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Summary: Two elite groups: Four Boys in the group of YAKUZA and another group of Four Girls in the group of YAZUKI. These groups are the most Elite gang ever thus, they are individually. They're strong and they can do whatever they may want to do; most of the time, they beat or bully people they don't like…. Now, what will happen if they ever meet? Do they even have any idea what will it ends to?


Neji x Tenten (might be the main)

Sasuke x Sakura

Shikamaru x Ino

Naruto x Hinata

Maybe others….


"Words Spoken"



'Inner Selves'

Never Expected

Chapter Six: Hope to See You Again?

So Neji, Tenten, Sasuke, and Sakura ordered their meals. Sakura had only ordered in 'McDonalds' her Pancake, Strawberry Shakes, and French Fries, like Ino because they're in diet (as if…). Tenten didn't care much as she ordered in 'Freshness Burger' her Double Cheese Burger, Onion Rings, and coleslaw and of course water. Neji and Sasuke had ordered in 'M's Dining' their steak, rice, and water…well Sasuke got soda.

The four started eating silently.

Ino got irritated and whispered something, "Hey had a good time? Did something happen really goooooooooood?"

Sakura and Tenten ignored her.

It was Hinata's turn to whisper, "Uhm…perhaps they took…advantage of e-each o-other?"

Sakura and Tenten choked at the same time and coughed, "N-no!"

"W-Water…." Tenten tried to speak out.

"Sh-Shakes!" Sakura also tried to speak out.

Neji and Sasuke sat across them as they stopped to look at Tenten and Sakura. Tenten took the nearby water and Sakura took the nearby drink. They drank some and sighed annoyingly turning their heads towards Ino and Hinata, who was laughing their heads off.

Sakura was red in the face, "YOU!" but then, she realized something as she blinked and tasted her mouth, "This tastes…like…soda? But I thought I ordered STRAWBERRY SHAKES!"

Sasuke snorted, "You finally realized?"

Sakura glared at him, "What! It's not like you know everything!"

"Really? Let's see then." Sasuke said grinning slightly as he drank his Soda.

Sakura stared with wide eyes, "OMG! I DRANK YOUR DRINK!"

How weird….?

Sasuke smirked.

Sakura banged her head on the table and looked at Tenten with her red forehead, "What about you!"

Tenten was trying to stop her laugh as she choked slightly, "What about…me?"

"You drank the wrong glass too!" Sakura exclaimed with teary eyes.

Tenten sweat dropped, "Okay…. I think I didn't…?"

Sakura looked at Neji with flaming eyes, "She did, didn't she!"

Neji smirked and drank his water, "I think she did…."

Tenten stared at Neji with mouth agape slightly, "No…way!"

"Yes way….." Neji continued to smirk.

Tenten hissed, "I wrongly took your drink, I apologize. Bastard…!"

Sasuke looked at Sakura, "Why don't you apologize too?"

Sakura pouted cutely, "Okay fine! I'm sorry I took your drink Sasuke-kun!"

Oh…the cruelty…

Sasuke tried not to blush hard, "A-Aa…."

Sakura smiled at him adorably, "Thank ya!"

"Why couldn't you apologize nicer too?" mocked Neji at Tenten.

"Alright…I am sorry I have accidentally drunk thy precious drink." Tenten said sighing irritably.

Neji smirked, "Very well…."

"We're not your slaves though…." muttered the four girls at the same time.

"We know." said the boys coolly.

The girls rolled their eyes.

Tenten finished eating and miraculously, at the same time as Neji. They looked at each other for a brief moment but shrugged it off fixing their mess. They drank their water at the same time and went back their seats calmly at the same time.

"Why are you following what I'm doing!" Tenten complained.

Neji twitched, "Why would I follow you of all people?"

Tenten glared.

Neji glared back.

They had a glaring contest.

The others sweat dropped.

Naruto whistled, "YOOHOOO! I SMELL SOMETHING!"

The others realized what he was saying and decided to play along.

"Yup! Yup! I smell something too!" grinned Sakura.

"Who else does?" Ino teased coyly.

Shikamaru, Sasuke, and Hinata raised their hands mockingly.

"Troublesome it is…but I smell some mushy-gushy thingy…." Shikamaru also whistled.

