Chapter 7.

The next morning I awoke early. I stretched my arms and smiled to myself. I had the most beautiful dream , that I was in the arms of a Captain young and handsome , yet with the mind of a wise man. I screamed when I looked onto the floor. A Captains white Jacket lay there and it all came back to me. I walking with a handsome man along the deck and I saying I was cold. The feeling of his smooth fingers wrapping his coat around me , magical to say the least. I grabbed the Jacket and stuffed it into my bag before Lady Georgina came in.

" Lisa. "

" Yes Sara. "

" Can we look around the ship. Conor said there is a theatre on the ship , is that true?"

" It is. Every night when you children are asleep. There is a show on , your Mother and Father go down every night and watch while having dinner."

" Do you watch it Lisa?"

" I might watch it Sara. However it's not really my place to be."

" Is that because you are really a third class passenger. Even though you are here minding us , your people are down on the lower decks."

I smiled faintly at the childs innocence. I sat down on the bed and crossed my hands on my lap. I smiled at Sara who's face was placid.

" What do you know about those people down there Sara?"

" Only that they are Irish and they have no money , thats why we are here ,and they are there."

" Sara first of all. There are many different people down there. Italian , Irish , and many more from all over the world. What do you mean by them not having any money."

" Well Father told me , that they paid very little for their accomodation on this ship. Father said we have the best facilities here on our deck. "

" Your Father Sara has no idea what he is talking about."

" What do you mean Lisa. Daddy is a very rich man. He knows everything and gives us anything we want."

Maybe thats the problem I thought. " Sara I grew up not having everything I wanted given to me. Everyday of my life. I would rise early , make the breakfast for my family along with my Mam. I would begin the chores. I would wash up and get ready for school. Not some fancy school either , a simple gathering , where we study the bible and read Irish poetry."

" I dont understand Lisa. Why is this importent."

" Sara every Irish soul down in the third Class has worked to death to get on this ship. Every penny he or she owned you can bet is gone into some rich mans pocket who doesnt even need it. We work like crazy to support our families. We care for our neighbours , helped them when they were sick or late with the rent. The point is , any Irish person on this ship who is down below has given up everything to start a new life in America. They dont even know whats going to happen over there. They are just hoping , they can find work or find a relative who may have moved over during the famine. Sara you have no idea what life is like back home. You are an Irish girl who has lived a life of luxury. You havent seen the poor dying as I have , or the weak being bullied by cruel landlords who have sackfulls of money. We are not a resentfull race Sara , but we are not people who like to be stepped on either. We have good times too , we have our own language , we have the GAA , our own sport gaelic and hurling and culture. Maybe if your parents had let you live a simple life , not a poor life ,god I wouldn't wish it on anyone. If they had given what you need , instead of what you want , you would never have asked me why it was importent. I haven't loved a rich life Sara , but I have lived a happy life , a life that was tough and challenging , but filled with love and a future. I hope you will the same Sara and Conor , because all that money wont buy you happiness or freedom , only bad luck and false lovers."

Sara looked at me and nodded. People would have wondered why I would explain such a complex subject to a child of her years , but I knew Sara Greeensmith very well and she was very inteligent. She had read many books beyond her years and was always asking me questions on novels that involved a great understanding of the subject. She trually was amazing , but her life looked to be unfortunate with the attitude her parents had set.

" I am sorry Lisa. If I hurt your feelings."

" Dont be Sara. I wasn't hurt by what you said. Everyone is entitled to their opinion." I instructed her to go get her brother so we could tour the ship. She obeyed immediatly. I smiled and waited. I missed home terribly , especially after talking about it. I missed the matches in the evenings. Every evening , my friends and I would go watch the local lads playing gaelic against each other. We often tried to catch one of their eyes hoping they would respond and meet us after the match. It happened once or twice , but no one was so special that the relationship lasted that long , that was until last night , when I met Aaron.