Love's First Mistake

Disclaimer: We do not own anything from the marvelous movie, Van Helsing. The only things we do own are Luminita and Lovette:)

Summary: Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find an injured man in a river. They decide they will shelter and nurse him back to health, but because of it, Dracula kidnaps one of them. Both girls are stuck with men they don't really care for. Now things become dangerous when Dracula discovers a dark secret of their past. How will they survive?


A hope that continued to burn...

Lovette's determination, however, dwindled slightly. Anyone would have felt the same if they were trapped in the arms of a man who could be called a monster. With a scream, Lovette felt herself being carried away from the familiar faces of her loved ones, and instead, being thrust onto the ground with a force of a train. A gentleman would have made her fall less painful, but the Count was so full of rage that he did not hear, nor care for her cry.

"Gabriel, you bastard!" His mind was full of seething rage; "I shall never forgive you for this!"

"Let me go, you monster!" Lovette shouted, getting up to her feet with a wince. From below their floor, howling and shouts could be heard, along with a scream that made her wince even more horribly. She hoped that Luminita and Van Helsing were not hurt in the battle they were involved in right now…

"Luminita… Gabriel…" She thought, "Please be alright..."

Dracula turned to look at her, and his eyes glowed with the color of murder. Lovette felt herself shiver and move a step back. Looking around, she realized that she had nowhere else to run to escape. She was in a huge foyer with high walls, pillars and ceilings, covered in snow and ice. She glanced over her back to see the huge door, clamped shut by cruel iron chains and padlocks. Dracula had made certain that no one who came into this room would ever escape without his help. Lovette's wedding gown was making it hard for her to move, her movement looking unnatural; uncomfortable. She ripped off the veil on her head and threw it with distaste onto the floor. "I said, let me go!" she repeated. The only response was a cold chuckle that suddenly cut through the icy air, causing the frightened girl to back away and run for her life. Instead, she stood her ground and pushed away the fear, letting the small but powerful dose of courage flow through her veins.

"Nothing… will stop me from marrying you this time, my beautiful Lovette… You belong to me! You always have… If Gabriel had not interfered, you would have been in my grasp without any fault! Instead, he destroys our celebration and comes to take you away with him…" Dracula hissed, his fangs growing venomously. His fists were clenched so tight the veins were throbbing for mercy.

"I'd rather be with him than you!" Lovette snapped back, "At least he cares about what I feel!"

The Count released a roar and within moments, Lovette found herself inches from his nose.

"Do you honestly think I do not care about what you feel?" Dracula growled with a fearsome hiss.

"If you did, you would have let me go!" Lovette cried out.

With a sudden flash, Lovette was pulled into his arms. And to her horror, she was unable to move. Her eyes widened as she watched the Count move close to her, closing his eyes. She felt Dracula kiss her deeply; luring her far into it that she will have no escape. Dracula was controlling her body with a spell, leaving her unable to push away or stray from his kiss. And yet… somehow… despite the fact that this man was an imposter in her life and was about to destroy it… Looking into those lonely, cold eyes of a dark, hollow man… She could see a child inside, a boy who was so lost he had forgotten all hope of ever being saved. A young child searching for a love to call his own. To this man, Lovette was a source of light that he needed to follow.

Dracula began to run a hand through her hair, kissing her with every inch of his being. He felt everything he wanted coming from this girl. He saw her at his side, his bride… his only bride. The love that only Shakespeare himself had written. Together, they would have a family. He would find happiness once again. Feel what it was like to be alive despite all obstacles! Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the golden wedding band he had wanted to slip onto Lovette's finger. He drew the ring to his hand and touched Lovette's own. Finding the ring finger, he carefully tried to slip it on.

"My Lovette… my saving light."

Lovette felt the motion towards her finger, drawing her closer to Dracula's kiss. She could hear him, his desperate search for the light. His dying need for it...