Sasuke grinned slightly, "Hn…it is as strong as the bad odor around me…."

Sakura glared hardly at him and muttered, "Fuck you…."

Sasuke winked.

Sakura stuck her tongue out.

Ino chortled like a witch, "We smell…"

"Romance!" Naruto, Sakura, and Hinata chanted. Sasuke and Shikamaru only said it mockingly.

Ino and Sakura laughed maniacally.

Sadly, Neji and Tenten were too busy to notice.

Naruto sobbed, "They're ignoring us…."

The others sweat dropped and sighed.


Half an hour later…

Shikamaru was snoring.

Sakura and Ino are slumped on each of Hinata shoulders.

Hinata was slowly dozing off.

Naruto was drooling on the table.

Sasuke was drifting cutely with his head accidentally on Sakura's arm.

Neji and Tenten became tired and lowered their heads as they sighed.

"This is pointless…." Tenten muttered.

"Hn…." Neji replied stoically.

They looked up and stared at each other for awhile until Tenten smiled slightly and looked away. She frowned and walked to her friends.

Neji, on the other hand, looked at her every movement and shrugged as he too frowned as he walked over to his pals.

"They'd dozed off…." Tenten said.

Neji nodded, "Aa…."

Tenten shook her friends, "Guys!"

Neji simply shook his friends without any words.

Tenten sweat dropped and shoved Neji aside, "I'll wake them up."

Neji let her do what she wants.

"Boys! Girls! School starts tomorrow! We need to go home as soon as possible." Tenten said.

With that, Neji looked at Tenten, 'School…tomorrow….'

Tenten stopped waking her friends and Neji's pals as soon as she saw their eyes slightly open.

"School starts tomorrow. We need to go, girls." Tenten said.

Sakura, Ino, and Hinata immediately shot up, "I almost forgot!"

Tenten sighed, "Let's go."

The guys frowned at them.

They frowned back, "What?"

"What? You're going! Can't we spend more time with you?" asked Naruto with puppy-dog eyes.

Hinata blushed, "Ano…I'm sorry Na-Naruto-kun, b-but…."

"That's really sweet of you Naruto, but we really need to go—hey, wait!" Sakura said as she looked at Tenten.

"Yeah?" asked Tenten.

"Didn't we come here for shopping too?" asked Sakura.

Ino and Hinata brightened up, "Yeah!"

Tenten flinched, "But…I didn't want to go shopping in the first place!"

Sakura and Ino shook their heads, "Tsk…tsk…we granted your request by going with you in the Food Court first, so now you have to repay us!"

Hinata smiled, "Yes Tenten-chan…after all, what is the purpose of going here?"

Tenten sighed, "And I thought I can get away…."

"Nope!" said the three girls.

"Alright…. I'll go with you." Tenten said.

"Yes! We'll go buy new clothes, okay! Also we need some for tomorrow!" Ino said raising her fists into the air.

"Right…from what I've known you have hundreds of closest with pile of clothes everywhere…even your room." Tenten said dryly.

Sakura and Hinata laughed.

Ino glared at Tenten, "Hey!"

Sakura grinned, "You're going with us and buy some too Ten-chan! No protests!"

Hinata giggled, "Yeah…!"

Tenten clucked her tongue, "I don't need buying new ones…."

"Nope! You'll go with us!" Sakura said.

"Maybe…." Tenten said nodding.

The guys were totally out of place.

The girls turned to them, "Well?"

"Well what?" the guys asked.

"We're going shopping! So, bye!" Sakura and Ino said skipping away ahead.

Hinata and Tenten sweat dropped.

Tenten looked at Hinata, "Can I not go shopping?"

Hinata shook her head.

"Can I just pick you up later? Just call me?" Tenten tried.

Hinata shook her head, "No Tenten-chan…."

"Please?" Tenten tried.

Hinata shook her head once again with a cute smile which made Naruto drool and Sasuke smack him.

"Why not?" asked Tenten.

"Because, Tenten-chan, I said no. We said no." Hinata said with her sweet smile, but Tenten knows better; it was a devil's smile.

"Okay…. Fine…." Tenten said, defeated.

Hinata smiled; a sincere cute smile.

Naruto brightened up, "YES! WE'LL GO WITH YOU!"

Hinata immediately blushed madly, "A-Ano?"

