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Summery: A humorous drabble on the brothers. Read and Review please.

For the first time in many weeks the cause of Sam Winchester abruptly waking up, panting was not a nightmare. You see Sam was in a dilemma.

He really had to go to the bathroom.

Of course he was in a motel and there was a dingy bathroom (that all motels were graced with) right across the room but, he wasn't sure he could make it. Nevertheless he quickly got out of bed making a mad shuffle (not run, that would be a bit too much for poor Sam) for the bathroom only to be stopped by his elder brother, Dean Winchester.

"Dude you seriously do not want to go in there," said Dean with an alarmed look on his face.

"Dean move, would you? I don't have time for you're dramatics," Sam growled out. 'Couldn't his brother pick another day to torture him?

"I'm not kidding man. There is some seriously evil stuff in there," this time the words were spoken with a slight amused manner.

"Dean," Sam's tone now had tracings of whining in it, "I really have to pee!"

"Sam, listen to me big brothers know best and I know that you definitely do not want to go into that bathroom. Isn't there a diner right across the street you could go in?"

"I can't wait that long. Now I don't care if there is a freaking Wendigo in the bathroom but, I am going!"

And with that Sam pushed his brother aside and made another mad shuffle (again not run) for the bathroom barely escaping his brother. He quickly closed the door, all thought on not peeing his pants like some kind of three-year old until he saw an image that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

The biggest, brownest, and disturbingly bad smelling monstrosity he had ever seen!

"Dude, that is DISGUSTING!"

Outside the door, Dean stood smirking, arms crossed over his chest while he shook his head slowly.

Oh yeah, big brothers always knew best.


So how was it? Not too bad I hope.