I cannot be that light, Dracula… I do not love you. Lovette thought, and she knew that Dracula had heard. Suddenly the numb feeling in her body vanished, and she could feel her own movements again. Lovette could see something in the Count's face, a disbelieving look of shock and anger. A broken hearted lover, who had just gotten his soul shattered by a woman he thought loved him back. His hands were shaking, his eyes burning with a hurt so great… Lovette swore… she almost saw pain. He let her go and backed away from her.

"No… It is not true! You have returned to me… For thousands of years, I have waited for your company… For you to finally see the reality of our love! You cannot leave me… You cannot…" Dracula shouted desperately, but this time his words were fading. His eyes were wide as he heard Lovette speak with a new calm.

"I can, and I will." She tried to push away and walk towards the door, "I do not love you, Dracula." She turned to face him, "I am in love with Gabriel Van Helsing."

The words echoed through the room as though an angel had spoken. Something so powerful could be heard throughout the world had the door been open. Lovette couldn't even believe the words that had come from her. The love that had been there was so pure, she could not believe it.

She looked at Dracula. His face was stone still, as though not even wanting to register what his beloved had just said. His little light, his last source of hope… was in love with another… just like it had been so many years ago. His gaze continued to pierce her, not leaving her eyes. She sighed and continued to look at him. She looked down at her finger and slipped the golden ring off.

"Please…" She whispered, "Let me go… I do not love you. If you care for me... let me go with the man I love."

Dracula opened his mouth to answer, but this time he wasn't able to… He had never seen, felt, something so strong emanate from such a small and yet so strong-willed person. Someone so pure and kind coming before him, begging for freedom. Freedom she needed in order to live. If he was a decent living man with a heart, he may have let go of the beauty before him. He would have taken her back to Gabriel... and perhaps even gained a kiss from her in the end. Instead… the same familiar emotion started to barge through his heartbroken soul… An emotion that had gotten him killed before…

And yet… he let it in... After all, he was the Son of the Devil. And an emotion named jealousy… Well, that was just a plus to blind him of what he didn't want to see…

He didn't want to see Gabriel win again; take away the one thing in his life that meant something. Even as a child, he had stood in Gabriel Van Helsing's shadow. Forced to give up everything, enough was enough.

With a sudden burst of anger, the Count's expression changed. It was the last straw, as his anger, pain, sadness… all those emotions he thought he would never feel until now, exploded and then snapped sharply. Lovette gave out a scream… Dracula… He was no longer the immortal gentleman with just a broken heart… He had chosen a path that would lead to destruction and death.

The pure angel could feel the poison flooding through the foyer and without her consent; she felt tears run down her face. Tears of pity and sadness. She fell to her knees and began to weep, like a prisoner begging to see the light of day.

"Let me go." She wept.

"NOOOOOOOO! I will not let you go! Especially to a man like GABRIEL!!!" Dracula roared, his voice echoing through the air like a treacherous beast.

"Please…" Lovette whispered, and she yearned for help then and there. She knew that she must be looking into the face of one that could have been called evil.

But there was something else. Something trapped behind those eyes of his. Guilt. She was the one who cause his anger to grow, the hatred to burn in this hollow man's heart. She had caused this... this beast to awaken again.

"LOVETTE!" cried out a familiar voice, as if to answer her call. Two beating hearts ran up the steps and entered the huge foyer that the Count had designed. Both Dracula and Lovette turned look at the appearing figures. It was Van Helsing and Luminita…

"LUMINITA!" Lovette's voice was shaking as she saw her best friend before her. Struggling, she tried to get to her feet and run to her and Van Helsing... but fate was not kind enough to bring her into Gabriel Van Helsing's arms. The Count, infuriated by the intrusion, roared again and grabbed Lovette from the ground. He crushed her to his chest, holding her so tightly, she was certain she would suffocate. Lovette screamed in fright, but the Count would not hear of it.