Tenten stopped dead in her tracks and tilted her head back, "WHAT?"

Neji, Shikamaru, and Sasuke glared at Naruto.

Naruto grinned, "WHY NOT!"

He skipped after Sakura and Ino who looked at him and punched him square in the face.

"WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING!" the two screamed at him.

Naruto rubbed his head and grinned sheepishly, "Er…we're going to go with you!"

Sakura pouted, "Really?"

Ino stuck her tongue out, "Are you sure?"

Naruto nodded happily.

"Okay!" said Ino and Sakura dragging Naruto with them in various shops.

Hinata soon ran up to catch them.

Tenten laughed darkly, "I should've refused…. Woe is me….."

She began walking slowly, "Goodbye, my dear friends. See you in…heaven."

The guys behind sweat dropped, but followed her.

Tenten suddenly held a ball pen to Sasuke's throat, "Who dares follow me?"

Sasuke blinked, "What the hell?"

Tenten shrugged and released him, "Helpless boys…."

She turned and walked away again.

Neji, Shikamaru, and Sasuke shrugged and followed her once again.

However, Tenten sat on a nearby bench, where they can hear Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and mostly Naruto talking.

Tenten sighed and looked at her friends with Naruto, "They're having a lot of fun….."

She stared blankly.

Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Neji sat beside her; Neji on her left and Sasuke right with Shikamaru beside Sasuke.

Sakura noticed them, "AAAAAAAAAH! Tenten-chan! Come here! Guys! Let's have some fun!"

Ino and Hinata grinned.

Naruto waved at them madly, "YEAH! Come on!"

Tenten smiled and raised a hand, "I'll pass."

That is when steam came out of Sakura and Ino's ears; they stomped towards Tenten and dragged here. The others sweat dropped while Tenten struggled like a little girl.

Hinata smiled at the other guys, "Ano…let's go inside!"

Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Neji shrugged and went in. Hinata smiled and turned to her other girl friends. Naruto went beside his boy friends.

They watched as the girls keep on trying things or clothes making poses, actually Ino and Sakura. They watched as Hinata and Tenten laughed. They saw Tenten took some sunglasses and put it on and smirked coolly. Sakura, Hinata, and Ino laughed. Then, they saw Ino and Sakura went in the fitting room. Emerging out, they saw them in…

Sakura made a sexy pose with red strapless blouse with small pink stars decorated on it. She was wearing micro-mini white shorts with a cowboy hat on. Ino also made a sexy pose and wore fitted a blue tube showing her navel and white micro-mini skirt, also like Sakura, she has a cowboy hat on.

Hinata clapped her hands, "That fits for you two well!"

Tenten grinned and took a picture, "Nice!"

Sakura and Ino turned to the boys and winked, blowing a kiss (directly to Shikamaru and Sasuke). Sasuke and Shikamaru gulped and tried to stop the blush.

Neji smirked.

Naruto applauded, "THAT'S SO LOVELY!"

Tenten and Hinata chuckled.

Naruto then spoke, "Ne! Ne! Why don't you two dress up too?"

He pointed towards Hinata and Tenten.

Hinata blushed, "E-Eh!"

Tenten glared at him disdainfully, "No way…!"

Ino and Sakura grinned evilly, "Good idea!"

Tenten and Hinata gulped.

Tenten prepared to run, but Sakura pulled her into the fitting room as soon as she can, shoving a lot of clothes for Tenten inside.

"Fit those, Tennie!" she grinned madly, laughing.

Ino also grinned and pushed Hinata in, "C'mon!"

The boys watched.

They heard Tenten cursed, "Damn! Oh hell! You're gonna get this UZUMAKI."

Naruto laughed nervously.

They heard Hinata sniffed, "Why…! Oh why!"

They all sweat dropped.

Sakura tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for Tenten…. A vein popped into her huge, but cute (according to Sasuke) forehead, "Tennie! I'm going in!"

She went in to where Tenten is (since the fitting room is too big). She screeched.

"You aren't even dressing up with one of these clothes!"

Everyone heard from outside.

"B-but…I don't wanna!" they heard Tenten whine.

Then, they heard noises.



"AAAAAAAHHHH! No!" Tenten's yell.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! TAKE THAT!" Sakura's evil laughter.

Everybody outside sweat dropped.

