Title: The Illusionist

Chapter: 0. Prologue

Keywords: Luke Skywalker, Vader, father, son,

Author: Wellingtonboots

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Summary: Post-ESB. With the rebellion perilously close to extermination, Han frozen in carbonite, and the emergence of a mysterious, sinister order, Luke is thrown into a tornado of political intrigue andmenacing underworlds as he starts to doubt the truth of his lineage.

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Blood poured onto the worn flagstones and seeped into the cracks forming straight red ribbons of smooth viscous liquid. The world seemed stilled by the spectacle, drawn faces peeked out of narrow windows; weary pedestrians huddled in doorways with their faces turned away from the scene.

More blood seeped out from between shaking white fingers, splattering the pavement with more rounded dots. The wild vicious birds shrieked and flew from their roosts as if complimenting the drama below. Several bolder ones circled overhead as if anticipating more excitement, and blood.

Storm clouds were conspicuously absent from the sky, a rare sight in Prakith City. The sun shone dimly through the thick atmosphere, giving an illusion of approaching dusk.

Slowly they closed in, stepping forwards purposefully yet with a hesitation that betrayed their weariness. The ribbons of red had spread beyond the circle as if it too was trying to flee the inevitable. However the circle had been formed and in every direction was a blue robe and matching zucchetto. They move in perfect unison as if the scene was some part of a well-rehearsed play.

Even before they reached him, Ferus Olin knew the end was here. Detachment was an essential part Jedi philosophy and detachment from ones death seemed almost the correct way to embrace it. He closed his eyes, the drone of the wind increased until it drowned out the shrieks of the birds and the mutterings of the witnesses. The populace should not have been exposed to this, but he had not planned to dies here, on a foreign planet far from home. The eroded off-white walls and characterless streets that he had so despised when he first set foot on the planet seemed almost calming in their regularity.

"Come with us Olin," the voice floated on the wind but it was too faint to have an effect…

"Come with us, we will show you the true meaning of the force," What fragment of humour he had left in his broken soul rallied at the words. Meaning of the Force? That was a new one…

Whether the captor's desperation translated into their pleas seemed inconsequential. The man was already on the verge of death; reasoning would be wasted on him. The only regret was that they had not been able to retrieve much information from him.

Halmere drew his light sabre. It seemed appropriate. The populace would want to see the death of a Jedi and he was never one to defile expectation.

A sizzling clash and the body crumpled silently onto the pavement. Sharp, callous shrieks resounded overhead and the birds congregated en masse on the nearby trees, watching hungrily from the shadowy foliage.

Slowly, reluctantly the stunned pedestrians drew from their huddles as if venturing out into an unknown world. Small whirls of dust and crispy dead leaves whipped through the barren square, appearing and disappearing at whim.

The blood was drying, as if the life force had been leeched from it by death. Dark stains marred the flagstones, marking where the Jedi had fought and died.

The Inquisitors holster their weapons, with grim determination. A Jedi had been slain but there were many others out there. This was the beginning and not the end.

A Jedi had been slain…the Emperor would be pleased.

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