Letting out a snarl, he unleashed his mighty fangs. The nails on his hands grew into sharp claws, which pierced the small lady's skin. These eyes were blazing an icy blue. The Count had become a mad man. Driven to the brink of insanity by love.

"Let her go!" Luminita called out, her hands clenching tightly.

"SILENCE!" The Count unleashed a powerful scream. Lovette felt the tears stream down her cheeks as Van Helsing stood in front of Luminita.

"Release her Count." Van Helsing whispered.

"Never, Gabriel." Dracula hissed, "Never. This is the final straw. This... this woman, is the final straw. I finally find peace with a young girl whom I love-"

"But she does not love you-"

"SILENCE!" The Count snapped, "And you come to take her away. My one chance at love and you come to rid me of that?! Who is the heartless monster now, Gabriel? So many years and you still try to play the good knight. Well, this time, you lose. Lovette is mine!"

Dracula looked at Lovette and leaned down to whisper something deadly in her ear.

"Now listen and listen well." He hissed, holding her even tighter, "You will marry me. You will marry me right now and become my bride this moment... or I shall kill them both. I will have their blood for my wine and their bones for my collection." His arms were beginning to crush her.

"NO! LOVETTE!" Luminita ran forward, but the Count's eyes shot upon her like wild fire. He raised his hand and a blast of ice shot forth, striking Luminita clear in the stomach, sending her flying backwards and smacking her head on the wall.

"YOU BASTARD!" Van Helsing raised his pistol to shoot the Count, but Dracula laid his fangs bare to Lovette's throat.

"Go ahead Gabriel." He whispered in a mocking voice, "Test me!"

Lovette looked up at Van Helsing, her eyes being him to back away... for his sake. Gabriel noticed the soft look in her eyes and lowered the gun slightly.

"That's better." Dracula whispered.

"Why are you doing this?" Lovette hissed, "Why... What have I done to you?"

"You made me fall in love with you." The Count said, his hand snaking around her stomach, "Now... it is time to make you mine!"


Van Helsing's eyes traveled from Luminita's fallen form towards Dracula and Lovette, his decision going back and forth. With a growl on his lips, his eyes glowed with an inhuman fury. Luminita opened her eyes slightly looked towards the Hunter. Raising her head ever so slightly and wiping the blood from her cheek, the young girl nodded.

Gabriel saw the look in her eyes and knew what he had to do. This was the only way. He turned back to the Count.

"You will leave Miss Lovette alone… Your fight is with me, Dracula!" Van Helsing shouted, and Dracula lips curled into a cruel grin.

"Fight to the death, Gabriel? How noble… Unfortunately, you should know by now that nothing can kill me! Your choice will lead both of your innocents to their deaths…!" Dracula chuckled, still holding Lovette in his inescapable grasp. Lovette's breath came out in rushed gasps as she felt the Count's finger trace her neck. He leaned down and licked the soft flesh of her cheek. "You have no way to defeating me."

Now it was Van Helsing's turn to smirk, "You are not invincible…"

Dracula's eyes flashed with a slight uncertainty. Lovette, too, was confused at the Hunter's answer. Surely there was nothing that could beat an immortal man to his end? She had read that a silver stake, a bottle of holy water and a crucifix had never worked on Dracula, so why should it now?

"I have nothing to fear!" Dracula growled, resisting his old friend's answer with a lie that Luminita knew was not true. Van Helsing took a step forward and throwing away the pistol, he spoke, "You forget, friend… you do have a weakness…"

With a howl, Van Helsing changed before their very eyes. The hunter let the Wolf take control, making his human side disappear and yet leave a conscious of it lingering along with the beast. Eyes glowed feral, teeth vanishing to become fangs. Sharp claws grew and the human skin was replaced with fur. When the last trace of humanity was left only in the Werewolf's eyes did Dracula let go of his beloved.

