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The door to Ravens room barely had enough time to move out of the way as she and Beast Boy stumbled in. They were laughing and giggling, but the sound was being smothered by their kissing lips. Beast Boy pushed Raven up against the wall and began kissing her up and down her neck and chest. Raven quickly brought his face back up to hers and placed his lips back to where they belonged. She could tell he was getting excited, and so was she. She finally pushed him backwards and the two quickly made their way over to her bed. Beast Boy didn't even realize that the bed was that close and he tripped backwards and fell onto his back on the bed. He began laughing hysterically and so did Raven. She then jumped on top of him and straddled him. While she sat there she began to take off her top. She then helped his shirt off as well and began kissing his chest.

"You sure you wanna do this?" he asked in barely a question form.

"Let's just do it before I get sober," said Raven with a drunken smile. Soon the sounds of their erotic pleasure echoed through the halls of the dark tower.

Chapter 1

Starfire was merrily flying down the hall heading towards the common room. She had a smile on her face and was humming a tune she had heard somewhere. In her now many years on Earth she had heard many songs that she fell in love with. She passed Ravens room and caught something odd out of the corner of her eye. She stopped a few feet after passing Ravens door and quickly thought about what she had seen. She backed up and looked inside.

"Raven, what are you doing?" she asked quite confused. Most of Ravens possessions were lying in two large duffel bags on the floor. She was grabbing various items and throwing them into the bags, an odd expression was on her face.

"I'm packing," she said plainly.

"Why are you doing the packing?" asked Starfire entering Ravens bare room.

"I'll tell you when I'm done," said Raven not stopping her packing.

"But I wish to know now," she Starfire desperately. "Are you leaving? Are we going with you? Am I unaware of a trip we are going on?"

"Starfire," she said getting annoyed. "I'll tell you and the others when I'm done. Now please leave."

Starfire felt a little hurt, but did as she was told. She walked out of Ravens room and started to say, "But…" but she didn't have time to finish before Raven slammed her door closed.

It didn't take long for Starfire to alert her friends about Ravens odd behavior. They each knocked on her door, but she only told them to go away and wait. So they anxiously waited in the common room. She finally entered with the two bags in her hands.

"Raven, Starfire thinks you're leaving," said Robin. He looked at her bags and cocked an eyebrow. "And now so do I."

"I am," she said simply.

"What? Ya can't leave," said Cyborg.

"I have to," said Raven putting her bags down for a moment.

"Are you in some sort of trouble?" asked Robin. "Because we'll help you if you are."

"No, I'm not in trouble," said Raven. "I have been summoned by the monks of Azarath. They believe that I might be ready to take complete control of my powers, but the training will take a long time."

"How long, exactly?" asked Beast Boy.

"I'm not sure," said Raven trying not to look at him. Ever since that night of passion they had shared together they couldn't even look at each other. Mainly because they could barely remember it. It had been Cyborg's twenty-first birthday and they celebrated with their first night of drinking. They really hadn't had that much, just enough. Raven had refused to drink anything, but was finally seduced into a couple jell-o shots. She had had no idea that those little shots would have such an affect on her. But soon she had been laughing at everything the half drunken Beast Boy had said and then one thing led to another. Now they could barely make eye contact, not after that awkward next morning when they found themselves naked in each others arms. "It might be months, it might be years."

"Years?" asked Starfire almost crying.

"Like I said, I'm not sure," said Raven picking her bags back up. "All I know is that I have to leave now." She headed up to the roof with the other four following her.

"But you know what happens when we're split up," said Robin. "We can't function properly."

"I know," said Raven in her usual tone. "But I don't really have a choice now do I?"

"So this is it? You're just gonna pack up and leave us?" asked Cyborg.

"They told me to leave immediately," said Raven stopping as she reached the center of the roof. "Look, I know this is sudden and very upsetting, but I feel the same way. Trust me, I wish I had been given a day or two to prepare you guys better, but I wasn't."

"Can't you at least stay for one last dinner with us?" asked Robin.

Raven sighed sadly. "I'm sorry, I have to go now. I'll see you guys… later." And with that she was wrapped in a black aura in the form of a raven and flew off into the heavens. The Titans looked up at the sky for a while and then mournfully went back inside. Starfire was weeping now and was comforted by her boyfriend, Robin.

"I wish for Raven to come back," she cried.

"I know, Star," said Robin rubbing her back.

"She's so selfish," said Beast Boy angrily. "She always puts herself before the team."

