Title The Captain and I

Chapter 1 Aboard the Titanic.

Lady Greensmith called up the stairs to her two small children. Both of them , Sara and Connor rushed down to greet their Mother. Making sure , they had packed everything. She got the house servent to help them onto the horse and trap , and they set off. Lady Greensmith , or Lady Georgina was departing on the Titanic. She would be starting a new life with her children in America. Lady Georgina was a very rich woman , who could easily afford a first class ticket. She only had one thing left to do , before she would set off. In County Galway , Ireland , where Lady Georgina lived , just down the road , there lived another young girl. Her name was Lisa Kelly , she was sixteen and lived in a small cottage , which they rented from the local landlord. Lisa often cared for Lady Georgina,s children , and today she had an interesting proposal for her.

- " Stop here Bradley " ordered Lady Georgina. " I need to speak to Miss Kelly.

Bradley pulled on the reins and the two black stallions stopped. Lady Georgina stepped out , and walked briskly to the door. She rapped on it , three times and stood back. The door opened , and a tall girl with long brown hair , blue eyes , and fair skin stepped out.

- " Lady Georgina " I said. " Is everything okay".

- " Lisa , I have an offer to make". " As you know I am leaving tonight for America". " I am asking you , to come with me aboard the Titanic to care for my children.

-" Lady Georgina , you are most kind , but I havent got two pennies to rub together". " I cant ask Mam and Dad for money , we just dont have any.

- " My dear girl , if you come , I will of course pay for your exspenses , and in return you will care for the children on the boat". " Think about it Lisa , you will be in first class , and you wont be working all the time". " I will give you time off". When we reach New York , you will live in my new manor". " This is a new start Lisa".

Lisa nodded and looked inside. Her Parents were sitting down talking. Her sister were laughing at jokes.

- " When can I come home"

- Lady Georgina sighed. " People dont usually come back Lisa.

- " Well , then I cant accept , my family are everything to me".

- " We can send for them later Lisa , I promise". " I would never let you down".

Lisa nodded , " What time does the boat leave , Lady Georgina".