"What…No…This could not be!" Dracula growled angrily, his shock overwhelming. He heard Lovette run away from his side, but his eyes were transfixed on the Wolf. A chill ran through his spine, his eyes widening. For the first time in a thousand years, the immortal took a step back from the wolf…His old friend…


"Luminita, I'm coming!" Lovette shouted as she ran with all her might towards her best friend's side. She had been so scared when Van Helsing had turned into a werewolf, the transformation giving her chills. But she knew that he had done what he did to save them. She finally came up to Luminita's side. She pulled her friend into her arms, wipping the blood away. Almost immediately they hugged each other tightly, tears of happiness streaming down their faces.

"Oh god, Luminita, I missed you so much!" Lovette sobbed, a smile on her face.

Luminita was smiling along with her. She did it she had rescued her friend! "Me too…" Luminita struggled to her up, ignoring Lovette's protests to have her stay still, "Are you unhurt, Lovette?"

Lovette nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes. "I'm okay… I knew you and Mr. Van Helsing would come and set me free… I believed in you."

Luminita smiled even widely. "And thank you for doing so…"

But they had no time for enough luxuries as to have a chat and talk about their misadventures. The howl of a werewolf and the snarl of an inhuman creature snapped them back to reality. They turned to look to see Dracula was replaced with a hideous creature with wings, and the Wolf were fighting with their claws, jumping and slamming the pieces of icicles hanging from the huge foyer. Both maidens gasped though when their savior was grabbed by the neck and flung on to the floor with a hard slam, breaking tiles and clouding their vision with smoke. A triumphant growl was heard from the Dracula-beast.

"No, Mr. Van Helsing!" Luminita and Lovette both cried out. And the same time they did, they looked at each other with surprised expressions on their face. For a moment they were still, but then a knowing smile emerged on both of their faces. There past had become clear to them through this journey and so had love... the love they both felt for him. They longed to talk and share what happened to the both of them… Knowing that there was some element during their gap that made them care for their saving hunter. Unfortunately, such time was not given to them… For that, they shared a smile that confirmed that they understood each other… even without the power of words. Lovette and Luminita grasped each other in a hug, feeling the bond they had felt so long ago as sisters rise again.

Lovette helped Luminita get to her feet. "Make sure he's okay…" Lovette whispered, before turning and running towards the hunter. Her mind already rising with a plan.

Luminita was shocked, "Lovette what are you doing?"

"Seeing if this monster really has any love!" Lovette shouted back before positioning herself in front of the fallen werewolf. She made that she completely blocked the wolf from Dracula as she gazed down upon her.

The hell beast stared at his young bride as she flung herself in front of his enemy, her arms opened wide, as though guarding him from another attack.

"If you want to hurt him," Lovette called, "You will have to go through me!"

This took the Count aback. He had not expected Lovette to join in the fight.

"Once again." He thought, "I have underestimated my angel."

Luminita ran towards the werewolf, looking down upon him. He was weak, but still alive. He would come around soon. She looked up at her friend, guarding them both.

"I hope you know what you are doing, Lovette..." She thought.

"This is what it comes down to, Dracula!" Lovette called out, "In order to kill the one you hate so much, you will have to kill me!" She stood proud and tall, waiting for Dracula's next attack.

Dracula's eyes burned wildly; with a mixture of something only this man could feel. To feel… He had never felt anything in his life until he met his saving angel… Emotions this strong had always been of pure hatred… That was what the son of the devil could feel and should only be feeling. For thousands of years, he was alone with his cold, transparent heart… never to feel… But now this woman was making him choose; his love or the death of his enemy.

His beastly claws clenched into fists, his jaws gritting angrily. Without Gabriel, he would be able to live in peace with his future bride... perhaps even have a family. But… a bride's wish should not be pushed aside so easily. To lose his angel's trust was to lose the love between them, no matter how small. And to Dracula, however tiny such light and love their connection meant, it was something he couldn't bear to lose. Not now… Not when he was so close to her.