Ino also stomped inside where Hinata is. They heard Ino helping Hinata and Hinata sniffing.

At least it was quiet there….

"Hey! Ino-Pig! Ready!" asked Sakura.

"Yep! One! Two! Three!" Ino said.

The fitting room's door opened and it revealed Sakura, Ino, and Hinata…with a furious Tenten behind Sakura.

"He-He…I'm not going out like this…. UZUMAKI." She muttered deadly.

Sakura patted Tenten on the back and pulled her from behind her.

Neji, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Naruto's jaw dropped as they saw Tenten, Sakura, Ino, and Hinata. Did I mention blushes on their faces?

"So? What do you guys think!" asked Ino stepping in front of the boys.

Shikamaru was speechless, "Ah…it's…."

Sakura blew a kiss, "C'mon!"

Hinata laughed nervously. She was wearing a violet tank top with white stripes diagonally. Her mini-skirt was also white with a brown belt around her waist.

Naruto practically drooled, "Wow…Hinata-chan…you look really pretty!"

In a split of second, he felt a cold metal (it's a metal made pen) against his neck. He froze and never dared turn around.

"Uh…he-hey! Uh…Tenten! Y-You look…great…too!" he said nervously.

"Really?" asked an evil sweet voice.

"Uh…yeah!" Naruto tried.

"A-Ano! Tenten-chan!" Hinata pleaded.

"That won't work, idiot. Screw yourself, damn it!" snarled Tenten, "You're free for now. I'm giving credits to Hinata, stupid."

Hinata blushed as Naruto ran to hug her, "WAAAAAN! Thank you Hinata-chan!"

Ino huffed, "Don't you dare hug our dear Hinata-chan!"

Sakura whacked Naruto on the head, "BAKA!"

Neji glared.

Shikamaru was still staring at Ino.

Sasuke was looking at Sakura's…er…butt.

'Look at that…nice ass…!'

Tenten noticed it and smirked, "Busy, are we? U-chi-ha-kuuuuun!"

Sasuke was already drooling so…he didn't hear her.

Neji twitched and looked behind him.

Oooops…big mistake.

He immediately turned away and looked at the ground.

Yes, the Hyuuga Neji was blushing, did I also mention that…he's (trying to wipe) wiping the blood from his nose?

Tenten raised a brow and poked his back, "Hey, freak?"


Meanwhile, after seeing what the Uchiha had done, Sakura smirked proudly at him…why? 'Cause he's now suffering, clutching his…er…jewels again.

"Shit…damn…it…!" he cursed painfully. 'Crap…wonder how her ass feels? Is it soft? Smooth—? AAAAAAAAAHHHH! BAD SASUKE! BAD!'

Sakura smiled at him sweetly, crouching in front of him, "You listen well, ne?"


'Good idea! Remind me to do that next time!'



Meanwhile, at Ino, she batted her eyelashes cutely at Shikamaru, "Shika-kun? What's wrong?"

Ooooh…evil girls….

Shikamaru opened his mouth to speak, "Uh…er…you…"

Ino smirked, "Do you want a kiss?"

'Let's have some fun! HIHIHIHIHIHIHI!' (Ino)

Shikamaru blinked, "Wh-What?"

'No, I want some!' (Shikamaru)


"A-Ano…? Are you alright?" asked a worried Hinata, crouching beside Naruto.

Naruto grinned at her, "Of course! Whenever you're with me, I am!"

Hinata blushed madly, "Na-Naruto-kun? Did Sakura-chan hit you that…that bad?"

"Huh? Oh no!" Naruto said rubbing his head.

Hinata smiled and helped him stand up.

As soon as they're standing, Naruto asked Hinata about something….

"Uh…hey Hinata…can I ask you about something really important?"

"Uhm…s-sure!" Hinata said smiling.

Naruto suddenly looked at her with serious eyes, "Do you mind…—?"

Hinata gasped hearing his really important question.


Neji turned around to face Tenten, who was clearly annoyed.

He counted 1-10 mentally before MENTALLY again, taking a deep breath.

"What?" he asked frankly.

Tenten smiled, "You're funny."

He glared at her, but inside…

'Damn that smile of hers…. Make me want to smile too…! Control, shit!'

Tenten sighed sharply.

