her climax washed over her. "INUYASHA!" Kagome screamed to the heavens. She could feel him licking her clean, and then pushing himself up and positioning his now throbbing member at her entrance. As he pushed home, Kagome gave another piercing scream as the motion brought more ripples of pleasure to her already exhausted body.

Inuyasha started up a steady rhythm, in out in out, speeding up every time he heard Kagome moan for him to go faster. Moments later, when he felt her walls begin to flutter; he sped up even faster until he was pounding into her wet passage. His love for this woman knew no bounds, especially when she was hot, wet, and writhing beneath him.

Kagome was helpless against the onslaught of emotions and sensations elicited from her mate pounding himself into her tight passage. She could feel the tight coil with in her begin to tighten further, and knew that she was close. She was so close that she almost screamed in frustration, until she heard Inuyasha pant in her ear, "Cum for me Koi, cum and scream my name." His whispered pants were all Kagome needed to hear. All she could do was grasp Inuyasha's shoulders as her climax washed over her. "INUYASHA!"

Inuyasha could hold back no more, and thrust violently into his mate's tight sheath one last time. His seed shot out and into her waiting womb as he felt his phallus swell to the point where it could not be removed at the time. (It is one of his traits from his father's blood. When a dog mates, its penis will swell after its climax to ensure that none of the semen will come out until the female is pregnant.) Inuyasha slowly lowered himself to the side of Kagome, and shifted till she was on top of him, since he could not pull away yet. Kagome experimentally clenched her inner muscles around his cock, and Inuyasha hissed out the air he had just breathed in.

"Let's not start that again until I can move, Kagome. You remember what happened last time?" inquired Inuyasha.

"Oh yeah I do, that was one of the best nights of my life Inu. It was absolutely delicious." Her lusty purr did nothing to calm his raging hormones.

"Maybe we can have another go then?"

Kagome was too busy reminiscing about the last time she had done that to her mate. It had resulted in Keishin, 9 months later. It was definitely a night she would always remember. At that thought, she remembered Keishin and Shippo.

"Where are Shippo and Keishin? Don't tell me you left them alone!" Kagome began to panic, in her lusty haze, she had temporarily forgotten about everything else, including her children.

"Shhh, they are fine, I had Kilala watch after them, I wanted a little bit of alone time with my mate. Is that too much to ask for?"

"You know it's not, but we can't be out here all night, I do need to rest some before I have to go back and continue to train that miko."

Inuyasha felt his cock shrink enough to where he could move it again, so he decided that there had been enough talk for that night. He was unconcerned about the new miko and her stupid village. It wasn't his fault they only had a young, untrained miko to take over. All he cared about was the beautiful, passionate, drop dead gorgeous, and loving woman that was currently beneath him…right where he wanted her.

As he started the rhythm again, he thought of what a turn his life had made for the better, and silently thanked the Kami's for bringing this amazing woman into his life.

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