After a moment, Dracula's beastly form melted away from him, vanishing into his skin and into the darkest part of his soul. His feet came to the ground. The Count that stood before Lovette was, for the first time, a man with a growing heart. A person who was beginning to feel human… She couldn't help but smile in happiness, small tears shimmering in her eyes. Both the ones she loved were not going to be hurt again, and if Dracula will be good once more… "Thank you…" She whispered from her heart.

Dracula wore a mixture of looks expressing confusion, bewilderment, a tinge of disgust at hearing those thankful words and the unmistakable emotion of love. He opened his mouth to answer, and he was unable to say anything. For the first time in a thousand years, he smiled with a genuine expression… No tricks, no plotting, no…evil. In that single moment, as he had predicted all along... Lovette had made him feel. But the silence was broken when there was a snarl of howl, and a rush of wind collected and burst through from behind Lovette.

"LOVETTE, LOOK OUT!" Luminita's scream cut through the air as she pulled at the fur on the Wolf, whose glowing eyes were nothing but hollow menace.

"Stop!" Luminita cried out desperately, but the Van Helsing inside she knew cared about her did not hear her cry. The Wolf threw Luminita away with a hard slam on the wall, a horrible roar ripping through its throat. Luminita's body slammed firmly into the wall.

The humanity was now nowhere to be seen as Lovette turned to face the love of her life. She gave out a gasp when she saw her best friend limp on the floor. She could tell Luminita wasn't moving and rushed to help her. But before she could do anything, fate played its cards.

Dracula's eyes widened in horror and he grabbed Lovette's wrist. She looked at him with a look of surprise and hurt, a look that stung him as he pulled her tightly in his arms in a protective cloak. Holding her close, he made it so he would face the werewolf For once; she did nothing to protest as she saw the Wolf pounce their way.

Unfortunately, it was not enough.

There was a horrible slam as Lovette gave out a cry, her eyes screwing shut. She felt herself being placed on the ground as a growl immerged from Dracula's throat. There was a roar that erupted from Dracula that was both inhuman and human. A million sounds crashed through the foyer; of breaking tiles, the crackling of angered fire, and the roars of the two mighty beasts in a battle over their love. The air rushed through their backs, Lovette's hair being brushed within. Finally there was a sound of them crashing on the floor and for a moment... all was silent.

"My angel… Are you hurt?"

Lovette shook her head, and she opened her eyes slowly, her hands trembling. What she saw before made her scream so loudly it could have broken someone's heart.

The Count was lying on the floor of a shattered tiles and broken glass. He lay in a position that stated he was a man near death, for there was a bite mark dripping on his neck. Blood dripped from it, and the tips of his lips were also flowing with black crimson.

Lovette snatched up the train of her dress and ran over to the Count. She brushed the bits of tile and glass from his hair.

"Count?" She whispered, "Count... can you get up?"

Dracula struggled to move but more blood came from the cut on his neck. In fright, Lovette placed her hands to it, trying to stop the blood flow. The Count chuckled.

"Do not bother my love... soon I will be gone." He smiled at her. Lovette shook her head.

"No… no… it cannot end like this. I'll get you help. Things will be alright." She felt the tears flowing from her cheeks and made no move to stop them.

His wavering hand touched the porcelain color of Lovette's cheek with affection as he stared into her eyes.

"Hush, my angel." he said, "Do not waste your tears on me." His hand stroked her warm skin. "At least... I will have something pleasant to think about when I see death again."

Lovette's cheeks were stained with tears, her sobs softly echoing in the hall. Then, she did something not even Dracula expected in the last moments of his life. She leaned down... and she kissed him. It wasn't a deep kiss, but it was a kiss. Something warm and gentle.

"Thank you." She whispered.

Dracula's hands stayed upon her cheek, "If it means anything now, Lovette... I did love you... and I will give you what you so longingly desire."

Suddenly, the hands that held her cheeks slipped from their places, crumbling into ash.