"Come on you guys," said Cyborg. "Ya know that she's been waitin all her life to gain control of her powers. It would be selfish of us to tell her she can't."

"I shall just miss her so much," wept Starfire.

"What the hell are you gonna miss?" asked Beast Boy very upset. "Her sarcasm? Her grumpy "the world sucks" attitude? Her stupid meditating? You know what? I'm glad she's gone." And with that he stormed out of the room and went to his bedroom to vent.

"What the hell was that about?" asked Robin.

"I dunno," said Cyborg, just as confused as Robin.

Beast Boy slammed his door shut and began pacing around the room. He didn't know why he was so angry. He knew that if Raven had a chance to gain complete control of her powers she had to take it. It had been something she had dreamed of all of her life. Then why did he feel like she was doing this on purpose?

He stopped and looked at himself in the full length mirror he had on his door. He was much taller now, taller than Raven at least, and no longer looked like a Beast Boy. He was almost a Beast Man, but he had a few years left to really mature into a full mans body. But he was pleased with the results thus far, anyway.

He sighed and suddenly felt horrible. He knew why he felt so angry with her. He hadn't gotten a chance to talk to her about that… night. They had barely let themselves be in the same room with one another since it happened and they knew that their friendship would forever suffer from it. He had wanted to talk to her and put it behind them. But he had taken too long, and now she was gone for God knows how long.


The alarm went off in the tower and all of the rooms were soon filled with a blinking red light and a loud pinging. "Trouble!" shouted the leader. "Titans go!" And with that the four quickly exited the tower and made their way to where the trouble was. A bank was being held up in the south end of the city.

They arrived and saw three men standing inside the building with guns pulled out. Guns never helped the situation. Inside there were innocent people on the floor, afraid for their lives. The bank tellers were filling bags with money as the three men shouted at them and waved their guns around. The doors had locked as soon as the alarm had gone off and now they were all trapped inside.

"Alright Titans," said Robin calmly. "They've got guns and innocent people inside. We've got to get them out first."

"Okay, what's the plan?" asked Cyborg.

"Beast Boy, you sneak in and unlock the doors," said Robin pointing to Beast Boy.

"Got it," said Beast Boy.

"Starfire, while Beast Boy's unlocking the doors you distract them."

"How shall I do that?" asked Starfire.

"Throw some weak starbolts at the glass, just make sure you don't break them."

"Okay, I have got it."

"Cyborg, as soon as Beast Boy unlocks the doors you have to get in there and try to get those guns away from them. Starfire, you do the same."

"And what are you gonna do?" asked Cyborg.

"Once the guns are down I'll take it from there," said Robin. "You guys just focus on getting the people out of there. Are we clear on everything?"

"Yes," the other three said.

"Titans go!" he shouted and they broke.

Beast Boy turned into an ant and crawled underneath the locked doors. He slowly crawled past all of the scared people on the floor and made his way over to the box that unlocked the doors. He climbed up the wall and wedged his way inside.

Starfire flew up to the front of the building so that the men could see her. They stopped their shouting and stared as she pretended to try and break the windows. They started to laugh at her attempt and this only made them feel as if they were as safe as home.

Suddenly the doors unlocked and the alarm turned off. The three men were caught quite off guard as Beast Boy bust out of the box on the wall and Cyborg entered. As fast as he could he shot his laser canon at the thieves' guns, sending them flying.

Robin flew inside and attacked the men. As he kept them occupied the other three Titans herded the people out of the bank as fast as they could. This all took place in the course of less than a minute.

The three men were quickly taken down and Robin dragged them out of the building and handed them over to the police. The people cheered and thanked them for saving them.

"It's all in a day's work," said Robin casually.

"Is everyone alright?" asked Starfire to the police.

"We've got one little boy who got a scratch on his arm," said one of the policemen. "But it's nothing a band-aid can't take care of."

"Maybe we should go see the little guy," said Cyborg. "He's gotta be pretty shaken."

"He and his mother are at the ambulance over there," said the policeman pointing.

The four Titans made their way over to the ambulance. They saw one of the paramedics sticking a band-air on the child's arm.

"Hey little dude," said Beast Boy walking over. "You oka…" Beast Boy nearly tripped over his own feet as he looked at the woman the child was sitting on. The other three did the same thing as Beast Boy. She looked as shocked as they were. "Ra-Raven?" said Beast Boy. His head began to swim and he thought he was going to fall over. "Oh my god. Raven!" He lunged at her and wrapped his arms around her, nearly crushing the boy on her lap.

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