She was wearing a white spaghetti translucent strapped blouse. Her mini skirt which exactly wasn't a skirt because it's like a skirt-shorts thing (forgot what you call it) was color black. She has sunglasses on the top of her head. (The girls' hair is in the same style from chapter one).

Neji looked at her head to toe. He stopped near her chest and waist.

'Nice chests…hell perfect slim waist…. Damn it! Stop! FUCK...'

He growled mentally and his gaze landed on her legs.

'Damn she's leggy…. Check out those long and slender legs….'

"Oi! Hyuuga!"

Tenten's call interrupted his…evil thoughts…..

He stared at her face mentally slapping himself.

Outside, his face was emotionless, but inside…who knows..?


Tenten rolled her eyes and headed back to the fitting room, "Whatever…."

After a few minutes, she came back with her previous clothes on and perfectly arranged. She growled and dragged her friends to the fitting room.

"Tennie!" whined Sakura who was enjoying the moment of torturing Chicky-Chicken.

"Twenny-chan!" Ino whined also who was making fun of Cutey-Pine.

Hinata was simply dazed and followed Tenten.

After a few minutes of whining, dragging, and arguing, the girls all finished shopping. Ino and Sakura convinced Tenten to buys the clothes she fitted. Hinata was simply following them; she was freezing hard like a stone.

Neither noticed though...

They walked over to the boys; Sasuke fully recovered, Neji simply emotionless, Shikamaru also recovered, Naruto, an idiot again.

Sakura sighed, "Well…it's time to go!"

Tenten also sighed, "Finally! Oh good lord!"

Ino grinned, "Yahoo! Time for school!"

"A-Ano…the school do-doesn't s-start u-until tomorrow!" Hinata managed to say.

Everyone sweat dropped.

Naruto then smiled, "So…uh…I guess it's a 'goodbye' now!"

Shikamaru muttered, "Troublesome…."

Sasuke scoffed. 'Too bad…it's time to say goodbye to Pinky's ass….'

Bad Sasuke…

Neji simply stayed silent. 'No more fun….'

Ino and Sakura smiled, "Why don't you guys come to the parking lot with us?"

Naruto grinned, "Good idea!"

The others shrugged and headed for the parking lot.

Once they arrived, they stopped in front of a car; a metallic royal blue car AKA 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS.

Naruto blinked, "Hey cool! Our car is this one! Where's yours?"

He pointed to an elegant silver Jaguar car across.

Then suddenly, the metallic royal blue car drove and pushed the horn. The person who drove opened the window.

"Aren't you girls going in?" it was Tenten with her sunglasses on.

The guys stared.

"I-It was YOUR car!" Naruto and Shikamaru exclaimed.

Sakura and Ino looked at them weirdly before going in at the back seat and opened the window, with their sunglasses on, "So what?"

The guys only stared.

Hinata hopped in front beside the driver's seat where Tenten is.

They smiled.

"Bye guys! We had a lot of fun, really! Hope to see you again sometime!" Ino said.

Sakura nodded with a grin, "Especially torturing a certain someone!"

Sasuke glared at her.

"Bye Hinata-chan! Remember what I told you!" Naruto exclaimed.

That left the others confused, but they decided to push it away and ask later.

Hinata nodded and smiled while blushing, "H-Hai!"

"Well, let's get ready for tomorrow!" Tenten said smiling, "Bye!"

The guys simply waved.

Then, Tenten drove off.

The guys were left alone.

"Hell…didn't think that it was theirs…." Sasuke muttered.

The others nodded, agreeing.

"Well, drive off Neji! We're going home too!" Shikamaru said.

Neji unlocked the car automatically and hopped in the driver's seat.

Sasuke sat beside him in front; Naruto and Shikamaru at the back seat.

Neji started the car and Sasuke put a CD in the player and played it…?

Shikamaru fell asleep, resting his head on the seat belt, while Naruto hummed out-of-tune with the music. His guy friends didn't mind at first as they all put their sunglasses on.

Neji then, drove off.

"Hmmm…hmmm…HMMMMM!" Naruto hummed going up and down as in out-of-tune.

Veins popped out of Neji and Sasuke's temples.

Shikamaru got pissed off on their way and smacked Naruto square in the face….. Leaving the golden-blonde unconscious and Shikamaru resumed sleeping.

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