Luminita opened her eyes with a dizzy sickness in her stomach, and an unwanted feeling of dread in her gut. She woke up slowly, and found an unbelievable sight. Her eyes widened slightly, her expression a look of shock as she saw Lovette lean in towards Dracula and kiss him. She couldn't understand, and yet somehow as she saw the last of the Count disappear in a wind of ash, she understood why.

"He did care about her…" she whispered.

She got up to her feet with a wince, and found that the Wolf/Van Helsing was nowhere to be seen. She walked towards Lovette, who was sobbing without losing any breath. Luminita was about to call for her, when she saw something she did not want to see happen.

A blur of claws and fangs burst from its hiding place, heading straight towards Lovette. It was fast, but it was a few feet away from Lovette, giving her a chance to stop him. "No! Van Helsing, stop!" Luminita shouted, and she ran with all her might towards the both of them, ignoring the horrible pain in her back. All her concentration was set on her, the Wolf, and her friend. As she ran, she could almost see the flashes of everything she had done and accomplished run through her veins, flowing through her soul like electricity.

Luminita thought she saw the Wolf's ear twitch for a second, and it turned to face her. The eyes showed a flash of recognition and humanity. Just for a second, this wolf was Mr. Van Helsing, the very man she loved and yet did not share a kiss. And then… that second passed, and the soul within the beast was pushed away. This time, it was her turn to hear the shout of her loved ones as she saw the Wolf sidetrack. It turned to face her with an ugly twist of its neck, fangs protruding mercilessly out of its jaws. Saliva dripped onto the floor, splattering on the ground.

"Luminita, run!" Lovette shouted as she lifted her head from her tear stained position. Her mouth was gaping in horror. She stood up onto her feet and started to run too, towards Luminita and Mr. Van Helsing.

"Mr. Van Helsing! Please hear me!" Luminita shouted and she walked straight towards the wolf, who had stopped in its tracks and had stopped to look at her with its glowing, yellow eyes. "This is not who you are! Take control, or you will vanish forever in darkness!" As she took a step, the beast took a step back, confusion now in its eyes. It knew only of how to kill and to survive, not to listen and speak with a mortal human being. And the man inside was trying hard to be freed and to imprison it instead. Suddenly, the werewolf howled and then it pounced right at Luminita.

"LUMINITIA!" Lovette cried with all her might, her tears streaming down her face.

She watched as the werewolf struck Luminita, slamming her onto the ground.


Luminita felt fear jolt through her entire body. Her eyes widened in fear and she knew that she had chosen the wrong decision. But… in spite of it all, she knew there was peace… She had rescued her friend and shared memories with Mr. Van Helsing that she would never forget. A tear shimmered in her eye, escaping her cheeks and flying on the floor. Mama… Papa… Lovette… Gabriel… and even you, Dracula… I love you… and I promise you all… I'll never fade. Luminita thought with a final smile as she accepted her fate, remembering the sweetness of everything she touched, felt, heard, tasted and smelled in life. She felt the emotions that she shared with her Lovette and Mr. Van Helsing. They had a future together, and even if it was without her… she will always be there to guide them.

She let destiny build its wings for her…


"No..." Lovette whispered, "No..." A tear slipped down her face and struck the pile of ashes that was once Dracula. Suddenly, a whip of smoke formed around the pile and a syringe appeared. It was filled with a deep red liquid.

"The werewolf antidote..." She thought.

"I shall give you what you so longingly desire."

"Dracula." She thought, gazing at the pile of dust. "Thank you..."

Lovette jumped to her feet and ran at the wolf. Giving a horrible cry, she drove the Antidote into his back. The wolf roared in anger and turned to face his attacker... but at that moment, the yellow urge in his eyes was gone. They had returned to a placid brown. He looked over his shoulder and pulled the empty syringe from his back. Slowly, the fur began to melt off him, revealing a ragged, but safe Gabriel Van Helsing. His clothes hung off his in taters as he gazed at Lovette. He was bleeding and gasping for breath, but it was not as bad as Lovette had expected.

