Hi, it's me again; you're probably wondering why I've updated so many stories all at once. It's because I got a sudden feeling that I NEEDED TO WRITE OR ELSE I WOULD EXPLOOOOOODDDEEEEE!

So I wrote this poem about the Quiglet mountain scene.

This is a free-form poem (I THINK that's what it's called) meaning that it does not rhyme, but still has a rhythm, so you COULD put it to song. In my general opinion, all poems are songs waiting to happen, and vise versa. I tried experimenting with it here. It's only my first time with this sort of poetry, so please don't critique it too harshly, but I think I did pretty good.

Please enjoy.


High in the mountains,

Where the air hangs frigid,

Sat Violet and

Her newfound fried,


They wondered aloud

Why their parents

Would hide

So many secrets

From them.

As the snow


To fall,

And day



The wind blew


Ruffling Violet's poncho,

And making

The two friends -

Perhaps more than

Just friends -


"The view is

So lovely

From up here,"

Violet said,

Gazing across

The snowy landscape.

"Very lovely


Quigley murmured.

The two friends -

Perhaps more than

Just friends -

Smiled at each other


Quigley leaned towards Violet

Whispering softly.

He kissed her,

And she kissed him back,

And the two friends -

Perhaps more than

Just friends -

Knew at

That instant,

That it would be a very lovely day