"Miss. Lovette, are you..." He asked, his voice raspy.

She smiled at him, "yes... I'm okay... you?"

He shrugged, "I've been better. How is..."

Lovette looked behind him. Her whole body felt cold as she looked down on the ground. There lay Luminita, her body at a strange angle, her eyes closed. She was not moving or breathing. There was a faint trace of a tear that had fallen from her cheek. Lovette dropped to her knees and scooped her friend into her arms.

"Luminita…" She whispered, stroking back the fallen strands of hair, "Luminita. Wake up, my friend." She was crying again, "It's over... we can go home now... back to your mama and papa... Please open your eyes..."

But Luminita did not open her eyes nor draw breath.

"Luminita. Luminita! LUMINITA!" Lovette screamed as she hugged the body of her fallen sister to her chest, "LUMINITA!" She cried with a scream, grasping the body so closely to her as though she were afraid it might crumble as Dracula had.

Suddenly, she felt two warm arms wrap around her, trying to pull her away from the body... but she held tight. She was not going to let go of her friend, the only friend she had. All the villagers had never understood her for who she was, never cared… Lovette was just some bookworm with glasses, a bore… But Luminita...she had understood who Lovette was and had accepted what she wanted. She was the one who brought light in everybody's life, singing songs that marveled their souls. Luminita had always been there for Lovette, and Lovette to her. And now that she was gone…

Van Helsing tried desperately to pull Lovette away from the body, but found her grip was so strong he couldn't bare it. He saw the tear streaks on her cheeks and felt his heart break.

"I'm sorry, Miss Lovette… I'm so sorry… Please forgive me". Mr. Van Helsing's voice spoke to her softly. He sat beside her, trying to provide some comfort, but right now Lovette needed to hug her friend. Tears pooled in her eyes, refusing to fade. She squinted her eyes shut, trying to remember what they had once shared. Suddenly, that memory came to her. A memory so distant and yet so clear she could remember how she felt… Luminita was singing a song with a smile. She had been listening to it intently to it. They had often talked, and Luminita would share that little song. But this particular melody and lyrics had always intrigued Lovette. And now… remembering this song, she started to sing. It was as if Luminita herself had come and shared her voice with her best friend, a final farewell to her and Van Helsing.

"Daylight creeps into thy soul,

Where men shall be forbidden to endeavor,"

"Only one kindred spirit shall be allowed to be free to open your heart,

And this man you will cherish forever..."

Lovette looked up finally, her expression a look of surprise. A smile crept up her lips as she looked at Luminita, and she found something she had not seen before. Luminita, too, smiled at the last moments of her life. A peaceful smile. Lovette wiped away her tears and then placed the body delicately on the ground. She sighed and looked at Mr. Van Helsing, her eyes tear-stricken, but gentle.

"Don't worry." She whispered, "I forgive you… It wasn't you. It was something you couldn't control."

"I should have…" He sighed and looked down at the ground, "Thanks to me, your best friend is gone."

Lovette gently placed her hand on Gabriel's cheek and made him look up at her. She started at him for a moment before speaking

"She's not gone." Lovette said, "She's just not with us now. Don't be sad, she doesn't blame you for what happened. She loves you…" She took a deep breath and started up at Gabriel.

"And… I love you… Mr. Van Helsing…"

Van Helsing started at her for a moment, the words she had just spoken echoing in his mind… his memory. He felt something flash across his mind and knew at that moment there was nothing but peace.

He leaned down and placed a tender kiss on Lovette's lips, before speaking.

"I love you too."

Lovette was finally able to see the face of the man she truly loved, the man who had saved her in nightmares and real terror. As they embraced, Lovette thanked Dracula with all her heart. If not for him, she would never have met Van Helsing… And, she thanked Luminita. Her truest friend for helping her find the love she had always wanted. An overwhelming burst of love flourished her mind, and she gave him a golden smile.

A new hope... And when there is hope, there is light.


In the skies above, the new angel gazed down upon her loved ones, crying in joy at what she saw.

"I will be there, guys, I promise."


5 Years Later…


Sunlight had shown brightly, the wind sweeping the smell of flowers through the village. Playful laughs of children could be heard and there was light that lingered in the pale blue sky. It was a perfect day to visit someone close… And this was what the Van Helsing's were about to do.

After that fateful day, Lovette Gerheart and Gabriel Van Helsing had returned to the village, carrying the body of Luminita Elavora. The family had come to them with worry and then sadness had followed.

Lovette spoke of the journey and the danger that Luminita and Van Helsing had traveled for her. She told them how Luminita would always be in her prayers and in her debt. She told her family about how Luminita had died a hero, a fighter to the end.

The family felt nothing but sadness as they heard the tale, but after awhile, they understood what their daughter had gone through to save their friend… The next day there was a funeral, and lots of people, both familiar and unfamiliar men and woman, came and said their final goodbyes.

Lovette spent all day and night at the grave, making a silent promise to her best friend.

"I will forever cherish you and our friendship." She whispered, "My dear, courageous friend."

"And I bet she will forever cherish you." A strong voice said behind her. Lovette smiled and leaned back into Gabriel.

After a while, Lovette and Van Helsing married, tying a golden knot that refused to be cut. The Gerhearts' celebrated this union, and the Elavora's were also invited. They celebrated the joining of two soul mates… and on that day, it was clear Luminita was with them. For there was not a cloud in the sky and the sun shown brighter than ever.


Years later, Lovette's stomach grew large and round. Within a few months a beautiful baby girl was born between them. As Lovette nursed the tiny child, Van Helsing stood beside his wife in happiness and pride.

"What shall we name her?" He whispered, knowing well what the choice would be.

Lovette smiled, "I will name this wonderful child… Luminita. For she brings light where she goes." She smiled as she looked down at her child, but then looked up at Gabriel.

"Gabriel, I worry I won't be a good mother. I don't know if I-"

"Shhh…" Gabriel kissed her forehead and the forehead of his child, "I already know. You will be a wonderful mother. Luminita would be very proud."


With her father's brown eyes and her mother's golden hair, this little girl had grown to become a beautiful 5 year old. Lovette taught her little beloved how to sing and the wonderful world of books, while Van Helsing told her how to defend herself if anything came. It was a strange combination that made her their daughter.

"Mama, come on! We'll be walking up this hill all day!" Luminita cried out, and then fell tripped on her back, falling on the soft grass with a giggle. Van Helsing laughed, and Lovette smiled, rolling her eyes. Their little light never failed to tire. She was so energetic, and full of life.

"You run along, sweet light. Your papa and I will be there soon."

"Okay, mama!" She called back and ran up the hill."

Lovette and Gabriel watched her skip up the way, laughing all the way.

"She is certainly like her god-mother." Gabriel smiled, kissing his wife's head. Lovette smiled, but it faded fast.

"My love," He whispered, "What's wrong?"

Lovette sighed, "I miss her."

Gabriel nodded and hugged his wife tightly as they walked up the way. Soon, the salty smell of the ocean air came to them and water came into view. Luminita was laughing and smiling at the bright blue sky.

Gabriel and Lovette came up to edge top of the mountain walk and looked out over the view. Luminita came over and hugged her mommy's legs. Lovette smiled and picked up her little one.

"Mommy." She said, "Is Aunty Luminita out there in heaven."

Lovette tried not to cry and held her daughter tightly, "Yes, my darling. She is."

Luminita looked up, noticing the sadness in her mother's eyes. She tilted her head and smiled like an angel, "Don't be sad, I'm here with you…"

Lovette looked surprised, especially because it almost sounded as if her best friend had spoken from her daughter's lips. She looked up at Van Helsing, who smiled knowingly.

Smiling, she replied, "I know, love, I know."



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